This post covers all about Swiss Hotel Management School or SHMS as its popularly known. Listed in this post are courses offered by SHMS, Career opportunities after graduation, about the campuses (Montreux and Leysin), Internship opportunities, Course fees and more. Also, discussed would be the life at SHMS and life and living expenses in Switzerland in general. 

This post on SHMS is divided into multiple sections.

Let’s begin to discuss about one of the best hospitality management schools in the world. 

Hotel Management Courses Offered at SHMS

Hotel Management Courses Offered at SHMS along with fee structure

The top Courses offered at SHMS Montreux and Leysin Campus are:

Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management (Now replaced with Bachelor of Arts)

This is a two-year hotel management diploma course. 

The highlights of this Swiss diploma course of SHMS are state-of-the-art facilities and paid internships in Switzerland and various global locations of 4-6 months in both years.

The course is conducted at the decorated and extremely popular Caux Palace campus in Montreux, Switzerland. 

Total Fees- Approximately 68,000 CHF or Swiss Francs (includes Tuition fee, Lodging and boarding)

Year 1 includes one residential semester and one internship and the same is the case with Year 2. Expect to earn in excess of CHF 2200 per month during a 4-6 months long internship (if done in Switzerland).

Swiss Higher Diploma / Bachelors Degree

The options are both in International Hospitality Management or Events Management

Add another semester to the Swiss Diploma to make the course more valuable and colourful to make it a higher diploma.

Bachelor’s degree is an addition to the higher diploma for an additional 6 months or the 6th semester. The degree is granted by the University of Derby, the United Kingdom which is like an icing on the cake for hospitality graduates.

The third-year is carried out on the beautiful Leysin Campus.

The final year has two residential semesters and thus the approximate total fee is 67,800 CHF.

Post Graduate Diploma

There are two Swiss postgraduate diplomas on offer. One is the International Hotel Operations Management and the other one is the International Hotel and Events Management.

The pattern followed is similar to the Diploma course of one residential semester followed by an internship arranged by SHMS. 

Postgraduate Diploma courses are ideal for professionals of other industries who want to create a career in the ever-growing hospitality industry.

Total Fees – 35,700 CHF

Master degrees

There are multiple options in Master’s Degrees for Hotel Management candidates who have completed a degree in hotel management already and are looking to advance their careers.

SHMS has 3 tailor-made options for a Master’s degree that are as follows:

  1. Master of International Business in Hotel Management
  2. Master of International Business in Hotel Resort and Wellness Management

The fee for both these courses is CHF 38,950 (1 Semester on campus and 1 Paid internship of 4-6 months)

III.  Master of Science in International Hotel Management

The fee for this course is CHF 40,200 (1 Semester on campus and 1 Paid internship of 4-6 months)

**All details and fees for the academic year 2019-2020 (subject to change). Kindly visit the Course page of SHMS for all details of individual courses and the fee structure of the courses offered at the Swiss Hotel Management School. 

All About SHMS – Ultimate Swiss Hospitality

SHMS Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best hospitality management schools in the world. It has been consistently ranked among the best hotel management schools by various reputed rankings.

Swiss Hotel Management School, founded in 1992, is the largest English speaking Hotel Management School in Switzerland.

This hotel school is housed in traditional Swiss Hotels for both its Caux and Leysin campuses. 

Swiss Hospitality has a long tradition and the much-loved concept of “Learning by doing” is incorporated into the courses offered at SHMS.

Swiss Hotel Management School has been inviting students from 90+ nationalities for many years. 

With accreditations and joint courses through its UK university partner, SHMS ensures that graduates are adequately educated and ready to take management roles in the hospitality industry after graduation.

With a blend of residential courses and paid internships, the Hotel School ensured that participants are absolutely employment-ready with the touch of Swiss Hospitality.

Here’s a tell-all short video that would summarise all about SHMS and the experience students can expect during their stay here. Have a look!

SHMS is a part of the Swiss Education Group which has various other top-rated hospitality and culinary schools. 

Here are some of the rankings SHMS is proud of:

  • Top 3 Hotel Management School Worldwide in student support
  • Number 1 in the provision of Personal Tutor
  • Ranked best for living and arrival on campus
  • Among the Top 5 in terms of Student Union

Swiss Hotel Management School or SHMS as it is popularly known as is ranked in the top 10 hospitality institutions by the reputed QS World University Ranking. 

It was ranked 4th among the hospitality and leisure management institutes in 2020 by the reputed QS rankings; up by one position from 2019.

