This post serves all your queries regarding Best Hotel Management books. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best books of Hotel Management, including free Hotel Management eBooks and Hospitality management books and pdf.

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This blog post is dedicated to hospitality-related books, e-books, hotel management pdf and so on.

In the current times when the whole world is struggling with COVID pandemic, adding some new skills through these books would certainly be helpful.

If you are a seasoned hotelier and looking for certificate courses, please also read our other blog post about Hospitality Industry certificates to fast track your career.

In no particular order, we present our list of the best hotel management books (free and paid) that you must read.

To begin with, let’s start with a couple of books and courses that might be availed for FREE. Here is a bestseller from the Hospitality books arena.

These are the Best Hotel Management Books and Pdf

1. 100 tips for Hoteliers: what every successful Hotel Professional Needs to know and do

In our fast-evolving technological society, every aspect of our life is being disrupted.

The way we run businesses are not spared from these technological changes, hence the need to constantly update our knowledge of our fields of endeavour.

There are a lot of Free Online Hotel Management Books and courses for enhancing your existing skills.

This is one of the best Free Hotel Management ebooks.

Authored by Peter Venison, this comprehensive hotel management book provides many details about the ins of outs of hotel management.

Contrary to what the book title suggests, the book is more than just tips.

It engages the readers on every important aspect, starting from the inception to the opening of the hotel as well as the day to day running of the establishment.

It provides a vivid narration of the rudiments of managing a hospitality organization and readers are sure to get enough information that will help them make better management decisions at their various capacities.


The Author, Venison, claimed to have spent weeks in five-star hotels and noted that they were all not perfect when it comes to pleasing guests.

He is also reputed to have been a hotelier at a point, so the book is based on his experience as a hotelier and as a hotel guest.

Download This Book Here.

Look at Amazon to buy a Paperback version in case you are fond of physical books.

Here, in this post, we are discussing a lot of Paid & Free Hotel Management books and that too the best one available to upgrade your knowledge. So, please read on.

2. Hotel management: Understanding the Hospitality Industry

This book deservedly ranks among the best hotel management books and top hotel management ebooks.

It is a premium release that can be bought from different online platforms.

Authored by Jason Allan Scott, the book is a must-read for anyone who holds a management position within a hotel or any hospitality outfit.

It covers all the important aspects such as initial planning and opening up, motivating the members of your team, marketing of your services, customer satisfaction and lots more.

The contents of the book are discussed under such great topics as the hotel industry, front office operations, what it means to be in the hotel industry, running a hotel business, and working in the hotel industry.

The book also provides additional emphasis on personnel management, organisational structure.

This book is available to download as an ebook for free on multiple platforms.

FREE Hospitality e-books and pdf

The Hotel and Hospitality sector has evolved throughout the ages across different cultures.

Hotel Management may seem like a very straightforward business, but when you get into the sector and encounter the intricacies involved, you will realise that it actually is a complicated undertaking.

Thus, it is required to regular upgrade yourself through continuous learning. There are also a lot of courses in Hotel Management that can be availed for FREE.

A lot of the FREE Hotel Management Courses are from the best Hotel Management Schools and Institutions like Cornell.

For complete details on these FREE Online courses, please read our comprehensive resource on Best Free online Hotel Management courses. The guide provides you links to Open University Courses, Courses from Brentwood College and even the FREE Online Hospitality courses from MIT and UC-Irvine.

So, once you are through this list, please do check our resource page on these FREE Hotel Management Online courses.

3. Be our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Let’s continue the journey of the Top Hotel Management books.

For a successful running and management of a hotel, it is important to make thorough research and findings of the best way to run your hotel business.

This will serve as a guide showing you what to do and some of the things you need to avoid. A lot of hotels have failed as a result of poor management.

This book might help the Hoteliers to prep up better for success within the hotel industry.

Every hotelier understands that the guests are the most important people in the world and they need to be treated as such.

This book by the Walt Disney Company is a treat to the Hoteliers.

We all are aware of the fact that Service in the Hotel Industry holds the key to success.

The book also has excellent reviews at Goodreads from all corners of the Hospitality Industry.

So, The book’s central idea is to help you perfect the art of customer service and turn your hotel into a more guest-centric place.

It teaches you not just to satisfy your guest but also how to exceed their expectations.

From the Disney Institute with Theodore Kinni, the book preaches the same principle that Disney uses to offer the best-known hospitality services the world has ever seen.

From its reviews, it can be seen that the book has already helped a lot of businesspeople replicate the successes of Disney. It is, therefore, one of our best hospitality management books.

