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AI, Blockchain, Big Data etc are the buzzwords of today. Technology is shrinking our world and the hospitality industry is no different. These buzzwords are having a great impact on the hospitality industry as the margins for excellence are decreasing. Thus conventional courses are giving way to online courses and short courses backed by technology. Here, in this post, we present 10 popular short courses in Hospitality Management.

While we present 10 popular courses, we would ensure to leave you with a lot of resources to explore hundreds of other short hospitality management courses. These would include online hospitality courses, on-campus hotel management courses and distance learning courses.

We have dedicated few others posts on this Career and Learning Portal for FREE and Paid Online hospitality Courses as well as top Hospitality Industry certificates.

Let’s get on with the list now without any further ado.

Best Short Courses in Hospitality Management 

10 Popular Short Courses in Hospitality Management

Before we begin, here’s a disclaimer. We don’t intend to make any claims through this listing nor do we endorse or promote any of these courses. We have not sponsored any of these courses. So, please use this list of short hospitality courses as the place to start your research. We have ensured to provide supporting links for further study. A lot of these courses can also be found on popular learning portals. So, feel free to explore those.

Also, these courses are not ranked in any order. We have used the credibility of the Hospitality Management Institute, popularity and online reputation to prepare the list. We advise our readers to carry on due diligence in deciding the best course. 

Culinary and Restaurant Management Certificate

Provider– EHL, Switzerland

Location– Lausanne, Switzerland

Mode– Full Time

Duration– 5 Months

Cost– Over $30,000

Course details and eligibility– Check the Course page of EHL for further details and to download the brochure. 

This is one of the Top Hospitality Schools in the world that also provides several short hospitality training courses like the one mentioned here.

Switzerland is home to several great hotel management schools and EHL has been regarded as one of the most reputed ones. 

While all the short courses offered by Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne or EHL (as it is popularly known as) are a touch on the expensive side, they provide great career prospects. 

The institute was established in 1893 and has been a quality institute ever since. 

There are a lot of other amazing Culinary schools that also have on offer various short culinary courses for the to be chef superstars.

ACP International Tourism and Hotel Management 

Provider– University of California Irvine (UCI)

Location– California, United States

Mode– Full Time

Duration – 3 months

Cost– Tuition fees- $7900 (Overall in excess of $ 14,000 including boarding, lodging, airfare etc.)

Entry– In Spring and Fall every year

Course details and Eligibility Criteria– Check the Official webpage of this short hospitality course for more details.

It is a highly reputed certificate course that focuses on sustainability and current issues of the global hospitality industry.

The application timelines and criterion can change and delays are imminent due to COVID 19 pandemic effects all across the globe. so, please plan in advance. The below short 1 minute video from the official creators explain more about the application process. Have a look!

Listening to the Customer

Provider– MIT Open Courseware (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Location– Online

Mode– Flexible

Duration– Flexible

Cost– FREE

Upgrade your knowledge about the customer through this high-quality material from one of the most reputed institutes in the world.

This course from MIT used to be one of the most popular short courses in hospitality management. It is now made available FREE to all. 

Certificate in Food and Beverage Management

Provider– Cornell Schools of Hotel Administration

Location– Online

Mode– Part-Time

Duration– 38 Hours

Cost– $3,600

Course Details– Check the SHA Module Page for further details.

There are a number of other Online short hospitality courses which are on offer by the highly reputed Cornell University.

There are various Distance Learning and Part-Time Hospitality Management courses offered by American Hotel & Lodging  Educational Institute.

These courses include the Hospitality Management Diploma, Hospitality Operations certificate, Hotel Industry foundations and various other hospitality and tourism-related specialisations. 

International Hospitality Management (BA Top-up Degree)

Provider– University of Derby, United Kingdom

Location– Online

Mode– Part-time

Duration– Flexible (1-2 Years)

Cost– GBP 4740 equivalent to around $6250

Course details– Check out the course page of the University of Derby for further details on this course. 

There are several other short courses that are normally offered in flexible modes, at various locations and at competitive prices. You can simply search based on the broad categories and common course topics like Hospitality, events, Sales, Customer Service etc.

Events and Hospitality Management

There are multiple short courses both online and offline in events and hospitality management.

Various hospitality institutes offer this short hospitality course like the European School of Economics, International Career Institute, Florida and Atlantic University.

The mode is both online and offline at multiple locations across Europe and the USA.

These short hospitality courses are affordable and add colour to the cv of hoteliers.

In case you would want to know more about this type of hospitality courses, please refer to our guide on hotel management. The guide lists a lot of courses and institutions of hospitality for the convenience of hospitality professionals.

Sustainable Tourism Management

When the whole world is moving towards sustainability, this has become a hot topic in hospitality and tourism as well.

Most of the MBA courses in hospitality already include this as a subject. However, not everyone would be keen on doing an MBA. Thus short courses on sustainable tourism management are getting popular.

There are several institutes that actively include the area of sustainability now. We have listed one popular option here.

Certificate in Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Management

Provider– The International Ecotourism Society

Modules– 10

Location– Online / Distance Learning

Mode– Part-time

Duration – Flexible and can be completed within 2-3 months but Each course must be completed within 2 years.

Cost– $ 140 per course / module. (each course gets you a completion certificate)

Details– The course is divided into 4 courses and various electives. To achieve the certificate in ecotourism and sustainable tourism management, it is important to cover 10 areas and complete the 4 core modules on ecotourism and sustainability. There is a test that needs to be successfully passed to get this reputed award.

International Hotel Leadership

These type of short hospitality courses are for the hospitality industry professionals who want to get ready to take up a management role.

