Tru by Hilton- Say Hello to the new Affordable Hotel Brand

Tru by Hilton brand seems to be taking the hospitality market in the USA by storm. It is expanding rapidly and has been eyeing the mid-scale tech-savvy market.

Hilton Worldwide is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that it covers all types of consumers.

With apartment-sharing websites sites like Airbnb vs the hotel industry debate gaining momentum, Hilton has gone all out to woo the millennials with this revolutionary and affordable hotel brand.

This affordable hotel brand is expanding with a lot of exciting hotels opening in the USA. Tru by Hilton has no plans to be limited to the USA and will soon be sene in expanding to other international markets.


About the Tru By Hilton Brand


Tru by Hilton- Say Hello to the new Affordable Hotel Brand


Tru by Hilton is said to be the recent disruption in the hospitality market of USA. It is said to be the fastest growing brand in the USA. 120 Hotels are already in pipeline and over 200 hotels are in the process.

It is the 13th Brand launched by Hilton Worldwide.

Over 10,000 rooms are already under construction and close to 20,000 rooms are in the process according to various media reports.

First Hotel opened in early 2017 and hundreds of others would follow in the coming years in various parts of the USA.


About Tru By Hilton Brand

Image Courtesy-  Hilton Worldwide News


This brand is another gem in Hilton Worldwide’s recent additions. Hilton had expanded to the luxury sector by the introduction of Luxury Curio collection and now the mid-scale Tru by Hilton.

It all comes under the huge expansion plan of Hilton Worldwide.

The aim is clear. To create an uncontested space in the hospitality market by providing DIY (do it yourself) features.


Few of the exciting Tru by Hilton Hotels


Within a quick span of time Tru by Hilton has expanded big time. Here are some of the notable hotels:

Tru by Hilton Auburn

Savannah Midtown Hotel

Tru by Hilton Lawrence


Check all of them on the official website of Tru by Hilton.

While there are a lot of Hotels under this brand, we have picked two of them exclusively while mentioning a lot of others.

This is done in order to help the audience understand the concept of this affordable hotel chain backed by technology.

Technology in the hotel industry is a game changer and this is what this hotel brand of Hilton is set to explore through all its hotels.

Moving on to the two awesome examples of this revolutionary hotel concept.



Tru by Hilton Wyoming


South Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA is getting a Tru by Hilton brand hotel. (As an update the hotel is operational now and accepting reservations online).

The hotel is revolutionary in its design. The 90-rooms hotel, according to officials, will appeal to the millennial mindset of persons, regardless of their age.

Construction of the close to $6 million began hotel started in August 2016 and finished in late spring of 2017.

Like Tru by Hilton Maine, this is another exciting property under Tru by Hilton Brand revolutionalizing hospitality experience in the area.

Gary Kinseth, vice president of Kinseth Hospitality and a hotel franchise owner had a lot of kind words to mention before and after the opening of Tru by Hilton Wyoming.

Kinseth Hospitality is in charge property in Laramie and the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott. It’s opened several hotels from the Carolinas to the Rockies.

He said the Tru by Hilton hotel is for guests who seek value and have a desire for an actual hotel experience. He said before the opening of the hotel that it’d be a fun property for guests to enjoy.

The hotel has forgone the traditional hotel designs for some new ideas. How so? The front desk is actually a “centralized command centre”. It includes a 24 hour, seven-day a week market that sells light meal options, snacks and drinks.


Tru by Hilton Food kiosk


Its lobby is sectioned off into four zones – a play area, eating area, work area and a lounge area. In the play area, there are foosball tables and other recreational gadgets.

The work includes private spots so people can concentrate on what they have to focus on. The dining area offers a complimentary breakfast along with free tea and coffee.

The hotel has the latest technology to offer, and it provides a mobile check-in as well as digital keys using the Hilton HHonors mobile app.

Digital keys let guests get into the room without the need of first checking into the desk.


Try by Hilton concept

Image by Official Website Tru By Hilton


Kinseth had mentioned that the hotel is being designed for technology.

Tru by Hilton includes a pool, multi-functional fitness room, best Wi-Fi and more.

Rooms will not have tubs but large showers and have a 55-inch TV and chair with a writing area. Kinseth said it’s an environment that guests should feel good in. He said the town would be proud of its latest hotel because it’s focused on functional value.

The hotel employs up to 20 workers to ensure guests still have a feel of exquisite personalized customer service.


Tru Hotel by Hilton in South Portland, USA


Kana Hotel Group has begun construction on the four-story, 90-room hotel. It will cater to price-conscious people and millennials who want a clean room, Internet access, a big-screen TV, a lounge and well-equipped fitness room.

It will also have automated Check-in process and digital services suiting the needs of the millennials.

The cost will be around $100 per night.



Alpesh Patel, Kana Hotel Group’s chief executive officer, said it would be their first hotel in Tallahassee. He said the company likes markets with an array of demand generators. And, the city has a huge university. This can prove to be a game-changer for Tru Hotels which is growing well for Hilton.

Kana said the market research was done on other Tallahassee hotels and noted that moderate rates were not needed for a high-end hotel. Patel said there was a need for clean and high-quality properties.

The location of the former Lucy Ho’s restaurant along the Apalachee Parkway in Maine Mall area, USA will be the site of this Tru Hotel by Hilton on its 1.27-acre lot. Tru Hotel by Hilton is a new revolutionary concept and yet another initiative by Hilton Worldwide to revolutionalize midscale hospitality market.

The Tru Concept of Hilton is to challenge the mid-scale and budget hotels by proving the leisure and business travellers an experience of luxury accommodation at affordable prices.

Kana purchased the property from Lucy Ho’s Bamboo Garden, Inc. for $865,000 in May. Ho had purchased the location for $525,000 in 1980.

Until recently, Patel had never seen or visited Tallahassee.

Patel said he visited the city after the Tru concept was launched. He said he ran into the site and liked the location.

In 2014, the 12,000-square foot restaurant burnt down, resulting in $225,000 in damages. The building was already abandoned for years before the fire.

Patel said he’d like the hotel construction to start around October 2016 and have it completed and bring this to business within a year.


Other Notable Tru by Hilton Hotels

This Tru By Hilton will have the company of another Hotel by Hilton soon which will be 110 keys property.

The hotel will also be constructed on Maine Mall road. This new hotel would operate under Home2 Suites brand of Hilton.


Home2 Suites brand of Hilton is another exciting extended stay pet-friendly concept of Hilton.

These extended stay suites and properties provide maximum flexibility to leisure and business travellers at an affordable price.

Hilton has plans to extend the Tru concept and Home2 Suites concept globally in the near future.




Tru By Hilton is definitely an exciting brand. It is set to create some of the most affordable hotels around the world starting with the USA.

Hilton Worldwide is giving tough competition to all its competitors by expanding rapidly in all corners of the world.

The price war is on and these top hotel brands also ensure superior service. Well, one thing is for sure. We are entering an amazing era as far as the customers are concerned.