Hospitality Management is the rapidly mounting department of the hospitality industry. Before entering into this field, you should have accomplished, proficient skills as well as trained enough to handle all complexities. It offers several different courses from different departments along with pieces of training as well as internships. Certificates and degrees are also provided at the end of the program. 

Many universities offer Hospitality Management courses online along with applied sciences. After the breakout of COVID-19, various colleges and universities are now offering online and blended hospitality courses. It is an easy and expedient way to learn courses from different universities and get certified at your home. Although, many universities offer online sessions. Some of the top universities that teach Hospitality Management courses online are mentioned in this article.

Hospitality course includes several different courses such as hotel management, tourism, and travel management, event planning and management, culinary and cuisines courses, chef courses, business management, finance and accounts, leadership development, and so on. Students can pick up one or more than one course as per their choices as well as interests.

Quick Introduction to Online Courses

Online sessions and online classes have been speeding up ever since the Covid-19 has come. It has somehow made education easy, affordable as well as quick to learn for the students. The lockdown all over the world has introduced online sessions or online classes. Now you can have access to online classes on your device from anywhere in the world. 

Many universities are also offering free online hospitality programs for students. These free online hospitality programs include learning sessions, assessment sessions, training sessions as well as practical sessions.

Let’s now get on with the list of some of the top online universities and colleges for hospitality education. Please visit our other extremely popular and comprehensive articles on top hospitality schools across and globe and topmost culinary schools for wider research. 

Top Online Universities for Hospitality Education

Universities from all over the world offer courses for hospitality education, but a few universities offer free and paid online courses. Universities from Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Dubai, France, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Spain are the countries that offer online hospitality courses with paid internships and placement assistance.

Top Online Institutes for Hospitality Management in the USA

The USA is also known as one of the biggest hospitality industry markets in the world. The value of the hospitality sector’s hotels and restaurants alone is around about 200 billion dollars. This rate is increasing every year. Some of the most important universities in the USA offer hospitality courses and training sessions free of cost once in a while. So that everyone with a keen interest in hospitality can have the privilege to learn and practice whatever is needed.

Let’s check out some of the top colleges and universities offering online hospitality programs.

Central Texas College (CTC)

Central Texas College of Hotel Management offers hospitality education courses online. It is a well-known university in the United States of America. It offers various courses regarding hospitality education, business management, event management, accounts, leadership development, hotel management, finance, tourism and hospitality, and so on. 

Albany Technical College (ATC)

Albany Technical College is one of the well-known educational institutions which offers hospitality education courses online at a low cost. Students can apply in associated applied science in hospitality, hotel management, tourism management, and restaurant management. They can also use common application essay help from reliable companies to support their application. It offers different diplomas and short courses in hospitality education. It does not offer internship programs.

California State University East Bay (CSU)

California State University East Bay has announced the bachelor’s programs. You can have your bachelor’s degree in tourism and science and hospitality. The University has set the criteria to enter the program. You must have completed the short course before getting enrolled in your bachelor’s from the California virtual campus. You should maintain your CGPA of a minimum of at least 2.0. You can have your whole bachelor’s degree from online sessions. The exams and assessments are to be taken on time. Results are 100% original and reliable.

Charleston Southern University (CSU)

Charleston Southern University or CSU offers bachelor’s degree programs in a short period of a minimum of one year.  One course is delivered in 7 weeks. Students do not need to take classes at an exact time, they can choose 3 courses of their own choice. 

Coastal Carolina University (CCU)

Coastal Carolina University located near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is offering many online programs related to hospitality management. It is also offering a major in resort management, tourism management, and hospitality management. Coastal Carolina University has also earned the award of the second-best hospitality management school in the area based on a few rankings.

Cincinnati state technical and community colleges (CSTCC)

Cincinnati State Technical and community colleges offer the program in applied sciences and Hotel Management program. You can get yourself enrolled on bachelor’s programs after graduating from applied sciences and hotel Management. All this can be done online.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN)

College of Southern Nevada or CSN is offering an online bachelor’s program in food and beverages management and hotel management. The program can last longer than two semesters. It has 31 credit hours. Students can also learn in a full-time class.

