This post highlights some actionable tips and strategies for successfully managing a hospitality business. This post outlines 7 tips to help you succeed in your hospitality business.

So, let’s get started right away.

Profitably Managing a Hospitality Business, 7 Actionable Tips

1. Train and Trust your team – Technology holds the key

This is probably the most important hospitality management tip for a successful business.

Easy to understand but super difficult to implement, isn’t it?

As perhaps the cornerstone of your establishment, your staff is who will determine how fast your hotel or restaurant grows.

As such, train them regularly because proper training breeds an aura of trust and understanding amongst themselves as well as when interacting with clients.

Training makes them proud of the establishment, which invariably works even when you aren’t there to monitor their performance.

Also, it is not easy to monitor the performance while you engage yourself in daily chores.

Technology is the key here. If you have not embraced it yet, you are risking your venture.

Best tips on hospitality management emanate from technology. Try a few Free Hotel and Restaurant management software to get experience in working with technology.

While mutual respect and confidence are expected, it is the same trust that brings along the freedom and ingenuity amongst the staff.

You might have felt that you are a lone warrior in a crisis situation.

Trust others to have multiple hands working for you in the most effective manner.

When you show that you believe them, even petty issues that can warrant your attention will be solved swiftly.

However, ensure that you don’t grant them too much trust.

Managing your hospitality business is effectively is one of the most daunting tasks for management.

The competition is huge and the margin of error is very less.

Thus a well-rounded effort is key to the successful and effective hospitality business management.

2. Motivate others to stay motivated

Motivation is that extra gas required during extreme situations.

It brings out the best out of the team, especially when it is needed.

Therefore, it’s useful to keep your team happy and motivated, initiate team-building meetings, reward hard work and keep the habit of offering surprise perks.

Moreover, be a leader; sometimes, work as a chef, a secretary or a lobby boy.

This does not only help motivate others but keeps you motivated as well.

There a lot of free hotel management games which could help you train your staff as well as motivate them.

Another crucial management tip for a successful hospitality business is to ensure activities like away days, motivational sessions, camps and parties to ensure that everyone stays focused and motivated.

3. Check the inventory and Focus on procedure implementation

This again is one of the crucial management tips for successful hotel operation. This is even more important for any foodservice establishment.

Being the basis of running the hotel smoothly, all the fundamental aspects must be in unison at all times.

The short-term plans, as well as the long-term ones, will act as the points of reference.

Although flexibility and judiciousness are keys to procedure implementation, everything must be done within your office.

As a smart manager, always check the inventory to keep everything available. It can be for housekeeping, kitchen, landscape, engineering equipment or for the restaurant.

To ease the entire process, make it as simple as possible so that it doesn’t consume much of your time.

Ideally, a full inventory per week and someone who’s responsible for the day-to-day checks is perfect.

If you don’t have a flow chart as yet, have one for your hotel operation management.

The flow chart of the procedure should be made available to everyone in management and the team.

Look for the most visible place in the staff area- staff room ideally to place the chart.

Moreover, it also helps you to stick to rules and regulations.

An example of the flowchart for food administration can be the one recommended by the US Food and Drug site.


Make one around the business model of your hospitality business.

The policies may include your management plan and strategic vision.

Another important tip is to automate a lot of procedures. One of the key processes is managing invoices. There are a lot of websites offering free templates. There are numerous other similar high-quality websites and a simple search on Google would do the trick for you.

The key is to automate most of the tasks that don’t have a lot of human involvement.

4. Monitor the food quality and the services

If your hotel is based in a busy locality, keeping clients satisfied at all times can be daunting.

As a manager, when you spot a problem, relax and work to rectify in the future.

Reacting to it immediately can create problems in the smooth running of the hospitality business.

Needless to add, always ensure that the health and food safety regulations are followed.

Along with that, employee decency is imperative.

Quality and service are two pillars that you should always concentrate on as a hotelier.

Hospitality is all about service.

Customer service holds the key in the hospitality industry and that must always reverberate within the system of your hotel or any other food service establishment.

5. Consider using the web for Answers

So simple yet one of the top tips for successful hospitality business management. It’s just how selective and effective you are using the world wide web.

We are in the digital age where solutions are found on the internet.

For better management, consider using management tools that are within your realms as well as on the internet.

If you are stuck somewhere just use the web.

Google your issues and you will have hundreds and thousands of solutions. All you need to do is to pick the one that suits you the most.

Also, use the web to stay ahead in the competition by keeping yourself aware of the latest trends and innovation in hospitality.

6. Handle complaints professionally and carefully

From being a smart, judicious judge to acting swiftly, always strive to create a harmonious working space for all.

This will help in lesser complaints and happy team.

However, complaints will still find its way to you and in a way is good for the growth of your hospitality business. That too at times there are strange guest complaints that you would need to tackle.

Hoteliers and hospitality professionals seem to have mastered complaint handling skills but following guidelines set up by top hospitality businesses still help.

7. Don’t forget to create a workable Management Plan

This is last but not the least important tip of hospitality management.

It is actually one of the tips that hold the key to your hospitality organisation’s success.

In the spirit of togetherness, give every employee an extra role.

Let everyone be a part of the overall plan. Think about Yield Management, menu, pricing and devise both short-term as well as a long-term business plan.

Let everyone know what’s expected of them so that they are responsible at all times.

A workable management plan would ensure that everyone knows where they fit in the system and what is expected out of them.

Winding it all up

Effective management is crucial to ensure the continued profitability of your hospitality business. We have thus provided top tips for management in this post to gain and retain competitive advantages of your organisation.

Effective Revenue management strategies and best marketing tactics for the hotel business would help ensure business success on a consistent basis.

Use these hospitality management tips to boost your business acumen to skyrocket your current or planned business.

If you find these tips useful, don’t forget to share the post with co-workers and friends of the hospitality industry. Sharing, after all, is caring!

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