High-level of creativity is ideal if a freelance writer wants to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Before the invention of the internet, the business of writing was not as complex as it is today. There are more rules to be followed, like SEO rules, because most content today is business-oriented. 

Most freelance writers began small and have excelled as established writers who require help from other writers to manage their work. You can rise to their level and become a sought-after jewel if you follow the following tips.

Start learning about writing

The highly educated writer is not necessarily the best but becoming a freelance writer has more to do with desire and developing it. It is better for you if you have one degree or more, but if you haven’t reached that level, you still have a great opportunity to become the best-known freelance writer.

Start reading literature on best ways to write quality content, various writing structures, different wiring languages, and so on. Familiarize yourself with writing tools that will help you produce better content. These are tools for plagiarism, checking grammar, apps for writing books, creating excellent topics, and so on. 

Identify your passion as a writer

The field of freelance writing is wide and it has unlimited opportunities. However, you cannot be everywhere writing about anything that comes your way. Freelance writing goes best with expertise and niches. Writers who have studied finance might be very good at writing financial content. Programmers might do better in writing content on technology. 

Pay attention to your interests and begin establishing yourself within your niche. You may want to try out several niches if you are not sure where you fit best but eventually, you will settle within your area of expertise. This is how you become an authority in your niche and people will start looking for you to contribute quality content to their platforms. 

The art of writing is developed through patience, practice, and commitment in your field. It takes time to learn every detail of good writing habits and before you master them, learn to seek writing help from qualified writers who are more experienced than you. As an example, if you have several writing assignments for your course, you can seek help from pro essay writers at various essay writing platforms to get quality papers. If you learn to hire a writer anytime you need help with writing, you will not have challenges with your other academic work. 

Understand the pros and cons of freelance writing

The field of freelance writing is good but it is not always smooth. There are a lot of advantages you will get by becoming a freelance writer, like the freedom to choose when to work, connect with many clients, earning good money, and so on. 

Sometimes, freelancing will not work for you and you will burn out, some clients will fail to pay you, your work will be rejected, and many more. You must be ready to enjoy the good side of freelancing and to persevere the bad side too. After several years, people will look to you as an authority.

Get started as a freelance writer

You cannot stay forever studying the principles of freelance writing, challenges, types of writing, and so on. You must get started and begin building your portfolio. Most clients will ask you to provide some samples of your previous work or give you some test content to write. There are multiple freelance job websites and you need to prepare well to get visible through your excellent writing gigs. 

There are paths and highways you have to go through before you finally become a top-notch freelance writer. Start by writing your content and have with you ready samples to present anytime the need arises. 

Write for freelance platforms

Sometimes you cannot tell if the content you are writing is quality unless you hear from a neutral person. Mostly, you might be tempted to ask for opinions from your close friends and family members. Unfortunately, their opinions might be biased because they don’t want to discourage you and you might continually repeat the same mistakes.

To help you rise fast, send requests to commercial writers in places like freelance platforms. If you get a chance to write for anyone, present your best to increase your chances of earning another job later. One thing you will be sure about is that these platforms will take nothing less but quality.

If your quality is good, you will know it and if it’s bad, you will be told outright. Commercial freelance writing platforms are very good for any writer who wants to gain experience in a large number of fields before they specialize in one. A large business community will also get to know you through these platforms and you will never lack writing business. 


Becoming a top freelance writer is not hard if you commit yourself to learn and to practice. You cannot be a master of every field but you need to know your niche and specialize in it. Commercial freelance platforms are good if you want to gain experience fast and become an authority in a specific field. You must agree to make mistakes and to be corrected if you want to become a top writer. 

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Paul Calderon dons many hats as a corporate professional but his first love is writing. The moment he has a pen in his hand or types on his laptop, he comes up with powerful essays for college students and other content that includes both fiction and non-fiction for his freelance clients.

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