If you are looking to get a diploma or a degree from one of the top hotel management schools, then you are in the right place. In this post, we have discussed the best hospitality schools in the world. These are a few of the most respected names offering hospitality management courses from all over the world.

These top hotel and hospitality schools and colleges are equipped with awesome campuses, faculty members and alumni with excellent networks. We have not ranked these top hospitality institutions in any order.

Top Hospitality Management Schools in the world

We don’t intend to make any claims with this post. The sole intent of the post is to provide a useful list of hospitality institutions to initiate proper research. Global reputation, job placement rate, employer reputation, consistency, specialisation, faculty and infrastructure as a few of the many parameters considered while compiling the list of top hospitality schools.

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What makes our listing of the top Hospitality Schools in the world convincing is that once again most of these institutes rank high on the reputed QS World University Rankings 2023 for Hospitality and Leisure Management institutions.

Let’s get started with the list of top hotel schools now.

Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), Switzerland

Popularly shortened EHL, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne isn’t your average hotel management school; it has a longstanding history of partnering with the Swiss and mainstream hospitality industry.

That means students get to work with world-class hospitality facilities.

This is one particular reason that makes EHL special and one of the best hotel management schools in Switzerland and the world.

EHL is one of the world’s oldest and finest institutes when it comes to hospitality management.

There are reasons for placing this prestigious hospitality management school in our list of best hospitality management schools in the world.

Let’s explore more here in numbers.

  1. EHL has students from over 100 nationalities. This ensures a great mix.
  2. What is even more pleasing is that they have a great gender mix with almost 60% of the students being female.
  3. EHL is accredited by both NEASC and AAQ which ensures that it meets stringent international standards for higher education.
  4. Almost 35% of EHL Alums are now CEOs or owners of hospitality firms in several countries
  5. For one, a whopping 35% of all EHL alumni are current owners or CEOs of prominent hospitality businesses. It’s also NEASC and AAQ accredited and attracts students from over 100 countries.

Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland

Glion- top 10 hospitality management schools
Image from- Glion Blog

Offering best-in-class hotel management courses isn’t just another tagline for Glion Institute of Higher Education; it’s what the school stands for and has always strived to achieve.

Arguably one of the best hotel management schools in the world has done justice to its reputation over the years.

Based in Montreux overlooking serene mountains and a lake, this Hospitality Management School has excelled in imparting the superior quality of hospitality education and training over the years.

Here are a few details about the Glion Institute of Higher Education that make it special:

  • International diversity– 93 per cent of students are international with students from over a hundred nationalities.
  • Employability– 100% of the job-seeking graduating candidates normally have multiple job offers.
  • Internships- Currently enrolled candidates have internship opportunities in over 60 countries and every student has close to 5 internship offers on an average.
  • Campuses– There are two campuses in Switzerland and one campus in London. It also provides online courses.
  • Alumni record- The alumni strength in 150+ countries is over 13,000.

What is even more interesting is how quickly Glion graduates achieve managerial roles in hospitality.

Have a look at the same in the picture below from the facts page of Glion (Managerial role in less than 3 years- Amazing isn’t it?).

School of Hotel Administration (SHA)-Cornell University, USA

Nolan SHA is a major college of one of the most respected universities in the world, Cornell University.

It is highly respected in the industry as it was established at the request of the American Hotel Association to provide competent people skilled in the hospitality sector.

The school offers undergraduate, graduate, as well as executive education to those who are already in the field and are looking to advance their skills.

Please find the points below that make this hotel school a special one.

  • Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration has been ranked as the top hospitality school in the US for many years.
  • SHA Cornell is the only standalone Institute to have a hospitality programme with AACSB accreditation.
  • SHA has over 51 Cornell Hotel societies active in 6 continents to boost employment opportunities and the reputation of the college.

With an unparalleled name and one of the biggest employer pools, a lot believe it to be one of the best hospitality management schools in the world.

There has always been a rivalry between SHA, Glion and EHL for the coveted top spot.

Cornell School of Hotel Administration also has both paid and Free Online Hospitality Management Courses.

Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS), Switzerland

SHMS- top 10 hospitality management schools in the world
Image source- SHMS

Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) is one of the hotel schools that was established to provide managers for the booming tourism industry. SHMS has been ranked 3rd in the world by the reputed QS rankings in the hospitality and leisure education category.

Within a couple of decades of its existence, it has made quite a name for itself.

Not only have they excelled in terms of quality education but also have one of the best campuses in the world.

This has helped SHMS qualify among the top 10 hospitality management schools in the world on a regular basis.

With its excellent campuses in Montreux and Leysin, Swiss Hotel Management School has grown into a reputation as one of the top Switzerland Hospitality Schools.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland

It’s always fascinating how a small country like Switzerland can boast some of the best landmarks, attractions, and cultures.

There are so many amazing hospitality schools in Switzerland.

One of the top hospitality management schools in the world is Les Roches which now has multiple campuses. Here are a few quick facts about Les Roches.

  • Les Roches is located in Switzerland, Spain and China and also offers an MBA course in Hospitality.
  • It has students from over 100 nationalities in its 3 campuses.
  • Les Roches offers a number of hotel management programs.
  • These programs include a three-year diploma, Bachelor and Master’s Programs.

