The United Arab Emirates is a country in Southwest Asia. In total, there are seven Emirates in the country. Each of them is not like the previous one. The grandeur and colors of the area attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of residents all year round. Someone chooses an active holiday under the scorching sun, while someone chooses a permanent life in warm climes.

The hospitality Industry in Dubai is booming in the past couple of decades. Housing specialists predict high demand for land in the new year 2023. So, 2022 became the leader in the global market: the cost of villas increased by 13%. Now every inhabitant of the vast world can buy a studio in ROYAL ATLANTIS RESORT and RESIDENCES. What kind of real estate in Dubai is worth investing in? How is Dubai different from other Emirates? What is the cost of housing in the center of tourism?

Features of the Emirates

The main information about the country:

1. Climatic conditions. Dubai is always crowded with people, and for a good reason. In summer, the air temperature reaches 40-55 degrees Celsius. The city is incredibly hot, but the air concentration system saves the population. The benefits of the heat are low road activity, discounts in hotels, spas, and gyms, and worldwide sales, where discounts reach up to 90%.

The indigenous inhabitants of the Emirates choose other countries for life in the summer, and thrill-seekers choose the eastern state.

In winter, the air temperature is 25-35 degrees Celsius, which guarantees excellent rest even for residents of the northern regions.

  1. High standard of living. Dubai has everything for a comfortable life: cafes and restaurants with all the cuisines of the world, global and luxury brands offer an abundance of things for every taste and budget, transport accessibility to anywhere in the world, a good security system, and decent residential complexes.
  1. Rich cultural heritage. All nationalities and classes of people dominate the city. The city rose from its knees and became one of the best metropolitan areas in the world.
  1. Religion. The majority of the population professes Islam. The country has its laws, adhering to which you can live in complete peace.
  1. Clothes. Religious boundaries do not allow open clothes in life: short dresses, tops with cutouts, and miniskirts. This is an insult to the feelings of believers. Failure to comply with this rule may result in deportation from the country.

Purpose of purchase

Before investing in any property in Dubai, buyers should clearly define the purpose of their purchase. On this basis, they will be able to make a start in choosing the type of object, its location, and other nuances. To understand the goal, the buyer must answer a series of leading questions, for example:

  • Is he an end user or an investor?
  • What investment terms is he considering?
  • What return on investment does he expect?
  • What investment strategy does he intend to use?

Based on the answers, the buyer will be able to understand whether he wants to buy a property that has already been commissioned or an off-plan projects in Dubai, which area he should choose, and much more.

Market research

Before purchasing real estate, it is essential to study the market carefully. The buyer must take into account absolutely all factors, for example:

  • What rental income can he expect?
  • Can he expect high capital gains?
  • Is the area he has chosen in demand, and will it remain in demand?
  • Does the area offer a developed infrastructure and transport network?
  • What amenities do residents of the area have access to?

In addition, he needs to set a budget and find out what facilities he can afford. The next step is to analyze the status, cost, and payment plans of the offers he likes.

Operating cost analysis

The buyer should always check the associated operating costs when selecting various real estate in Dubai options. These will include maintenance fees depending on the property type, area, and other factors. These operating costs are added to the property’s value and charged annually.

Purchase process

The buyer must understand the entire transaction process from start to finish. The choice of real estate, negotiations, collection of necessary documents, and the appointment of an inspection and the transfer of property must be studied in detail. Real estate acquisition is a responsible step that requires a lot of money. By taking the time to understand existing systems fully, the buyer will be able to make informed decisions along the way.

Cooperation with specialists

To make the right decision, the buyer should contact an authoritative person specializing in the market segment where he wants to buy property. This will help him ensure that his rights and investments are protected. Emirates.Estate enjoys confidence in the UAE real estate market. The company’s clients can count on the following:

  • assistance with the selection of real estate, corresponding to personal preferences and opportunities;
  • support at all stages of the transaction;
  • quality after-sales service.

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