4. 7 easy ways to show your employees you care: A Booklet for Hotel Managers and others

This Top Hotel Management book is highly recommended for hotel managers.

It takes the emphasis away from customer satisfaction to proper care of the workforce.

This follows the idea that it will take a happy and highly motivated team to provide the kind of excellent services that will keep your guest happy and ready to visit again in the future.

With the challenges hotel managers face with diverse staff members with different personality traits, the book offers easy ways of dealing with every staff member in order to keep them happy and motivated to do what they are supposed to do.

Written by Jokima Hiller, the book has been praised for its simplicity of methods and practicability.

It is very easy to read but deeply insightful on how to make employees feel valued and in effect ensure that guests are well treated.

5. Professional Front Office Management

This is one of the foremost Hotel Management books that addresses one of the most critical departments of the hotel and hospitality industry- Front Office


The book which was originally authored by Robert Woods has been revised severally with each edition offering more insight into how to connect the hotel or hospitality organization with its employees and guests.

It provides as many details as is necessary for hotel managers to ensure efficiency in the management of their establishments.

It is among the best books on hotel management.

Download the Kindle Edition or purchase a paperback on Amazon.

6. A Wealth of Insight

This book does a great job of compiling excellent insights from 35 top hoteliers.

The book is about the World’s Best Luxury Hoteliers on Leadership, Management and the Future of 5-Star Hospitality

The book emphasizes recruiting, culture, branding, managing, marketing, technology, design and various other aspects and success factors of the Hospitality industry in its bite-sized narratives.

A Wealth of Insight- Hospitalty Industry

This book by Rahim B. Kanani takes you to a refreshing behind the scene view of the luxury hospitality industry. Give it a read for better insights on 5-star leadership and management.

The book has so far received rave reviews at Amazon.

7. The Heart of Hospitality: Great hotel and Restaurant leaders share their secrets

Now moving on to the Hospitality Management books and pdfs which also look outside the Hotel industry.

These hospitality paperback books, kindle editions and ebooks provide an outlook of the overall Hospitality Industry.

As you might already be aware that the Hotel Industry is just one of the major Sectors of the Hospitality Industry.

The heart of Hospitality is one of the hospitality management books that details the secrets of some of the leaders in the hotel and hospitality sector.

Micah Solomon made a commendable effort by finding out the secret behind such hospitality giants as Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and Virgin Hotel brands.

The result is one of the very best hospitality management books.

From the reviews of the book on Goodreads, it can be seen that the book is not only a source of knowledge but equally a motivational material making it one of the top hospitality management books and pdf.

So many small business owners in the sector are already dreaming to build an empire like one of the five-star companies profiled by Solomon in this great book.

8. Introduction to Hospitality Management

This is among the top hospitality management ebooks and pdf available on the internet.

There are a lot of FREE versions available on the internet to read by the enthusiasts of the Hospitality Industry.

The 720 pages work was authored by John R Walker, published by Pearson in 2012 and remains one of the best hotel management ebooks and pdf.

Introduction to Hospitality Management-Hospitality Books

Look at the site of Pearson for FREE chapter & more.

9. Exceptional service, exceptional profit: the Secrets of building a Five-star Customer service Organization

This Hospitality book stresses the fact that the hotel business is more of a customer service business.

Book seeks to make you understand what the big players in the sector do that you may overlook.

The book presents substantiated reasons for any suggestion in the book with stories and experiences to support the points.

It tells you how best to treat your customers and how it influences the success of your business.

Also, you can check for FREE the Hotel Front Office Management Book on Slide share.


There you have it!

The above are some of the best Hotel and Hospitality management books that will help you to build a profitable and sustainable business in the sector.

There are lots of works detailing the best management practices that can be adopted to ensure profitability and efficiency.

Some of the best Hotel Management Books have been in place for a long time and there are new ones in the form of e-books and pdf.

The Free Hotel Management eBooks & courses contain lots of useful contents put together by some of the leading experts in the hotel management industry.

These free Hospitality ebooks are to guide you expertly on how to make your hotel and its surroundings really exquisite and comfortable for your guests.

You will be surprised how the little things that are often overlooked will help in taking your hotel business to the next level.

Take time to peruse the contents of these books, and you are definitely on the right path to managing your hotel successfully.

Lots of other FREE Hospitality Management eBooks and pdf exist out there. We also have provided some additional references for FREE Hotel Management book downloads.

Using these best Hotel management books, you can leverage on the mistakes of others, develop yourself, and, at the same time, learn new ways of making your hotel up to standard.

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