Hotel school The Hague, Netherlands

As it says, at the heart of Hospitality, this Hotel School has a stellar reputation in terms of its Hospitality Management courses.

Hotelschool was founded to serve the needs of the hotel and catering industry in the Netherlands.

It took a very short time to establish itself as one of the leading schools in the hospitality business.

The graduates of Hotelschool have served in different managerial capacities all over the world.

This hospitality institute is regarded as one of the best across the globe. A lot of top-ranking agencies have continuously ranked the Hotel School Hague as one of the best.

We picked up a snapshot from the Ranking and accreditation of Hotel School Hague that speaks volumes of its reputation. It has been ranked the best Public Hospitality School in the Netherlands in 2023 and among the top 5 in Europe. Have a look!

The School of Hospitality Business, USA

From careers in hotel management to administration and catering, there are many career opportunities in the hospitality sector.

This explains why the hospitality industry is responsible for employing more than 8 million individuals in the U.S. alone.

Various hotel schools in the USA ensure that there is no shortage of quality people to drive this industry further.

The “School of Hospitality Management” is a part of the highly renowned Michigan State University which was established in 1927 to provide leaders for the local hospitality industry.

It is regarded as one of the original hospitality management schools in the USA and in the world and some of the brightest students choose this for their entry into the world of hospitality management.

Hotel School Vatel, France

This amazing Hospitality school graduates nearly 7000 students every year serving in different managerial capacities all over the world. Even though Hotel School Vatel is comparatively younger than some of the other schools on the list it has established 31 branches all over the world.

Its study method involves putting students in the role of managers and competitions are held on a regular basis.

Various other innovative approaches are involved in imparting quality hospitality education at this reputed school.

Oxford Brookes University (OBU), United Kingdom

Oxford School of Hospitality Management is the leading hospitality management College in the UK. It is part of the Oxford Brookes University (OBU).

The school accepts students from all corners of the globe and walks of life which is ideal for anyone who wants to study abroad.

BSc. in International Hospitality Management is one of the most popular courses here. There are other courses in Events and Tourism as well at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Have a look at all courses offered in the Hospitality Course section of OBU.

This is one of the best hospitality schools and the school has only improved upon its stature and reputation over the years.

The University also has hospitality management courses with internship and paid work placement options.

Students are given ample opportunities for experience in the industry which helps them in their future roles as managers.

César Ritz Colleges, Switzerland

Yes, Switzerland again.

It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and thus the best place to study hospitality and tourism.

For this reason, it is the homeland of a few of the finest hospitality management institutions in the world.

César Ritz Colleges have been providing quality education in the field of hospitality management for over 35 years now.

Take beautiful sea-facing facilities, and top-notch tutors, and add robust coursework – and that is the magical allure of César Ritz Hospitality Colleges.

Ecole Hôtelière de Genève, Switzerland

This one is another excellent hospitality management school in Switzerland.

This hospitality school which was established in 1914 has won many accolades for its unwavering contribution to the hotel management field.

The school adopted its English name Hotel School of Geneva back in 1996.

Ever since it has increased student intake, bolstered partnerships with the hospitality businesses, and achieved accreditations from top hospitality Universities from all over the world.

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management (University of Central Florida), USA

Every year, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management (University of Central Florida) offers 600 students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage with veterans in the field.

Located in one of the most visited places in the USA, this resort-style Hospitality Management college is a treat for the students.

The state-of-the-art campus, focus on innovation, and hi-tech classrooms make this college special.

It focuses on entrepreneurship which makes this college one of the top hospitality schools in the world.

The mentorship program collaborates with over 150 experts and established professionals who impart their experience and knowledge to participants.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

The hospitality school at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is ranked right among the top hospitality management schools in the world. It was ranked 12th in the world in hospitality and leisure by QS rankings and was in the top 100 overall.

The School of Hotel and Tourism Management (or SHTM as it is popularly known) offers various high-quality courses.

It is often associated with excellence when referring to hospitality and tourism studies.

It is also well-liked for offering a number of scholarships and rewards.

The University offers courses at all levels ranging from undergraduate to doctoral.

University of Nevada – Las Vegas, USA

QS’s Top Universities ranking has listed the University of Nevada as one of the topmost providers of hotel management education in the world.

The “William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration” at the University of Nevada accepts students from all parts of the world and across the United States. Its unique location, reputation and diversity make it a special hotel management institution with a global repute. Have a look at the screengrab from their website that displays the same.

William F Harrah College of Hospitality- What makes it special and one of the best hotel schools.

It unites students with great mentors that guide their professional journey.

The hospitality school at the University of Nevada offers broad education approaches to those looking for a solid career in hospitality.

The varied number of courses available can suit students looking for both managerial and operational competencies so it prepares students for entry-level careers with opportunities for advancement once they graduate.

Wrapping it all up

Here you go. Hope you liked our collection of the best hospitality management schools in the world.

We always ensure that every bit of integrity is maintained while we collect data for your ease.

This list is for reference purposes only to help prospective students in their research. We don’t endorse any of these Hospitality schools or Hospitality Management Universities for our benefit.

We would like to reiterate that Please do extensive research before enrolling yourself in one of these hotel management schools.

We will keep adding more hospitality schools and resources in future updates. So, please stay around.

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