All About Master Degrees in Hotel Management at SHMS Switzerland

Are you passionate about the hospitality industry? Ready to take your career to new heights? Discover the world-class Master’s Degrees in Hotel Management offered by SHMS – Swiss Hotel Management School, where excellence meets opportunity.

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Let’s begin with the details about Master’s Degrees in hospitality management from Swiss Hotel Management School or SHMS as it is popularly known as. This post is all about the Master courses at SHMS. We have other posts that discuss about Higher Hospitality Diploma and BA at SHMS. Let’s begin.


Why Choose SHMS for Your Hospitality Education?

  • Top Hospitality Courses in Switzerland: SHMS is renowned for offering top-tier hospitality courses in Switzerland, providing students with an unrivalled educational experience.
  • Leading Hotel Management Institute: As one of the leading hotel management institutes globally, SHMS boasts a rich history of producing industry leaders and innovators.
  • Holistic Hospitality Learning: The curriculum at SHMS emphasises practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the dynamic hospitality sector.
  • Internationally Recognized Qualifications: Graduates of SHMS emerge with internationally recognized qualifications like a degree from the University of Derby, UK, opening doors to exciting career opportunities worldwide.

SHMS also provides students with unique industry partnerships, immersive experiences, and career support. SHMS graduates are highly sought-after by employers worldwide for their excellence in hospitality service and management.

It is ranked among the best in the world and has one of the most famous campuses. Check about the recent rank and accolades for SHMS on its website. A screengrab from the website is below for your ready reference.


Master degree in hospitality management SHMS Switzerland.


Master Degrees Offered at SHMS:

  • Master of Arts in Hotel Management
  • Master of Arts in Event Management
  • Master of Arts in Luxury Brand Management
  • Master of Science in International Hospitality Management

Master’s degree in International Hospitality Management Typically include:

  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Wine and Beverage
  • Events and Banquets
  • Room Division Management and Front Office Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Additional Language (French or German) – optional

Semester 2 Internship (Practical Experience and Independent Project) –

Paid Internship Internships are a key part of the course structure in which a student is expected to complete an internship of 4-6 months at a reputed hospitality establishment in Switzerland or in any other country as arranged by the institute.

Check out more about the Master courses at their course page here for MA with any of the three specialisations in hotel management, Event management or luxury brand management. Also, look at the course page here to know more about MSc in International Hospitality Management.

Also, here’s the official video by SHMS that details a lot about the MSc in International Hospitality Management. Have a look!



Fees and Living Expenses:

  • Course Fees: Specific course fees vary. The all-inclusive fees would be around CHF 45000 to CHF 50000. This includes fees, lodging, boarding, books etc. Contact SHMS for detailed information.
  • Living Expenses in Switzerland: Switzerland is renowned for its high standard of living. Estimated living expenses including accommodation, food, and transportation range from CHF 1,500 to CHF 2,500 per month, depending on location and lifestyle. However, SHMS offers a complete residential course with all-inclusive costs.


Why Switzerland for Hospitality Education?

  • Global Hub for Hospitality: Switzerland is a global hub for hospitality education, offering a multicultural environment and exposure to the world’s best practices in the industry.
  • Internship Opportunities: Students at SHMS benefit from Switzerland’s extensive network of hotels and restaurants, providing ample internship opportunities for hands-on experience.
  • Quality of Life: With its breathtaking landscapes, excellent healthcare, and safety, Switzerland offers an unparalleled quality of life for students pursuing their education.


How to Apply:

  1. Visit the SHMS official website or contact the admissions team for application details.
  2. Application requirements typically include the below:
  • High school or University transcript/diploma / certificate
  • Proof of English proficiency – TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent
  • Passport copy
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter (500 words minimum)
  • Reference letters (if applicable)


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