The hotel lobby is the face and the heart of any hotel. It is the first thing guests see when they arrive, making it the perfect spot for creating the perfect first impression. 

When the lobby is great, customers will likely have a positive approach to everything else. If it isn’t, everything else will be treated with suspicion unless it proves otherwise, which may not yield the best results for your business.

Therefore, you must invest time, effort, and money to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. But worry not, as this article highlights four easy ways to make a hotel lobby feel more luxurious to stand out from your competition and enhance guests’ experiences. 

  1. Hang High-Quality, Unique, Contemporary Art on the Walls

High-quality art exudes luxury in any space, whether in your living room, office, or hotel lobby. So, go for high-quality pieces of art that will make a statement. 

For example, original artwork from established artists can be an excellent investment and set the right tone for the entire space. But you must also be willing to spend relatively more than you would on low-quality artwork. 

Consider art that reflects the theme or vibe of your hotel. Contemporary abstract pieces do well for a modern hotel. On the other hand, landscapes will do well for a more traditional and conservative hotel.

So you have to consider your target demographic when choosing artwork. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of an expert to help you balance the two to ensure you appeal to both worlds.

The best place to find high-quality and original works of art is by visiting art galleries. If you can’t access a physical gallery, online galleries like Singulart are an excellent option.

Like physical galleries, online galleries showcase artwork from various artists, allowing you to make an order and have the artwork delivered to your doorstep. 

  1. Add Some Plants

Plants in your hotel lobby are an excellent way of making an indoor space feel more welcoming and relaxing. They are also known to have various benefits, from improving air quality to boosting mental health. Besides their aesthetic appeal and air-purifying benefits, plants can serve as statement pieces. 

When choosing plants, consider things like the lighting conditions of the space. Some plants, such as the hardy palm, do well in low light, while others require bright, direct sunlight. So, choose your plants based on your conditions. You can also ask an expert to avoid spending money on what may not work for you.

Another factor is maintenance; choose plants with minimum maintenance requirements, such as succulents that thrive in various conditions. Other great plants for lobbies include spider plants, pothos, and rubber plants.

  1. Consider Lighting

Natural light is always the best for any space. It makes a space feel more inviting and open and is scientifically proven to improve mood and productivity. So, ensure your design allows for maximum utilization of natural light. 

But natural light is not always an option, especially if you are trying to revamp an existing hotel lobby. In such circumstances, warm LED bulbs are a great alternative because they provide a soft, ambient glow that can mimic the warmth of sunlight.

Additionally, you may consider incorporating dimmer switches to allow greater control over the lighting depending on the time of day or the desired ambiance.

Besides lighting, you can use light creatively to highlight artwork or architectural features with spotlights that can draw attention to these elements and create a visually stunning space. 

  1. Create Zones

Guests use the lobby for different purposes. So consider creating zones to cater to different needs. While you may not have too many zones because of space limitations, ensure you accommodate as many needs as your space allows.

Each zone should have a distinct ambiance and vibe to fit the purpose. For example, you could create a vibrant social zone and a more laid-back zone for a work or study zone. The furnishings and decor must match the zone.

For example, consider including comfortable seating, ambient lighting, and decor that encourage relaxation and conversation in the social zone. 

In contrast, the working zone may require functional furniture, for example, desks and chairs, as well as task lighting and outlets for charging devices. Create a reading nook, a kids’ play area, or a refreshment station if your space allows. 

Final Words

Designing a luxurious hotel lobby requires attention to detail and carefully considering guest needs and preferences. By incorporating elements such as high-quality art, plants, lighting, and distinct zones, hoteliers can create a welcoming and functional space that sets the tone for a memorable guest experience.

Whether you are designing a new hotel or looking to refresh an existing lobby, incorporating the elements highlighted in this guide can help you create a space that guests will love and remember.

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