For many working professionals, there’s nothing worse than sitting behind a desk all day. Fortunately, many hospitality jobs (and non-hospitality careers) give you the opportunity to stand, move, or even travel. If you want an on-the-go career, there are plenty of options.

10 Incredible Careers That Get You Moving

Are you sick of being stuck behind a desk all day? If so, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of on-the-go career options you can choose from that won’t keep you chained to a desk chair.

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers have the advantage of being able to explore many different places while on the job. From visiting residential homes to driving to businesses, no two days are the same.

Additionally, new delivery technologies allow drivers to easily follow routes and track orders, making for an efficient and productive day. Working as a driver also lets you earn money in a fairly short amount of time, and the average salary of delivery drivers is typically quite high.

2. Event Planner 

Event planners are responsible for organizing and managing a variety of events. From trade shows and conferences to weddings and parties, event planners handle every aspect of planning. They can do everything from large-scale international projects to local gatherings.

This on-the-go job is perfect for those who love traveling and interacting with people. For this reason, event planners must be organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent people skills. Event planners should also be adaptable, as event plans can change quickly and suddenly. 

3. Construction Worker 

If you love the idea of working outdoors and getting your hands dirty, then a construction job might be for you. As a construction worker, you’ll work on sites that involve building and remodeling projects or help to construct and maintain buildings, roads, and infrastructure. 

Construction workers never have to worry about being stuck behind a desk, as they’ll frequently go from site to site. Plus, they gain valuable experience, a great wage, and possibly a sun tan!

4. Outdoor Adventure Guide 

As an outdoor adventure guide, you get to spend time in, you guessed it, the great outdoors while showing customers the beauty of nature. It’s a highly rewarding career for nature lovers.

For this role, you’ll need to have a decent knowledge of natural landscapes, outdoor activity safety protocols, and first aid techniques. You must also be very outgoing, reliable, and organized. As a perk, you get to indulge in activities like rock climbing, hiking, and camping.

5. Tour Guide 

Tour guides take people on fascinating tours of cities and countries, revealing little-known facts about local culture. They can provide guests with intimate experiences of different places. But you’ll need to know a lot about a specific location to conduct quality tours where you live.

As a tour guide, you’ll help travelers create unique experiences, connect with local culture, and explore new places. And since you get to journey around with your tour members, you get to enjoy these locations along with them. Tour guides combine travel, education, and exploration!

6. Location Scout 

Location scouts are required to visit a variety of remote areas to find the right surroundings for film and commercial productions. This job allows you to scope out the most breathtaking locations on the planet, so you never have to worry about being chained to an office or desk.

Depending on your role, you may be able to network with celebrities or stay in fancy hotels. But either way, you’ll get to break into the film industry, which is a dream come true for many.

7. Flight Attendant 

Flight attendants take care of passengers during their flights and ensure a safe and comfortable journey for everyone. They’re responsible for customer service, preparing food, serving food and drinks, assisting passengers with safety procedures, and providing help to passengers.

Flight attendants usually work for an airline, but some may be contracted by travel agencies and private companies. But all flight attendants get paid to travel the world and stay in nice hotels. With that said, you should only become a flight attendant if you can manage significant stress.

8. Personal Trainer 

As a personal trainer, you get to travel the country, or even the world, helping people reach their fitness goals while staying active and engaged yourself. They work freelance or in a local gym.

Working as a personal trainer gives you the chance to meet new people all the time, allowing you to expand your network while also fulfilling your passion to help others. You’ll have the flexibility to visit different gyms, plus you’ll have the ability to make your own work schedule. 

9. Maintenance Worker 

As a maintenance worker, you travel to various establishments to take care of the grounds and buildings. You could be servicing business parks, hospitals, universities, and more. Your job is to make sure that everything is well-maintained, clean, and safe for the people who use the space.

Maintenance workers perform various tasks, such as moving the lawn, raking the leaves, and trimming the bushes. They also use basic mechanical skills to service HVAC systems. You’ll never get bored as a maintenance worker, as you’ll perform different tasks day after day.

10. Freelance Photographer

With freelance photography, you have the freedom to explore different places while getting paid to document them. From landscapes to events to portraits, you can use your photography skills to capture stories and moments with stunning visuals. If you can also edit photos, you’re all set.

You can also choose to specialize in specific types of photography, such as fashion or food, to enhance your freelance portfolio and gain more clients. With the proper marketing, portfolio, and online presence, you can make a successful career for yourself as a freelance photographer.

In Conclusion…

These 10 jobs let you get out and explore different places, engage directly with people, and stay active throughout the day. Best of all, many of these jobs don’t require a lot of experience or time behind a desk, making them more accessible to new entrants and on-the-go applicants.

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