The traditional classroom as we know it may be gone for good. While universities and other educational institutions have welcomed students back in many cases, online learning looks set to displace classroom learning permanently. 

There are endless opportunities to learn and equip yourself with valuable job market skills online. A lot of these online programs are available with top universities and on various popular online learning platforms. There are a lot of broad areas which might outshine others in terms of providing better career opportunities. With that in mind, below are some of the best online programs to consider as we approach 2023. 

Human Resources Management 

Human Resource Management is concerned with the principles, methods, and technology used to increase an organization’s productivity. This means HR progressions are integral to organizational success. Employees or staff are an organization’s human capital, its lifeblood, and the most valuable resource in most businesses. Having competent, trained people in place to manage all of this is, therefore, non-negotiable.

HR is transforming, with a shift in emphasis from administrative duties to strategic input and a seat at the management table. This is pushed by the changing needs of current organizations and new technological developments, allowing for more efficient transactions, budget planning, and other financial activities. With more responsibilities being placed on HR professionals post-pandemic, 2023 is a great time to consider an online human resources management program. 

Digital Marketing

There has been a significant uptick in the number of people using the internet for most of their economic interactions, thanks to the improved and expanded high-speed broadband and the ubiquity of mobile devices. Because of this, it has become easier for businesses to reach out to and expand their target audience and potential customer base thanks to digital platforms. This increase has resulted in a spike in career opportunities in the digital sector, as well as a demand for professional marketers in this new digital realm.

Digital marketing is important to all businesses in all industries. It:

  • Drives growth
  • Makes business possible
  • Creates financially sustainable marketing foundations through things like SEO

It almost always makes sense to study such an integral component of economic and business success. 


The world has entered uncertain and, in many ways, unprecedented times when it comes to the global economy. Massive monetary and fiscal policy forces are at play, which is both threatening and, at the same time, exhilarating. The problems and opportunities faced by businesses, governments and society as a whole demand knowledgeable professionals with economic training to help avoid catastrophe and take advantage of this new landscape. An online program in economics, whether at the bachelor’s or master’s, level provides knowledge and insight that will be in high demand moving forward.

Whether you are looking to consult, work as a financial analyst, or even improve your understanding of economics for the sake of your business, an online economics program might be just what you’re looking for. 


Every 39 seconds, a cybersecurity breach occurs. The threat to businesses and individuals has grown immensely throughout the pandemic, driven in large part by increased remote work and digital transformation. 

Threats are omnipresent, stakes are high, and, most importantly, there aren’t enough competent people to meet the demand. This is one of the reasons why employers are willing to pay well-trained cybersecurity pros a high salary. It is also why enrolling in a cybersecurity program online might be the best investment you ever make.

Supply Chain Management

The unprecedented outbreak of the global COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for many essential products and disrupted industries around the world. Many businesses are finding it challenging to keep up with ordinary services, including taking and filling orders. The procurement teams at organizations are remapping their supply chain networks and attempting to update their databases to respond to the crisis. 

This is where supply chain management professionals come in. Data-driven management that monitors the flow of goods, information and services directly from the organization to its customers is vital now more than ever. What this means is that this is a great time to start studying supply chain management online. 

Training and Development

Investing in learning and development is near the top of the list of priorities for most modern companies. By understanding how to improve and facilitate training and development, companies are better positioned to attract top talent, which has serious long-term implications for things like:

  • Competitive edge
  • Financial success and, therefore,
  • Business growth and longevity.

In addition to this, training and professional development are also highly important to the modern workforce, particularly from Millennials, who now constitute the largest demographic. 

Training and development is also an important part of an organization’s upskilling and resource allocation strategies. By having employees who are trained and capable of moving into different roles throughout the organization, as well as picking up the slack for coworkers who may be on leave, sick or underperforming, companies are more agile in how they deploy their people. The bottom line here is that knowing how to institute and manage these processes for companies–something you would learn in an online training and development program–are skills that are in high demand. 

Data Analysis 

Data analysts are important, and with a growing skills shortage on the horizon, as more firms and sectors begin to work with big data, their worth will only increase. This means that graduates with data analytics capabilities are currently and will continue to be attractive to companies across industries. 

Companies need data analysts to help them make the best use of internal and customer data, read and respond to market trends and maximize ROI on consolidating and analyzing the sheer amount of data that is collected during the course of daily business. 


The explosion of online education thanks to the pandemic and the proliferation of remote learning has meant a large increase in the number of online programs. From private companies to storied educational institutions, there are opportunities everywhere that allow students to learn at their own pace and leave their program of choice with the in-demand skills they need to get hired in a tough labour market. While you should always do your due diligence on the institution and program in question before making a choice, the above program ideas are ones that will put you in good stead to find gainful employment in 2023. 

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