Looking for a travel destination for your next vacation which is pocket-friendly! In this post, we have listed the top affordable travel destinations in the world.

Everyone loves to take a vacation to a faraway destination to kick back and let go of all the worries that come from everyday life and work doldrums.

And, boy, do we need to catch a break! Most of us, however, aren’t the mega-rich who splashes oodles of cash on a travel vacation.

Sure, we like to get pampered and have lovely times while on vacation, but does it have to put a huge dent in our bank accounts?

There are a lot of travel destinations which amaze us without hurting our finances by much.

Good news: herein are sizzling travel destinations in the world that’ll not break your bank. So, if you are planning a budget travel vacation, keep reading.

Here are the top affordable travel destinations in the world.

While there are a lot of affordable travel destinations that will be added to this post, we have listed here 6 of our top pics for affordability.


Wondered why Thailand is a darling of most backpackers?

Sure, this Asian travel destination is popular for its rich culture, idyllic islands, sizzling cuisines, plenty of beach huts, and a plethora of adventures.

But, the allure of Thailand lies in the fact that all these tantalizing opportunities are often available at staggeringly rock-bottom prices.

From Pattaya to Ko Samui and a lot of others, scenic places are in plenty and prices are one of the most pocket friendly in the world. 

It is an extremely tourist-friendly country and 


Underdeveloped and unspoiled – that’s the magical charm of Vietnam.

Despite its rapid popularity in the past two decades or so, Vietnam has remained significantly affordable as it’s elegant.

Tour its iconic rice terraces, fishing villages, and rooftop nightclubs, and much more without going deep into your pocket.

Hanoi is the beautiful capital city of Vietnam.

Some of the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam are Phu Quoc, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta,  Nha Trang, Sapa, Hue etc.

South Africa

This is no new name to travel enthusiasts.

Fancy a safari complete with the Big Five?

The great thing about this southern African nation is that you can enjoy a full safari without experiencing a budget-breaking charge on your account.

You would also find a lot of World Heritage Sites in South Africa.

The live-again campaign strikes the right cord with potential tourists. Have a look at the visit to South Africa below to get an idea of what to expect here. 


Cape Town, for one, is magical. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is definitely a must-visit if you like to see real-life white rhinos and other wildlife.


Most people are used to vacationing in Argentina and Brazil, but if you want value for your hard-earned dollar, head over to adjacent Uruguay.

This Latin American jewel has lovely sandy beaches, including Cabo Polonio.

For an event more fulfilling strip, visit Montevideo, Uruguay’s old capital.


There is much more to Cuba than Cuban Cigars and Coffee.

Many things have been mentioned about Cuba, but no one is talking about its cheap destinations.

This beautiful country is gaining in popularity these days.

More importantly, it is affordable apart from being scenic.

As the US warms up to this Caribbean nation, you might want to check out Cuba’s exhilarating beaches, Havana salsa clubs, carnivals, and so much more before the prices go through the roof.

Prague, Czech Republic

Despite enjoying long-standing popularity among tourists, Prague remains one of the EU’s cheapest travel destinations.

For just a Czech Crown (the local currency), you can enjoy a tantalizing meal complete with a local beer.

Well, the city in itself is a beautiful wonder teeming with historical and leisure spots.

It’s always nice to explore Prague on foot.

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So, when you plan your next vacation, look out for these places that might give your bank account a sigh of relief.


Here you go. Hope you liked our quick list of top affordable travel destinations in the world.

Don’t get misled by the price. These places are rated as some of the most scenic places and are crowd pullers for decades now.

So, if you are tight on budget and still would like to get mesmerized, please revisit the list.

And, stay around with us for awesome hotels, hospitality and more travel news and information. Stay awesome!

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