Life at SHMS and in Switzerland

SHMS boasts of multiple iconic locations. Caux Palace offers a panoramic view of Montreux lake and scenic beauties around while Leysin campus finds its home in two classical Swiss Hotels.

Caux Campus is set up high on the hills. Top hospitality facilities, high-quality tutors and scenic surroundings make it a perfect location to study hospitality.

Before we move further, why not take a tour of the Caux Campus of SHMS to know what to expect when you study at this campus. Take a 360-degree tour of the campus now by visiting the official website.

Also, both Leysin and Caux campus are equipped with state of the art hospitality facilities that include real kitchens, multi-cuisine and speciality restaurants, practice rooms, computer and technology centres,  Library etc to mention a few.

SHMS also ensures that all students have facilities to enjoy their time. These include but are not limited to Gymnasium, Sports facilities, Garden, sitting areas, Night Clubs, Cafes etc.

On top of it, you get an opportunity to study and live in Switzerland. 

Have you heard of the Montreux Jazz Festival?- It’s the most famous music festival in the world. 

What about the Geneva Motor show and various other exhibitions? 

Mountains, Snow, Glaciers, Chocolates, lakes, Cows, Hotels, Ski Resorts, friendly people etc are just to name a few things that make Swiss Hospitality special.

Eligibility Criterion at SHMS

SHMS is extremely flexible in terms of offering courses.

For Diploma and Degree Courses- Undergraduate

Must have completed secondary schools education.

You must be proficient in English- IELTS 5.5, TOEFL iBT 55 or equivalent

There are English foundation course available as well

For Lateral entry in year 2 or year 3, you must have relevant education- contact SHMS using the contact us link at the end of this article to check your eligibility.

For Postgraduate Diploma Courses

To apply for a Postgraduate Diploma course at SHMS, you must have the below qualifications:

Must possess a Bachelor’s degree

Must have 3 years of experience from any industry

Must be proficient in English- IELTS 5.5, TOEFL iBT 55 or equivalent

Must be 21 years or above

For Master Degree courses at SHMS

There are three Master Degree courses available at SHMS. The eligibility criterion varies for the courses.

Recognised degree and IELTS 5.5- IELTS 6.0 or equivalent might be required.

Please contact an admissions advisor from the contact section at the end of this post to get one to one advice directly from the institute.

Career Opportunities after graduation from SHMS

Swiss Hotel Management School is a part of the Swiss Education Group which has a lot of other institutes under its umbrella.

The International Recruitment Forum happens twice in a year in Montreux, Switzerland which is exclusive to the Swiss Education Group (SEG) member hotel schools. This forum is attended by top hospitality employers and industry leaders making it a unique career development and networking opportunity for the fresh graduates.

In 2018, a total of 102 companies representing 196 properties attended the International Recruitment forum by SEG. Over 4000 interviews happened making it grander than ever. 2020 and 2021 recruitment forums have been mostly virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, expect 2022 to be grander than ever.

“The Career Development department ensures that a 5-star service is provided to each student for internships and job opportunities.”

Access to the graduate network opens up fresh graduates to all the successful graduates of SHMS over the years who are always happy to help the fresh graduates.

There are various job portals and career forums that SHMS graduates have access to even after graduation to ensure career support even years after graduation. Various recruitment and alumni events are arranged all around the globe for career opportunities of graduates of SHMS and other associated institutions. 

Paid Internships while Studying at SHMS

Paid internships are an integral part of all courses offered at SHMS. 

The Career team ensures that the best opportunities are provided to international students to study and work in Switzerland. 

It is a unique experience to learn by doing and getting paid handsomely for the same. Expect in excess of CHF 2200 a month while doing an internship in Switzerland. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself working at some of the top hotels in Switzerland or with some of the top Hospitality Employers in Switzerland. 

Internships are designed in a way to suit your selected course. Plus, the experience adds to the employability of the students helping them fare well during placement interviews. 

Ending note – Contact SHMS to know more

We have tried to provide a 360 view of SHMS not only through the link that we provided but also in terms of information.

At this career Portal, we make every effort to provide high quality and factual information to help prospective candidates in taking the best decision. These decisions involve a lot of commitment in terms of time and money as they define your future and career. thus proper due diligence is required. Our Hotel Management courses page makes every effort to compile the best information and courses to help you in making that decision.

SHMS is a highly reputed institute which has been providing quality hospitality education for many years now and enjoys a great alumnus and recruiter network.

To Apply, to know more about SHMS or to request a brochure, you can visit the official website of SHMS or reach out to the institute directly.

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