5 Unique and Fun Places to Travel To?

The world is certainly a magical planet teeming with fabulous places worthy of a bucket list. Today, let’s look at the top 5 fun places to visit to make your next travel experience unique and memorable.

They are not only scintillating but also make for an unforgettable travel experience – from exotic, mouthwatering delicacies to breathtaking views and everything in between.

Our earlier posts have covered a lot of the most popular destinations. In this post, we have tried to make a small list of popular places which are no less than exclusive in terms of experience.


Fun places to travel to


They are unique in experience in terms of freshness, cultural uniqueness, diversity, vivacity and fun.

Explore for yourself.

Here’s the list:


1. Today’s Vietnam


Gone are the days when Vietnam was associated with vicious cycles of drug wars and the aftermath of World War I.

Vietnam, now, is a bustling travel destination rife with Vespas, Seaplanes, and a raft of luxurious hotels.

No place blends modernity with culture and tradition as Vietnam. The hospitality is great here.

Here, you can expect to mingle with hospitable locals from sleepy fishing villages but also party the night away in rooftop discos of Saigon.

Exhilarating boat rides, lush green vegetation, meandering beaches, and exotic food make Vietnam one of the fun places to travel to.



 Best Places in Vietnam by Touropia

Also, Cambodia is another fun place to be at and is within easy reach from Vietnam.

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2. The American Prairie Reserve


This again is one of the most fun places to be at.

Dubbed America’s Serengeti, this restored wildlife reserve will never disappoint.

The park itself is tearing down fences and taking in large troops of grizzlies, bison, deer, antelopes, and Elks.

The result is quite a sight, a huge sigh of relief for all travellers heading down the lower 48 states.


3. Amazing Colombia


Savour the best this South American nation can offer. Hospitality at its best is what you can experience in South America.

With daily flights by JetBlue and other charter flights to Cartagena, travel to Colombia is fun once again.

You can enjoy its pristine coastlines with warm tropical turquoise waters and white sand beaches, or you can immerse yourself in Bogota’s bustling metropolis, a city with the most vivacious population.



Image by ESEtravels

The Lost city still attracts visitors from all around the globe.


4. Argentine and Chilean Patagonia


Yes, it’s South America again.

While Chilean lavish Patagonia has always enjoyed increased traction with tourists thanks to a plethora of extravagant and luxury lodges, the Argentine Patagonia is poised to take fun travel to a whole new and exciting level.

Here, you can venture out into the elegant, pristine landscape of crystal pools, glaciers, and jagged mountain terrain that offer an adrenaline-packed thrill as well as breathtaking views.


5. Tantalizing Nepal


One of the other Fun places to visit from ages has been Nepal.

Nepal has long been a travellers’ paradise for its trekking trails and scintillating views of the lush hillocks, but it’s slowly emerging as a lavish destination with its artistic, cultural diversity and outstanding beauty.

Watching as the sun rises over the Himalayas is simply out this world.

You can also visit creative textile workshops or explore magnificent monasteries and temples.

When not partaking in all these, you can enjoy a boat ride on Lake Phewa.


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