A lot of hotels and hospitality organisations struggle to innovate and lead as they are engrossed in day-to-day operations. The traditional approach may not always work and a fresh perspective is required. It is at this point that hospitality consulting firms come into the picture. They try to bring in expertise to break the status quo and convert their client organisations into success stories.

We have listed in this article 7 Top hospitality consulting firms in the world.

Kindly note that these consulting firms are not ranked in any particular order. We neither endorse nor promote any of these consulting firms.

These are some established names in the hospitality industry with stellar reputations. The sole purpose of curating this article is to present to the readers some of the high-quality hospitality consulting firms.

You might have heard of Hotel Management consultants. Before naming a few top hospitality consulting firms, let’s discuss how consulting firms can help hotels, restaurants and other hospitality entities.

So, Hire Hospitality Management Consultants for:

  1. Digital Deployment
  2. Growth Strategy
  3. Recruitment and Retention
  4. Branding and creating a new market
  5. Increasing productivity
  6. Managing competition
  7. Dealing with innovation and technology disruptions
  8. Decreasing Cost

and a lot more. 

To explain why hotels and other hospitality organisations need the services of hospitality consulting firms, here’s a study of 2018 as presented by consultancy.uk. This is specific to the United Kingdom but apart from Brexit, the other reasons are pretty generic. Have a look!

So, in case your organisation is in need of a major turnaround or a minor push, getting an expert in the form of a hospitality consultant or management consulting coaching is well worth the investment.

Now let’s move on to our list of the 7 best hospitality consulting firms in the world.

Top Hospitality Consulting Firms in the World

Top Hospitality Consulting Firms in the World
  • Grant Thornton – Global

Grant Thornton is not a new name in the management consulting field. This management consulting firm has offices in over 50 countries and clients almost everywhere.

This highly reputed consulting firm also has expertise in the hospitality industry. The Hospitality consulting vertical of Grant Thornton has highly experienced hospitality management consultants. 

Grant Thornton would be an ideal choice for a hotel business a new market entry is planned, franchise management is required or preventive fraud measures for card and user management is required. 

  • Horwath HTL – Global

Horwath HTL is said to be the global leader in hospitality, leisure and tourism consulting.

With 52 offices in 36 countries, it is one of the biggest hospitality consulting firms. 

Horwath HTL consulting operates only in the hospitality and tourism niche. With over 20,000 assignments done already in the hospitality sector, it is an obvious choice for those hospitality operations that seek a turnaround in the business.

It is a part of the famous Crowe Global Network, which is one of the top 10 global accounting networks. 

  • PWC – Switzerland

PwC’s Hospitality and Tourism Consulting is well known to serve global hospitality clients.

PwC is one of the finest management consulting firms and the hospitality consulting wing of PwC in Switzerland is arguably one of the best hospitality consulting firms in the world.

With 20+ hospitality industry experts and a clientele in 60+ countries in itself is the testimony of the quality this firm brings along to transform hospitality businesses. 

  • Coyle – New York, US

Coyle Hospitality Consulting is one of the top Hospitality Consulting firms in the US.

They enjoy one of the biggest hospitality clientele in the USA. Pick a popular name in the US hospitality industry and you will find them as clients of Coyle.

A lot of the Top Hospitality Companies in the US seek expert advice from Coyle to stay ahead of the competition.

Check out the Client list of Coyle to know more about whom they serve and what they do to help hospitality businesses. They cater to almost every reputed hotel chain.

  • ISHC – Global

ISHC stands for the International Society of Hospitality Consultants.

It is the directory of leading hotel management consultants from around the world and is probably the leading source of global hospitality expertise. 

You can check and consult with over 200 hospitality consultants from around the world through the ISHC directory. 

  • Garrett Hotel Consultants – USA

This is for the Boutique and luxury Hotels and Restaurants. Garrett Hotel Consultants specialises in Boutique Hospitality Consulting. 

So, if it’s about Luxury Boutique Hospitality expect the below services from Garrett Consultants:

  • Concept Development
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Financial Analysis and Accounting Management
  • Staff Management and Training
  • Operations and Departmental setup 

and much more.

With some of the finest clients in its kitty, it is probably one of the topmost luxury hospitality consulting firms. 

  • PKF Hotel Experts

PKF hotel experts firm was established over a century ago and has specialised in hospitality consulting since 1927.

It is the oldest hospitality, tourism and leisure consulting business in the world. PKF Hotel Experts hospitality consulting firm has offices on all continents at over 100 locations.

If you seek financial expertise, there can’t be many better hospitality consultants than those from PKF. 


Here you go, a quick list of the consulting firms for the hotel industry and restaurants. Yes, we did miss a lot of others. However, we have tried to include most of the reputed names in hospitality consulting from around the world.

These consulting firms keep themselves up to date with the success factors in the hospitality industry through their hospitality industry experts. This, in turn, enables them to bring fresh blood to the strategy and operations of their hospitality clients. 

While we have mentioned 7 top hospitality consulting firms in the world in this post, we will soon be coming up with another article with a comprehensive list of hotel management consulting firms covering various countries and continents separately.

However, most of the hospitality consulting firms mentioned in this post have multiple offices across the world and have clients in almost all countries. 

So, if your hospitality organisation is looking for that ‘X’ factor or a competitive edge to stay ahead of the competition, maybe it’s time to rope in an expert from one of these hospitality consulting firms. 

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