The hotel industry is an integral and indispensable part of the ever-growing hospitality and travel industry. In this post, we have listed the different types of hotels and various types of hotel rooms.

At times travellers get confused by the number of options they find on various travel websites regarding hotels, and hotel rooms.

The hotel industry is huge and has a number of types of hotel categories and rooms. To make it simpler for the keen readers, we have simplified the listing of hotel types and hotel room types.

We have made every effort to keep the list simple. Long explanations and elaborations are avoided just to keep this list of hotel types and rooms simple and crisp.

Let’s get going then with the list!

Types of Hotels

Types of Hotels and Hotel Rooms - Listed & Explained

Based on Type of Lodging

  • Hotels (there are multiple segments within this title of Hotels)
  • Resorts (these are normally the huge luxury properties at popular tourist locations providing all facilities in the house at times including private beaches or lagoons, greenery, gardens, Golf courses etc.)
  • Bed & Breakfast (these are the smaller budget hotels that have basic lodging and boarding facilities)
  • Motels (these are the properties near highways)
  • Inns (the traditional small guest house sort of hotel)
  • Homestays (These are getting more and more popular with accommodation companies like Airbnb)
  • Hostels
  • Guest Houses
  • Timeshare / Vacation Rentals

The hotel industry is one of the many sectors of the hospitality and travel industry. Here, in this post, the given type of hotels and hotel bedrooms well explain the expanse of the hotel industry.

Let’s have a look at another classification now to explore the hotel types. 

Based on the Target Market of the Hotel

  • Airport Hotels
  • Casino Hotels
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Business Hotels
  • Luxury Hotels
  • Bread & Breakfasts
  • All-Suite Hotels

And the list goes on. There are many more types of hotels based on the target market but we have listed the major categories here. 

If you are willing to know more about any of these hotel types, please visit the homepage of this Global Hospitality Portal and simply type in the category to check our individual posts of each of these types. 

Hotel Types based on Star Category

  • 5 Star hotels
  • 4 Star hotels
  • 3 Star Hotels
  • 2 Star hotels
  • Budget hotels

These are further explained in one of our other articles on various hotel star categories. The article also covers Diamond category hotels which are extremely popular in the USA. 

Based on Ownership

  • Chain Hotels (these include the largest hotel chains like Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and more)
  • Individually owned hotels
  • Management Contracts (A lot of hotel chains give management contracts for running a hotel property).
  • Independent properties (A lot of these are owned by companies other than the big chain hotels)

Based on the Type of Service

  • Full-Service Hotels (These include 5-star and luxury hotels)
  • Limited Service Hotels (these include the budget hotel)
  • Select Service Hotels (This is a hybrid segment with selected services and includes a lot of modern mid-range hotels backed by technology)

Now moving on to the bedrooms that make the most of the hotel stays for all travellers.

Types of Hotel Rooms

Based on Hotel room categories

  • Standard Room 
  • Executive Room
  • Luxury Room / Deluxe Room
  • Standard Suite
  • Luxury Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Studio
  • Villas
  • Cabana (adjoining the Swimming pool)

We have listed here the broad hotel room types. 

You can have a look at the blog post by setupmyhotel for details on these hotel room types and dimensions of these rooms in general.

Based on Room Occupancy

  • Single occupancy (most common in business hotels and is further classified by type of beds like single bed, Queen Size and King size bed)
  • Double Occupancy
  • Triple Occupancy
  • Family Rooms (these include suites and large rooms with 4 beds and living area)
  • Dormitory (common in the hostel segment with more than 4 beds and shared bathroom)

The below image by Tes provides a lot of other hotel bedroom types as well. Have a look!

And even these don’t cover the full range of hotel bedrooms. Yes, that’s how diverse the hotel industry is. 


Here you go, the listing of different hotel types and that of various hotel room categories.

We have tried to avoid the explanation of these hotel types to keep this article short and crisp. 

However, we have ensured that there are ample resources on this very website to cover all about the hotel industry. So, for those who are looking to explore the hotel industry further, please explore other articles in our all-hospitality blog. We will see you around!

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