Are you thinking about starting a career as early as possible, even during your student years? Or do you only need a temporary job to get a few extra bucks? 

A position in hospitality might be a perfect choice to consider. Even if you have a desire to see the world during the summer break but don’t have a budget for it – working in the travel industry might be an option.

This field of employment might be very gratifying when it comes to salary or the experience gained during the work. 

Skills developed while working in hotels are highly valued in many industries and welcomed by most future employers. 

Also, most jobs in hospitality in the US are paid $12 per hour or more. And do not forget that tips are another source of income.

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So, if you are already interested, let us overview some career paths in hospitality that could be your entry point to this field of work.

Porter (also known as a bellman/bellboy) 

A job in hospitality allows for flexibility. So you can combine it with your studying, or even work during your vacation abroad. The last option will allow you to get free accommodation and food and also will help you to earn some money to spend on your free time and tourist attractions. A job of a Porter is one of that kind.

Porter’s responsibility is to assist the guests with their baggage. They are usually the first and last people who see the visitors during their stay at the hotel. Porters could be promoted to the Head Porter or Front Desk team.

Valet (might also be called parking lot attendant)

Valet helps guests to park their cars when they arrive at a hotel or restaurant. Doesn’t require any specific experience or skills, except parking. It could also be transformed into a driver. 

Room Attendant/Housekeeper

This is another basic option that doesn’t demand previous experience and is easily accessible. These employees maintain the standards of cleanliness in the guest rooms and throughout the whole hotel area. Physical strength and stamina are the most important thing for this position.

This is important as you have to be on your feet most of the day and lift heavy things, like piles of linens, cleaning utensils, etc. It may not be a high-paying hospitality job from the start. But you can be promoted to Housekeeping management positions.

Waiter/Food & Beverage server 

You will have to interact directly with customers, so develop your interpersonal skills. Also, a good memory is a must as you have to remember complicated orders and all the ingredients from the menu in case guests have questions. Waiters are not only taking orders and serving food but also taking payments from the customers.

Other basic options in F&B service are hosts, dishwashers, and kitchen staff. With some experience, you can also become a barista or bartender. 

Front Desk Clerk

Excellent problem-solving and customer service skills should be your second nature for the position in this department. A front desk clerk assists with key check-in and checkout, answers the phone, responds to guests’ questions and resolves complaints. Also, they are compiling and checking daily record sheets, guest accounts, vouchers, and receipts. 

This job is the most promising for future career growth. A front desk clerk could be promoted to supervisor and further to management positions. These promotions might open the doors to other departments, like Sales or Marketing. 


The concierge provides various services to the guests and interacts with them directly. They also provide information on attractions in the area, make reservations, provide tickets, and offer the directions needed to the guests.

The services of a concierge could range from booking an excursion on bikes to finding a rooftop hookah bar.

Security staff

If you had any previous experience in security, you would have no problem getting this job. The main functions of a security officer are patrolling the property indoors and outdoors to prevent dangerous or illegal activities.

Tour guide

This option is for those who know the area and its history very well and have tremendous communication skills. Their responsibilities include providing information on the history of the territory or attraction in an interesting and memorable way. Also, they answer questions from visitors on different topics, from area attractions to restaurants and general information. 

In-house event planner/Conference organizer

Event spaces in the hotels might be rented for weddings, business events, big conferences, etc. An event planner helps to run those smoothly by arranging the preparations and making sure that everything goes as planned.

This job involves:

  • booking clients
  • conducting regular meetings
  • solving all the problems connected with the event
  • arranging the post-event clean-up.

Many event planners gain experience in entry-level roles. So before pursuing this career, you might try yourself as an event assistant or coordinator.

Tips on How to Land Your First Job in Hospitality

List your skills

Think well about what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing. Make a big list and choose the items that match your job choice. Check if you have those, they will be the handiest:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Multi-tasking
  • Customer Service
  • Organizational skills
  • Enthusiasm 

Send as many resumes as you can

The more you send, the more chances that you will be noticed. Your chances of winning the lottery grow if you buy a ticket. If you buy several tickets, you are even more likely to win. The only difference: sending out your CV is free, every time you do it.

Do not be afraid of your inexperience

Show that you are adaptable and trainable. Motivation to learn new things and the will to do what it takes to get the job done might be your superpowers to land this job.

Prepare for the job interview

Find out as much information about the hotel as you can. Here are tips for a successful job interview: you should be able to easily explain the hotel’s core brand values and demonstrate that you have taken an active interest in your future job.

Do not always choose the biggest chain

Do not choose just big hotel chains and luxury resorts. Sometimes small and less known hotels can give you better opportunities and more diverse experiences that will be handy in the future. 

Bottom Line

Unlike many other career fields, the hospitality industry offers many chances for employees to build their way up from entry-level roles to management positions. Degrees are optional to get all the jobs listed above. 

Although some hospitality roles require formal training, it is still possible for those who only have high school diplomas or GEDs to enter the industry and advance to higher positions through on-the-job training. Regardless of your skill set or your experience, you can always find some role that will be perfectly suitable for you.

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