People are increasingly communicating through writing. This was not the case some years ago before technological advancements gave birth to social networks and computers. Most people did not write a lot like they do today.

Unless someone was a student, journalist, teacher, or working in an environment that relied heavily on writing, they did not have to write. However, things have now changed. Almost every other person has social media accounts and sends an email often.

This would make you assume that more people have improved their grammatical skills due to the writing practice they have. However, this is not the case. You will easily find people who are often correcting what others are writing. 

Are you one of these people, sometimes referred to as a grammar snob? Here are ten jobs you will love;

Tutor or High School Teacher

You should be very skilled in grammar for you to become an English tutor or high school teacher. If you are a person who likes spending time with others, then you could consider a career that allows you to do just that.

Being a tutor or high school teacher gives you a chance to help other people improve their speaking, reading, and writing skills. These might be professionals who want to improve their communication skills, students in school, or even immigrants.


Grammar snobs feel that it is okay for them to correct anyone whenever their grammar is wrong. They can do it anywhere, whether on social media or in informal settings. So why not start doing the same thing formally and earn some money while at it?

Editing is an amazing job for those who are skilled in grammar. You can get a job at publishing houses to edit books before they are published. You can also work at media houses or in the marketing and public relations industries. Editors can work as freelancers too.


Copywriting is one of the best jobs for grammar snobs. This is because they get to do what they like and work from anywhere. In addition, they get to create content that is grammatically correct and show the world how to use the right grammar.

Almost every other company needs a writer. Different write-ups have to be shared with the public in companies. Depending on your niche, you can get a job as a writer in a company of your choice. Always remember to use a grammar corrector when working as a writer no matter how good you are.

Resume Expert

Resumes are some of the most important documents for people looking for jobs. However, did you know that some companies have reservations when hiring people with poor resumes or those who make grammatical mistakes on their resumes?

This opens a job opportunity for grammar snobs. Since you are skilled in grammar and do not have problems correcting other people’s grammatical mistakes, you can get a job as a resume expert. This would allow you to correct mistakes and make resumes better.

Public Relations Specialist

Every company requires a public relations specialist to change the narrative and make them look good. Public figures often use them as well. As a public relations specialist, you will be tasked with preparing press releases for your employer.

You have to ensure that these press releases do not have any grammatical errors. Apart from checking facts and the style of all materials issued to the public, you will also correct any grammatical errors. You might need a public relations, English, or journalism degree for a career in public relations.


Lawyers are among the highest-paid professionals in the world today. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers earned a median pay of $127,990 per year. If you do not know how they work, you might assume that lawyers do not have to be skilled in grammar since they spend time in court defending their clients.

However, apart from talking, lawyers do a lot of writing. They prepare legal documents to use in court when defending their clients. As a grammar snob, this is a job you can take. However, you have to attend law school for you to be a lawyer.


We all watch the news or read newspapers. Did you know that reporters work so hard for you to know what is happening around the world? Well, they gather facts and come up with well-written stories from real-life events.

Telecommunications is the highest-paying industry for reporters, according to Statista. This job requires a keen eye for grammar before your articles or scripts can be published. You will also need a degree in communications or journalism. Reporters earn an average of $40,755 annually.

Technical Writer

Companies that provide solutions or build products are also responsible for creating technical documents to guide their customers on how to use the solutions. Imagine reading a manual that confuses you instead of helping!

Grammar snobs can be tasked with creating how-to guides and technical manuals to help customers understand how a product or solution works. You might need a degree and knowledge in a technical subject such as engineering or computer science.


For you to work as a translator or interpreter, you need to be good in at least two languages. For instance, if you are an English grammar snob, you should understand another language such as Chinese or French.

Some of the highest-paid translators are Chinese to English translators. You can work as a freelancer or for a company that hires translators.


Grammar snobs do not find any offense in correcting grammatical errors made by other people. So, what about being the last person a document or any write-up has to pass by before it is published or released to the public?

As a proofreader, you work as the last line of grammatical defense. You will be responsible for checking for grammar, spelling errors, and typos. Even though this is a lot, it is something that every grammar snob can enjoy. Most companies offer an hourly salary for proofreaders.

Even though some people assume that it is rude to be a grammar snob, you do not have to be ashamed if you are one. As you can see above, there are many job opportunities for you to explore.

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