If you seek advice on how to work towards a career and your goals, there are a million stuff people would tell you, and that certainly does work. Nevertheless, the basics are what many would not tell you about. Overlooking these ‘little things’ could cost you your dream hospitality job. Here are six of them that could help take big leaps in, if done right. 

How to Find A Dream Job And Build A Successful Career?


Be Clear About Your Goals

We know a lot of individuals who’ve wasted years of their lives doing things they never wanted to. Unfortunately, these individuals do not just live doing jobs they aren’t passionate about, but they are also unhappy and discontent doing them. 

If you asked them, you would find that the biggest reason for being deprived of a dream career is that they weren’t clear about their career goals, or what they wanted in their lives. 

Having a clear idea about what you want to do is very important. Often, this is closely connected to your passions and interests. As you graduate from high school or complete your hotel management education and see responsibilities coming your way, it’s quite normal to feel anxious and confused all of a sudden. 

Nevertheless, staying focused is important at this point to attain achievement. Start by asking yourself questions about your passions and your interests, and how you wish to use them in the future. 

It is completely alright if you cannot picture yourself concretely, five years from now. You just need to be clear about what you love and want to do.

Define your career goals to land your dream job

Look Up to Great People

Another common thing most of us struggle with is the inability to implement a plan or pave a proper path to get to our goals. Sometimes, Career planning can sound complicated. 

When in a state of confusion, it’s always a good idea to look up to great examples. 

Many of us have a role model in a particular field of interest. In some cases, you wouldn’t have discovered your interests, your talents, and your potential until you witnessed or met one of these inspiring people. Such personalities always have great messages, philosophies, and secrets to success that they’d share and inspire you with. 

Look for inspiration from hospitality stalwarts, celebrity chefs, most famous hoteliers and more.

This certainly would be one of the key things you could count on when you want to pave a proper path towards attaining your personal goals. There’s plenty of stuff you can learn, and loads of inspiration and much-needed positivity that you could use along the way.

There is a lot of inspiration on this portal. Look out for Warren Buffet Quotes and Quotes on Creativity and Success to hear from great minds. 

Work on Self Improvement

One thing many wouldn’t tell you about dream hospitality jobs is that need for improvement on yourself. All great things in life start with ‘you.’ It’s extremely vital to take a good look at yourself and think about what you could do to become better in every aspect. 

This does not mean you magically turn into a flawless human, but that you look for ways to fix your little flaws that hinder your path to success and attaining good things in life. 

This kind of self-improvement does not only help in building a successful career but in succeeding in every aspect of your life.

Therefore, it’s always good to keep in mind that the little concept in you and about you, certainly can influence your career in big ways. 

Thus, self-improvement is essential – work on your character, and your personality, so that you can transport your genuine goodness into whatever commitment you make as you go on with life, whether a career, a dream job, or marriage.

Start with self-assessment and there are several self-assessment tools to help you check yourself and your abilities.

Lifestyle & Balance

Along with self-improvement comes the need for developing good and healthy practices in general. This might sound synonymous to self-improvement; however, it’s more about using your continuously improving self to live productively. 

In other words, you would do the right things to practice a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Older people or the successful and experienced ones would often tell you that when you become someone with good character, it becomes a lot easier to make an impression wherever you go, and thereby attain your goals and success. 

This is why it’s important to work on your general lifestyle. A simple example would be ‘early to bed and early to rise.’ Those who adopt this kind of practice are more likely to become successful in many aspects of their lives, including their careers. Adapting a healthy and balanced lifestyle means you practice discipline and moderation in everything, which is a very crucial factor when it comes to jobs and careers in particular.

Work on Your Resume

The process of applying for a job ideally should begin a lot before you do a job search. You must take a look at the resume that you’d once made, and do a self-assessment on it. Look at your record and think about the areas you can work on. 

If you do have a dream job that you are after, you’d need to have a solid hospitality resume that’s good enough to help attain your career goals. Thus, you might want to think of ways to ‘add more scores’ to your resume.

Think about taking a few exams or courses, particularly those that add weight towards achieving your dream job.

For instance, a hospitality certificate might be great if you want to fast-track your hospitality career. Therefore, one of the biggest keys to working towards a solid career is the number of points you keep adding to your resume. 

Socialize and Meet People

You may have noticed that being an introvert could pose as a ‘shortcoming’ in this highly competitive world.

If you want to keep up in the race, it’s important to get moving. Healthy socializing can be quite beneficial in the long run, especially where careers are determined. Sometimes, a casual gathering could be where you get an awesome career break or get an amazing job offer, too! 

The most vital thing, however, is the exposure, learning, and education you receive when you see more of the world and meet different kinds of persons.

This kind of exposure is a requirement when it comes to building a career. 

As you can see, being an achiever isn’t entirely about exams, qualifications, and double degrees. They certainly are significant but do not quite guarantee complete accomplishment and satisfaction in a career. Other concepts matter and you need to work on them. This certainly will make your journey a lot easier in ways you wouldn’t realize. 

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