If you are looking for top hospitality management courses which also include a paid internship, then you are in the right place.

This blog post is a summary for all those students who are looking to study hotel management courses in their own country or would like to pursue their interests abroad.

In order to keep this post crisp and short, we will dive directly into listing a few of the top hospitality management courses that have integrated internship programmes.

Let’s start with some of the best hospitality management courses with paid internships from the most popular destination of studying hospitality. Yes, you got that right. Let’s start with Switzerland.

Best Hospitality Management Courses with Paid Internship

Top Hospitality Courses with internships in Switzerland

Listed below are some of the best offerings in terms of hotel management from Switzerland.

  • BSc in International Hospitality Management from EHL, Lausanne – It has 4 to 5.5 years for the Professional Pathway (including 2 years of work experience/internship).

  • BBA International Hospitality Management, Glion Hotel School – It is a 3.5 years course including 2 paid internships of 4-6 month.

  • Swiss Diploma in Hotel Operations Management, SHMS, Montreux- The course duration is 2 years including 2 paid internships of 4-6 month.

  • BA in Hospitality Management BHMS, Lucerne- Course duration is 3 years including 2 paid internships of 4-6 month.

  • Bachelor’s Degree programme in Hospitality Management – HTMi- Includes 2 paid internships

  • Postgraduate Diploma Programmes in Hospitality and Tourism – Le Roches- Includes paid internship

  • Bachelor in International Hotel Management- Vatel Switzerland – Includes multiple paid internships

Switzerland has some of the best hospitality institutions in the world and most of the course have inbuilt internship programmes to give students a real-world practical experience.

We have included a lot of variety and institutions but it was still not possible to cover all institutes and courses. So, we will keep on adding more hotel management courses to this article regularly.

Please visit our article on top hospitality management courses in Switzerland with internships for more details on courses available.

Now moving on to another top destination for hotel management studies.

Top Hospitality Courses with internships in the USA

Like Switzerland, studying hospitality and tourism from the US is extremely rewarding. Almost all bachelor degree courses come with paid internship options.

Listed below are some of the most popular courses which are renowned globally. If you are looking to study hospitality and tourism courses in the USA, these courses must be in your scheme of things. Here’s a quick list:

  • Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management- SHA Cornell, New York, USA – This 4 years courses has inbuilt paid internship options.

  • BA in Hospitality Business- Michigan State University – This top-ranked University has 2 inbuilt internships during the 4 years of course.

  • BSc Hospitality Management- William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, Las Vegas- This amazing institute is one of the best known in hospitality. Expect your paid internship to happen in the dream destination of Las Vegas. 

  • Hospitality Management Degree, CSN, Las Vegas USA – The Associate of Arts (AA) degree with a Hospitality Management major is specifically designed for the student who plans to transfer to the William F. Harrah College.

There are numerous other hospitality institutions and courses offered in the USA. Most of these have options of paid internships and are backed with excellent placement opportunities upon graduation.

If you are looking for more details on hotel management courses offered in the USA, then please visit out post about top hotel management courses in the USA with placement.

Now moving on to courses in another extremely popular destination for hospitality professionals. 

Best Hospitality Management Courses with paid job training in Canada

Here are some of the courses in travel and hospitality that provide hands-on training as an integrated part of the course.

Let’s quickly list some of the most popular ones here.

  • Hospitality Management Diploma- SAIT, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – The Diploma course in Hospitality Management at SAIT is divided into 5 semesters. Semester 3 is the internship module.

  • Hotel Operations Manager, Centennial College, Toronto, Canada- This 2-year course has an on-campus training module within the course. That’s onsite in the training restaurant within the campus.

  • Hotel & Restaurant Service Management Diploma, Seneca College, Toronto- On top of this 2-year course there is an option of overseas studies and a paid externship that can be done through partner institutions and partner hospitality employers.

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management, Humber College, Toronto- The student learns at the onsite restaurant for practical training. However, the internship team eases students to employment at partner hotels in Canada post completion of 2 years of studies. 

There are numerous other colleges and Universities offering amazing courses related to hotel management, events management, culinary arts and more.

We have a detailed post about hospitality courses in Canada. Feel free to visit the article to find the details on these courses in Canada. A lot of them come with paid internships and have excellent placement opportunities.

