In this post, we have discussed a few of the top hotel management schools in India which sets up the foundation for those aspiring to be a part of the ever-growing hospitality industry.

The Hospitality and travel industry in India is growing at a rapid pace.

More and more hotels are opening up and more and more tourists are travelling to India. India has a huge workforce and the biggest challenge for the nation is to provide all of them with meaningful employment options.

The hospitality industry of India opens up options to the youth with limitless opportunities.

The number of Hotel Management Schools in India is growing every year.

That says of the popularity of the course and employment opportunities within the hotel industry.

Almost every top hotel chain is strengthening its presence in India.
These hotel schools ensure that a steady flow of top talent is available to the growing needs of the top hotel chains.

So, if you are an aspirant of this industry, some of the best hospitality jobs await you.

However, these top hotel management schools in India can give you a head start towards a great hospitality career.

If you are not from India or are an Indian looking to study abroad refer to our article on the Best Hospitality Management Schools in the world.

Now, without any further ado, we will dive into the list of the best hotel management schools in India.

Top 10 Hotel Management Schools in India

Top 10 Hotel Management Schools in India

Hotel Management is not a new subject in India.

There are institutes which have been providing the best talent from decades now.

For the ease of our readers, we have also included a few culinary schools that might be of some interest to the aspiring chefs. 

Aspiring chefs can also check our other post on the Top Culinary Schools in the world. 

Hospitality and Tourism in India contributed to over 9% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India and supports over 42 Million Jobs.

Tourism Industry generated over Rs. 15 Lakh Crore (the US $ 210 Billion) and this is expected to grow to create more employment.

So, do you need more proof on why the Hotel management course is all a win-win scenario for those willing to embark upon a hospitality journey? 

Let’s begin with the list of top hospitality schools in India now.

We have not ranked these institutes just to avoid any confusion. We request aspirants to these colleges to carry due diligence at their end. We have, however, made every effort to provide unbiased information to help the readers of this Career and learning portal.

IHM Pusa, New Delhi

Institute of Hotel Management Pusa has been the most prominent name in the Indian hotel education.

The institute has been set by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. It enjoys the best placement and the reputation of this excellent hotel management college crosses Indian boundaries.

Basking in the high repute, excellent faculty and alumni network and place, IHM Pusa has bagged the top rank by India Today’s Survey for top hotel management schools in India. 

This premier Hotel Management College in the capital city of India has its bags full as far as accolades and awards are concerned. Have a look. Courses, admission procedure and fee structure can be explored at their official website.

IHM Pusa Top Hotel School in India
Image Courtesy- IHM PUSA

Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal

According to the ranking of Outlook for Top 20 Hotel Management Schools in 2018, this institute is ranked 2nd due to its personality development programmes, infrastructure and placement opportunities.

This Hotel institute has been regularly ranked in the top 3 of India. For a Private Institute, this is no small feat. 

This Hotel School boasts of great international network and placement opportunities and a super-strong alumni network.

IHM Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Gwalior

We have clubbed 4 institutes here just for the ease of our readers. 

These institutes are regularly ranked among the top 10 hotel management institutes in India. All of these Institutes of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition are government institutes.

These are established and recognised by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

All of these hotel management institutes have been producing immensely talented hoteliers from the past decades.

Please visit their websites to know more about the individual IHMs based on your priorities and location preference.

Banarasidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

This is another reputed hotel management school in the capital city of India. This institute is New Delhi is known for its placement record, Bartending expertise and exchange programme opportunities.

The institute is well known for providing the best possible exposure and has been regularly ranked in the top 10 in various rankings of Best Hotel Management Schools in India.

Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore

Located in the Silicon Valley of India, this hotel management school is an ocean of opportunities. 

This institute has great programmes and training opportunities coupled with excellent infrastructure with state of the art facilities.

Located in the IT capital of India, this hotel school provides ample opportunity to its students to add hands-on experience from top hotels during their education.

Here are a few more institutes which are ranked consistently as Top Hotel Management Schools in India.

NSHM School of Hotel Management, Durgapur

NSHM School of Tourism management is one of the pioneer hotel schools in India. NSHM offers various hotel management courses. It is a part of a group of institutes that collectively form NSHM, Durgapur.

From Culinary courses to travel and hospitality degrees, the institute has it all.

This hotel school in India has an excellent reputation among hospitality employers and is well known for international partnerships.

Students can also avail options to study abroad with partnering institutes.

This hotel school has ranked consistently in the top 10 in India making it a worthy entry to this list.

The career support and facilities are amazing and the institute enjoys a great alumni network.

T. John College Bangalore

T John group of institutions is another worthy entrant to this list of top hotel management institutes in India.

The department of hotel management at T. John group of institutions was ranked 12th by Outlook magazine in India.

The courses are AICTE approved and the institute is NAAC accredited. The institute is equipped with all facilities conducive to the study of hotel management.

From model kitchen to practice restaurants! From housekeeping rooms to well-equipped labs, the institute has everything for a perfect hotel management education.

The bachelor courses in hotel management also include 4 months internship in any reputed 5-star hotel.

School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Navi Mumbai

This Hotel management school is a part of D Y Patil University which a lot of you might already be aware of.

This hotel management school has been ranked among the top 2 private hospitality and tourism schools in Maharashtra.

The School of Hospitality and Tourism studies has both undergraduate and postgraduate hospitality courses for the students.

With its consistent ranking over the past few years and growing reputation in the hospitality industry, the institute is set to improve its position in the coming years.


Here you go, some of the best Hotel Management schools in India.

The list should be used for further research. The hotel industry in India is booming with the number of hotel rooms over 120,000 and growing.

Considering the attractiveness of the Indian market and availability of workforce, hotel management is set to be a more attractive career option in the years to come. 

So, if you are considering a career in the hotel industry, you are in good company.

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