Corporate training programs are being used by companies across industries for success and growth. That is why almost every organisation wants employees to go through the corporate training programs for up skilling its employee force and increasing productivity. The hospitality industry is no different and employs corporate training programs for better productivity of its employees. 

A training program for the hospitality industry needs to be designed and organised as specifically as possible to get better results. A corporate program with many diverse skills and tools including those that are currently not required is not worthy.

In the hospitality industry, there are a few very important skills that is paramount to ensure high quality service and a better customer satisfaction. A corporate program should be able to enhance all the skill sets of the employees attending the corporate training.

In this article, some of the categories of corporate training courses in the hospitality industry will be discussed with some explanation. We have discussed broad areas of training courses here. Please visit our comprehensive posts on hospitality industry certificates and short hospitality courses for specific courses related to your field. 

Let’s now discuss corporate training courses important for the hospitality of industry. These are discussed one by one.

1. Orientation – Hospitality Industry basics

The hospitality industry has a lot of features an employee must be able to explain to anyone about the history, current and future tasks and the achievement of the industry. For this, the employee needs to learn the basic skills required for the hospitality industry. 

A corporate training program that introduces the newly joined employee to everything about the industry is very important. From service quality expected to handing complains, from cleanliness and quality requirements to refreshments available and much more. 

The hospitality basics program acts a refresher to the hoteliers and helps then refresh their skills and understand current hospitality trends and recent hospitality innovation

2. Communication Skills

The hospitality industry is a broad field with many subcategories. However, each category needs a lot of public dealing and a majority of the hospitality industry roles are customer facing. An employee must be ready for any situation to tackle any complaint, misbehaviour or any other issue in a professional way. 

Besides that, an employee must know how to communicate with the people inside the industry i.e, the colleagues. Communication skills must not be limited to verbal but focus should also be on the written skills. Communication skills based training courses help employees improve the way they communicate and connect with external as well as internal customers. 

3. Project Management Training

The backbone of any corporate course is project management course. In the hospitality industry, it is very important to be able to manage projects. Think in terms of handling a pre opening hotel property. Or managing an event. 

Project management skills can help the hospitality professionals big times. The art of assigning the right work to the right person at the right time is a key tenet of project management skills.  Bad management can not only delay the completion of the project as well as it can cause a severe impact on the reputation of the company. 

Hospitality organisations must organise the corporate project management course to train the employee about handling the pressure that comes with the project and skills to delegate tasks among the team members.

4. Revenue Management

Another very important skill for the hospitality industry is managing revenue. After all it’s all about price and revenue management while delivering quality service in the hospitality industry. Thus, revenue management based training is a key training for hospitality professionals. 

This management skill is not for everyone although there is no harm is getting all the employees do a short course on the same. Typically, it’s only for those who have a direct relationship with the money within the organisation along with the key decision makers. 

5. Personalised Training / Need based training in hospitality

An employee must know about the industry and different types of fields in the industry. However, the skills he needs should be according to his skills. 

The corporate training should be able to enhance the skill levels of the employee. The skills that an employee must improve to meet the requirements of the time. These skills can be different for different employees. That is why it is called personalised or need based training because it deals with individuals or groups of the employee.

A Housekeeping staff would need more knowledge about hygiene and safety while a front office team member would need a better knowledge of the software Opera. 

A Guest service associate might require personality development training while the hotel manager might need training on emotional intelligence and leadership.

There is no one size fits all concept in corporate training. The aim is improvement and thus must be tailored around individual needs.

6. Collaborative Skills / Team Working based training

Hospitality industry is all about creating experiences worth remembering for customers. Thus every hospitality professional should know how to collaborate in order to provide the customers with an excellent customer service. The hospitality industry is all about teamwork. 

Training courses built to enhance team working and collaborative skills can do wonders to overall productivity of hospitality organisations. 

The hospitality industry also includes the travelling industry. Travelling are always organised by a group of people. In this situation, all the employees must know how to collaborate to organise the event. Same is the case in hotel industry or food and beverage industry. In a hotel it’s all about the experience right from the reception to food to rooms and much more.

Thus, training courses tailored around team work and collaboration can be an effective tool to have more customers over time leading to increased sales and profits. 

7. Time Management

Check in at 2 PM and check out at 11 AM. This sounds so familiar. We all need to deal with these times when we are staying in a hotel.

Now think if the room is not ready and you would need to wait an extra hour. Think of the impact on your mood and itinerary by a delayed flight.

The hospitality industry needs to get the timing right most of the time. A slow moving food plate can spoil the taste. Similarly a delayed room service can spoil the overall experience.

Everyone in the hospitality industry has to focus on time a lot. Hospitality is more about doing the right things at the right time. The key to success for the hospitality industry is that its employee must know to divide and finish the work in time slots. This is where customer satisfaction is much important. 

The hospitality training focused on time management must not only be able to tell the benefits and methods of time management. It should also be able to explain the drawbacks and cost associated of mismanagement of time. 


Top corporate training courses for the hospitality industry are those that can enable the employees to ensure a better customer service and an increased overall profit of the organisation. Hospitality companies should invest more in the training courses mentioned in this post as that can lead to sustained growth and competitive advantages over competitors. 

Moreover these hospitality training courses help in increasing the confidence of the employees and helps them with better career opportunities in the future within or outside the hospitality organisation. 

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