The vacation rental business is growing. A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners along with standalone investors are investing in vacation rentals. 

In this post, we have outlined some of the useful tips to help manage vacation rental services effectively and profitably. 

So, you have found the perfect rental property for your business but this property is miles away from home. 

This is a challenge that some rental property owners have to deal with. 

In this scenario, however, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. You will need some tools like a short term rental management software and some other things.

The hospitality and travel industry has faced huge losses due to the Covid pandemic. Things are opening up now and as business owners, you must ensure that you create a pandemic proof business with a clear lockdown plan.

Training your staff, keeping overheads low, planning for lockdowns, health care etc. are some of the many points that must find a place in your lockdown plan.

Getting back to the overall strategy related to managing vacation rentals. This article provides some helpful tips on managing vacation rentals remotely. 

Invest in the right software tools 

Gone are the days when you try to handle it all yourself. 

Handling a vacation rental business isn’t a walk in the park and doing so remotely presents a little more work. 

With a functional Airbnb software and a reliable channel manager for Airbnb, you can easily automate some processes like bookings, increase rates, and minimize errors. 

We live in a knowledge economy with technology as the catalyst of growth.

It is, thus, crucial to take the help of technology in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The technological advancement led to a competition between Airbnb and hotel industry. The vacation rental business backed with cutting edge technology has been taking a big slice out of hotel business globally.

You can be a part of the success story by using the right technology for your business. 

Widen out 

As much as digital tools offer great help, they cannot rival the help other humans can offer. 

When you go to check out your property try to reach out to other vacation rental owners operating in the area. 

These guys have a ton of helpful information especially if they’ve been running the business for some time in the area. 

You can gain helpful information on contractors they use to get some work done or the mode of operation of their property. 

Hire a manager 

Your business is as good as your team. It’s not a bad idea to hire someone who can act as your eyes and ears while you are away. 

A manager can oversee the maintenance and overall running of the place. He can do the job of recruiting other hands to help such as a cleaning crew within the area, carpenters, electricians, etc. Whatever the property requires. 

With someone there managing it, your visits to the property might be made less frequent. 

Install automated fixtures and appliances 

Thanks to technology you can now install systems and appliances in your vacation rental which will automate most processes for you. 

Some automated applications like NoiseAware also come in handy. 

So, automate check-ins, and check-outs. Install smart thermostats and lighting as well. 

This would save cost in the long run and guest love them too. So, its a win win situation for sure.


It’s important to give your guests the same feel as if you’re there. When they check-in, you can get in touch with them. 

Let them know how best to enjoy their stay in your rental property and encourage them to freely reach out to you should they have any concerns, or problems during their stay. 

A vacation is all about experience. It is crucial for your business to ensure that it creates unforgettable experiences for guests. 

Communicating effectively and collecting feedback are couple of the most important ways in ensuring guests satisfaction. 

Prioritize security 

The security of your guests and property aren’t matters you want to sleep on, they should be paramount. 

Right from bookings, screen prospective guests before accepting them into your property. And you can go ahead to install security cameras, alarms, and, some motion sensors. These measures will help to secure your property to an extent. 


As you now know, it is very possible to manage a vacation rental property without being there always. 

It is natural to encounter some problems at first but soon enough with the right tools and actions, it’ll come easy. 

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