Various hotel schools provide such courses which focus on managing teams, leadership, culture etc.

One such short course is being offered by Blue Mountains Australia which is an extremely reputed hotel school

Provider– Blue Mountains, Australia

Mode– Part-time / Online

Duration – 6 weeks

Cost– Australian Dollar 3750

Details– The course contains 5-6 hours of intensive online study per week. There is guided offline work as well to cover various core areas like Leadership, revenue management, investment and growth and more. This is an extremely popular option and in most cases, the participants are allowed to carry credits for higher degrees and diplomas.

Hospitality Sales

The area of sales is a crucial element of profit. Short courses in hospitality sales are thus a pre-requisite for all managers. Every hotelier must have a clear understanding of the sales cycle.

One such reputed short hospitality course is ‘Certified Hospitality Sales Professional (CHSP)’.

Provider– American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI)

Focus Areas– Marketing Plan, Revenue Management, Telephone Sales and more

Cost – $375 for non-members and $300 for members

The validity of Certificate– 5 years (This short course is based on current trends and recertification is required at the end of 5 years for a nominal fee of $100)

The Everyday Gourmet

There are multiple courses similar to everyday gourmet specially designed for chefs.

Similar to this short culinary course is the specialisation courses in culinary arts.

And there are a lot more similar ones.

Other Popular hospitality training courses and short courses

There are over 200 short courses in hospitality management and tourism which are quite popular. These are available online or part-time globally.

Some of the generic hospitality short training courses cover a few of the below topics listed here.

Introduction to hospitality management

In this course, the students are introduced to the meanings, motives, goals, objectives services as well as requirements of hospitality management. 

The main goal of this hospitality training course is to hire and train new managers and teach them the basic responsibilities and duties of a manager. Most of the training courses covering this broad topic includes short video lessons about hospitality management that are easy to convey and understand for newcomers and to be hospitality managers.

Guest Services in Tourism

Guest services in tourism offer training about how to be a good tour guide, how to manage the demands and needs of tourists, how to take good care of the tourist attractions and how to respond to their complaints in a decent manner. 

This training course polishes your customer communication and customer care services. It prepares the learners to serve in any kind of situation anywhere in the world. This is also being taught online in the form of short video lessons. 

There are various short hospitality courses that can be taken online in order to upgrade skills and to boost your hospitality career.

Health Services and Awareness Training

Ever since the Covid-19 Breakthrough, people are getting more exposed to diseases. Covid-19 has caused a great impact on tourism and hospitality Management throughout the world. 

This is why it is very important to train the staff or learners about diseases such as Covid-19 and ways of prevention. 

This type of  hospitality training programs offer tips about healthcare and helps hospitality team members become more aware and proactive on managing and averting any healthcare crisis. 

Housekeeping inspection Training

The housekeeping services of any hotel are both the makers and the breakers. Every customer’s first impression about the hotel forms from the guest rooms. The housekeeping inspection team makes sure to take care of the cleanliness of the room.

Every guest has a right to expect the room to be fully organised and the housekeeping supervisor and staff must make sure to ready the same. These lessons are delivered in the form of micro learning through this short training course that is easy and convenient to learn in one sit.

Guest experiences

The short Guest experiences training course deals with the professional customer service skills of a hospitality professional.

It prepares the manager to serve the best customer service experience to the guests. To welcome the guests with a good gesture, to provide continuous and consistent services, to handle and rectify their complaints effectively, to bear with patience with the difficult customers, to take care of their basic needs, and to provide them good customer care services. This eradicates the communication barriers between the staff and the customers from different parts of the world.

Destination management training

Destination management training is taught to take good care of the destination or the tourist attractions.

Destinations are of different types such as a hill station, a lake bank, a riverside, an old but magnificent monument, or Manor that draws tourists attractions. The training builds the skills to control as well as to secure the real beauty of any destination.

Communication training

Communication is very important in the hospitality industry. You have to deal with multiple people in a single day belonging to different cultures, races, and nations. In order to serve them efficiently, you will need to learn effective communication skills.

Event management and event planning

An event is the most happening occasion for the audiences if it is planned well and managed carefully. Event management and planning have great scope in the hospitality sector. This training course teaches how to manage and organise events in a professional way.

Business management training

This training session educates the learners about the basics to start and hold any business. This course is well equipped with interesting techniques that can help the learners to start and run their hospitality businesses.


While we could have gone on and on in listing the most popular short courses in hospitality management, we have decided to limit the post to 10 courses. 

Then the scope has been expanded through various links given in this post for further exploring over 300 short hospitality management courses.

A few of these courses are provided by top hospitality institutes like EHL, Cornell etc. A lot of courses are also provided by the extremely repute AHLA.

Training or education is the part of every human being’s life that begins from birth and continues till his last breath. To master anything, we need to get trained in it both verbally as well as practically. Same is the case with the diverse and versatile hospitality industry that requires professionals to get trained and upgraded periodically. Thus the need of hospitality training courses and thus there is an availability of a lot of hands-on training of the courses. 

There are many type of short training courses and programs in the hospitality industry, but here we have listed 10 main programs that can help hospitality professionals upgrade themselves.

There were a lot of courses recommended in this article that are free and can be used for educational purposes. A lot of the courses are also extremely cost-effective that can help hoteliers in gaining competitive advantages.

There can be different types of hotel management courses but each come with their own set of advantages. Experienced hotel managers can opt for flexible part-time or online courses while mid-managers or fresh graduates can look for short full-time courses for on-campus exposure.

On-campus, courses are also good for networking and can suit everyone. 

We sincerely hope that the list provides all our readers ample information to explore short courses further that would help them shine in the hospitality arena.