East Carolina University (ECU)

East Carolina University is offering three courses online as bachelor’s programs. These courses are food and beverage management, special events and conventions, and lodges. Students can also earn a certificate online in the course of hotel management. East Carolina University is also offering MBA programs that too in online sessions with fixed credit hours. It offers programs with applied sciences along with other courses. 

Some of the other notable Universities offering free and paid online hospitality and tourism courses are:

  • University of Hawaii
  • Michigan State University East Lansing, Ml
  • University of Nevada-Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

Universities from the United Kingdom

Hospitality education in the United Kingdom is represented by clubs, motels, hotels, spas, pubs, leisure clubs, food chain restaurants, and bars. Following United Kingdom universities offer online hospitality courses once or sometimes twice a year.

  • Coventry University.
  • The University of Lincoln.
  • The University of Derby.

And there are a few others as well. 

Top Universities from Australia

Australia is known as the root of tourism. It has many exotic islands, mountain ranges, beautiful oceans, and whatnot. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 

Hospitality and Tourism is a very important and essential source of growth in Australia. Tourism in Australia provides many job opportunities to the people.

It is highly beneficial for those who have a degree in any program of hospitality education. That is why the Australian education system teaches students to care about their guests in the best possible way. You can also find tutors in Melbourne and in other top Australian cities who can teach you at your home or any other location you opt for.

A few top universities in Australia also announce online hospitality course sessions for the students so that they can have good knowledge and experience about hospitality. Like technology courses, even hospitality courses are on the rise in popularity in Australia. To ace the technology exams there are a lot of tests like the AZ-104 Practice Test as well as boot camps. Similarly, there are a lot of online tests, short courses and certificates in the hospitality industry as well.

Some of these universities are:

  • Edith Cowan University.
  • Griffith University.
  • James Cook University.
  • Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School.
  • The University of Queensland.

Universities from Switzerland offering online Hospitality courses

Switzerland is said to be heaven on Earth.

This is arguably the most beautiful country on the globe. It is also known as the home of hospitality. It was declared the major travel destination and biggest tourist attraction by the end of the 19th century. Switzerland is famous for its hospitality institutes. Currently, Switzerland is operating around 23-25 training schools in it.

Its training sessions involve practical work, hands-on experience, paid and unpaid internships, local and foreign tours, field trips, and so on. It is the top-ranked country declared worldwide to study hospitality education. Like the universities of the United States of America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, Switzerland also offers limited seats for online hospitality courses. Some of these universities are:

  • Glion Institute of Higher Education.
  • EHL Hospitality & Leisure Management School.
  • Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)
  • Les Roches Global Hospitality Education.

Institutes of Dubai 

Dubai is exceptionally well up in the hospitality education or hospitality industry. Be it the world’s tallest building, skyscrapers, bullet trains, underwater hotels, the world’s biggest bazaars, cultured-themed parks that have the famous monuments of many countries. The traditions of serving guests in the best possible ways can be learned and adopted by the hospitality of the United Arab Emirates.

  • Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management – It is a popular institute that offers online courses for hospitality education on a scholarship basis.


These are a few of the renowned and top Universities from all over the world that offer free and paid online hospitality courses once in a while. These universities have set different criteria to get enrolled in the online sessions. The candidates must be full-time students of any university in the world, minimum education level is graduation. The candidates must maintain their academic record at a good percentage or a minimum CGPA.

These universities offer the best online courses at both diploma and bachelor’s level. You can also earn your major or master’s degree from online sessions. Few universities offer fixed-time online classes and webinars. Whereas other universities have free-styled learning sessions. Hotel management is a very vast field with a lot of scope all over the world. Before getting yourself enrolled in any hospitality management program, do good and rich research about the courses. It’s your career and your life after all and due diligence is the bare minimum you must do. We wish you all the success. 

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