Stay Well Rooms- Hotel Rooms that Bring Spa like experience To Guests

Stay Well Hotel Rooms have received great attention over the years. Various influencers and top personalities have endorsed it over the past. However, the concept has not gained the momentum that it expected to gain.

We speak about a lot of innovation in hospitality and most of these are backed by technology. A lot of Hotel Room Technologies seem to lead over the concept of stay well rooms.

Everyone these days is more conscious of healthy living.  Thus treating ourselves well during travel is only a step forward. Hotel Rooms are continuously upgrading themselves in this technology and knowledge era. We dedicate this post to the concept of the hotel rooms that are meant to ensure better health and a more satisfactory stay.

Let’s begin.


Stay Well Rooms- The Concept


Guests can treat themselves to Stay Well rooms at several U.S. MGM Grand and Marriott hotels, which include aromatherapy, circadian mood lighting and vitamin C showers.

Have you not bothered to visit the Spa of your hotel room because you didn’t have time?

Or was is the extra charges that kept you away from the luxury?

The thought is that guests can breathe a bit easier during their next vacation or business trip, lavishing in spa-like amenities in their room.

Delos, CEO and Founder Paul Scialla took advantage of the gap in the service market.

A lot of Hotels provide these type of rooms. You can Find Stay Well Hotel rooms for your desired location through the official website.

A Stay Well Vitamin C Shower


Paul Scialla, the creator of the Stay Well idea, is a specialist in what is known as the Wellness Real Estate.

He said nothing is done in the room itself, and that’s where people tend to spend a lot of their time.

Rooms are provided with the latest wellness features such as organic mattresses and air purifiers.



The goal is to better the air and water quality, reduce jet lag, reduce the exposure to germs, improve the guests’ mood and ensure a better night’s rest.

Of course, the Stay Well concept is enhanced by the offerings that cannot be seen.


Stay Well Lounge at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Image by Travel Weekly


It includes health-driven infrastructure that was added during the construction and design process such as posture-supportive flooring, anti-microbial countertops, etc.

These holistic offerings were in support by Dr. Deepak Chopra and the Cleveland Clinic.


Other adopters of Stay Well Hotel Rooms


These kinds of hotels are not new.

In 2012, IHG developed EVEN – a healthy hotel chain that offers group workouts, large gyms and a nutritious line of food.

The Wyndham includes a fitness room at several Tryp hotels that includes workout equipment and other healthy amenities.

Scialla certainly found a way to merge wellness and Wall Street together. He said it made sense to bring together a $180 trillion asset (real estate) and a $4 trillion asset (health and wellness), creating hotel rooms that promote healthy living and wellness.

Courtesy- Stay Well Rooms

Circadian mood lighting




Here you go, a quick look at the stay well rooms. There are many more hotels adopting the concept. We expect the hotels to keep pushing for healthier concepts. Travel has been an indispensable part of our lives over the centuries and millennials are expected to become more global. Technology has led to the shrinking of the world and any sort of concept that adds to the better living is a bonus for the travellers.

Stay Well rooms are thus a welcome addition to the hotel industry in the past decade. Of course, one has to wonder how much Stay Well hotel rooms cost.  A Stay Well room is affordable, with a $30 rate increase per night.

So, when you travel next, Stay Well.