Best Hotel Management Courses in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been one of the most favourite study abroad destinations. Same is true for hospitality courses with internship options.

We have listed a few here below for ready reference.

  • BSc International Hospitality Management- Oxford Brookes University- The course is of 4 Years duration with 1 year paid internship arranged by the career centre.
  • BA Tourism & Hospitality Management, CU Coventry – The course is of 4 years duration with sandwich placement 3rd year.
  • BSc International Events Management, University of Salford- This again is of 4 years duration which includes 3rd year paid placement arrange by the University. 
  • BSc in Events Management, University of West London – Can be completed in 3 or 4 years depending on an optional paid placement year.

And there are numerous other courses offered in the hospitality and leisure segment in the United Kingdom.

One of our other articles explores some of the best hospitality and culinary courses in the UK. The article has a detailed list, if you are interested in looking at the details of these courses and more.

For the next section, we have clubbed 2 topmost destinations for studying hospitality and tourism.

Top Hotel Management Courses with job training in Australia & New Zealand

These two countries have always been one of the first choices of hospitality and tourism students.

Both Australia and New Zealand provide the perfect environment and vibrant student communities for hospitality courses. Let’s look at a few of these courses which also include paid work options for practical knowledge. 

  • Bachelor Degree in Hotel And Resort Management- Blue Mountains Australia- 2 paid Industrial placements are an integral part of this Bachelor degree course. Also, part times work is permitted during on-campus studies for some additional income.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management- PIHMS, New Zealand- 10 Weeks of Operations training is provided after completion of the exam. It often leads to full-time employment for the students.

  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management, PIHMS, New Zealand- Students can earn up to New Zealand $30,000 during the course with the 2 paid placement programmes within the 3 years course. 

  • BA Hospitality Management, Manukau, New Zealand- Paid training placements are an integral part of this 3-year course as well.

  • Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management, The Hotel School Australia- The course duration is 3 years that includes paid internships as well.

  • BBM in Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Waikato, New Zealand- This 3 years duration course also allows part-time work and has integrated paid training modules. 

If you want to explore more courses offered in these amazing countries, visit our detailed article on most popular hospitality courses in Australia and New Zealand.

And, we move to the two very popular destinations in Asia for Tourism and Hotel Management courses.

Top hospitality Courses in Singapore and Malaysia

The hospitality management courses in Singapore and Malaysia are as good as most of the others mentioned in this list. The institutes in these two Asian countries are making efforts to compete well with the west.

Most importantly, as most of the courses come with paid internships or placement options in the country, they are gaining even more popularity. Also, these courses are priced much lower than their Western and Southern counterparts.

Let’s quickly list a few of these courses here as mentioned below:

  • PG Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Nanyang, Singapore- The course can be completed in 12 months full time that includes 6 months of industrial placement.
  • Work-Based Bachelor Of Hospitality Administration, UCSI Malaysia- It is actually the first work-based learning programme in the hospitality field in Malaysia. Apart from on-campus practical studies, project-based learning, seminars, career and leadership programmes, the course also has paid internships at employer locations.
  • Hotel Management Diploma- Work-Based Learning, INTI, Malaysia- Includes paid practical training in international hotels through work-based learning (WBL) programme.
  • Advance Diploma International Hospitality Management, EASB Singapore- 6 months attached industry internship on top of 12 months campus studies makes this course a perfect blend of both theory and practice.
  • Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, PSB Academy, Singapore- This again is 18 months course that includes paid training of 6 months with a reputed employer in Singapore. 
  • International Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma- Amity Singapore- Similar to the above diploma courses,  it contains added attached training option.

If you want to explore these courses and more in details then visit out article on top hospitality courses in Singapore and Malaysia. That post covers specific details on all these courses.


We have mentioned all details of the course and institution to the best of our knowledge. We recommend that you visit the direct website of the institution for greater details before finalising a course.

This is not an exhaustive list of hotel management courses with paid internships. There are many other attractive locations for these courses like the Netherlands, France, India, South Africa and many others.

We aim to cover a lot more of the courses in the future expansion of this article. We have many other resources on this portal to help you carry on your research in career and learning.

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