“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”

Zig Ziglar

Could you be an entrepreneur?  Many people shy away from this particular title and identify it as someone other than themselves. Maybe it’s a reaction of fear, doubt or even a bit of lack of self-esteem. However, everyone will have to believe eventually that we are all entrepreneurs.

So, in case you are scared of jumping into the entrepreneurial world, here are some of the most important strategies to unleash the entrepreneur from within.

We are all born to be an entrepreneur in some way or the other. Whenever we find ourselves in a fix, we would definitely come up with innovative solutions.

This is entrepreneurship. We shouldn’t focus on the glorified image of the word. Our other article explains in details all about entrepreneurship. We will get directly into the strategies to help you unleash the power of entrepreneurship from within.

8 Key Strategies to Unleash the Entrepreneur in yourself

1. Make Adaptability as your main asset

An evolutionary necessity, the ability to change and make decisions in the face of a constantly transforming world is an important part of every person.

Whether we exercise it often is another matter.

As you think about your daily life, you must make decisions based on changes in your schedule, the weather, health, etc.

We use this skill constantly, and yet we can probably practice being more open to change to further improve this important competence.

2. You have to become a Risk-taker

We must all take some risks in life – whether it be buying a house, getting married, leaving a job, starting a new one, taking a trip, having children – risks are part of our existence.

Some folks take more measured risks than others, and that’s fine.

Some entrepreneurs are also safe risk-takers and begin businesses in already established markets, increasing the capacity where it seems to be necessary.

Some risk is involved of course, and we all have this ability.  Just think about the playground in elementary school – the monkey bars, making friends – we’ve all done it.

At work, we need to take a lot of risks. We have all done it and we will keep doing it. The risk-taking behaviour is managed by cognitive thinking which in turn enhances our creativity.

3. You need to be continuously Learning from failures

Whether you like it or not, all of us have failed and will do so again.

It’s the ability to learn from failures that allow us to grow and continue.

Entrepreneurs must learn from failures to make continued business ventures possible.

We all have this embedded in our trait as children – think of learning to talk and walk.  How many times must we fall before perfecting the ability to walk?

Continuous learning is one of the top traits of all entrepreneurs.

4. Develop a sense of urgency in reaching goals

A sense of urgency and a timeline allow us to make progress.

Some of us work with lists, others keep it all in their heads – but all of us have an idea of what to do when we start the day.

Entrepreneurs also must make goals for themselves and their work and businesses.

Same is true for employees or even homemakers. Once they reach a goal, another one is already thought of and ready to go.

Whether the goal is to set up a firm, buy a house or search for your next office space. Or, it can launch your next product or create a website, there has to be a sense of urgency in the same. Entrepreneurs need to get through errands super quick and even hustle with serious tasks.

Continual progress and improvement are important for a thriving business and person – otherwise, we get stagnant.

5. Always stay connected with your Purpose

Feeling passionate about work and finding meaning in what you do gives a drive that little else will equal.

This drive inspires all of us to constantly improve, research, experiment and keep up to date with the latest in the market segment.

All of us consciously or unconsciously search for purpose in life. Finding your calling in an entrepreneurial situation or opportunity is no different.  It is this calling that helps us in decoding the job vs entrepreneurship dilemma.

You can convert almost any purpose into an opportunity at work, business or other new venture. The potential is within all of us.

While most of us can connect ourselves to entrepreneurship, intensity varies from man to man.

It is important for everyone to believe in their entrepreneurial capabilities.

6. Employ a rock-solid strategy

Nothing can beat an effective business plan and a rock-solid strategy.

You may find yourself struggling with entrepreneurship in that the traditional business formulas may no longer be applicable to the global market.

While a lot follow copybook ideas of approaching entrepreneurship, these days it is all about branding through social bonding, continuous innovation and higher emotional quotient.

7. Building a social brand is important

There is an interesting infographic by Neil Patel, a renowned marketer and entrepreneur, on how social media has an impact on Building a social brand of entrepreneurs. The below screengrab shares some of the ley points. The highlight is that the importance of social media channels is increasing.

Building a social brand

It is important to build our social brand. We are all social animals. We all have esteem needs. We all like being loved and respected.

It is the urge of these which defines an entrepreneur.

It might not be ignited in all of us but these needs and longing for these needs exist in everyone. Whenever we get into a group, ideas sprout from within. So, it would be a safe bet to say we are all social entrepreneurs.

8. Innovation and creativity are the keys to a successful entrepreneurial journey

Think of ways that you may distinguish yourself from your competition.

You don’t necessarily have to compete with your peers, but analyze their creativity and see what the competition is doing.

Find a way to create a niche that makes your product or service different from the rest.

Creativity is important when venturing into entrepreneurship. But, relationships are key to building any business. This is especially true with entrepreneurship due to the individual personality you bring to your niche.

You will find that social interaction fosters creativity and innovation within its own community. Entrepreneurs want everyone to succeed and will usually help others find links to connections and resources.

This is another trait which proves we are all born to be an entrepreneur. Everyone is creative. What is important is to unlock creativity.

Unzip your creativity. Volunteer within your field of expertise to unlock the entrepreneur in yourself. Make time for volunteering. This is a great way to build professional connections and find out what your niche market truly needs and wants.

Build a community relationship through professional and informal connections. This helps in unlocking creativity. Plus, volunteering is good for the heart, mind and soul.

There are many more ways to unlock creativity. Socializing, sports, competitions, brainstorming, Crossword or even playing with your kid. Modes and routes are endless.


We mentioned here some of the strategies to unleash the entrepreneur from within.

All companies are seeking entrepreneurial skillset in their employees. Google and Facebook are fighting each other for every entrepreneur on Earth. All other companies are following suit.

Whether you have your own business or you work for someone, you are a student, a freelancer, a homemaker or self-employed personnel, you are all born to be an entrepreneur.

We are all an entrepreneur to the core. Maybe we are not able to use the tag to its potential. If we break down the skills and characteristics of most entrepreneurs, it’s likely you’ll find yourself identifying with more than one.

The creative entrepreneur is within you. All that is required now is the willingness to unlock it. Remember, it is all about innovation and creativity rather than competition. Build your own brand and build relationships to be successful.

Here is an interesting definition of Creativity by Scott Adams as an ending note to the post and to a fresh start for those who now believe in the hypothesis that- ‘we are all born to be an entrepreneur’. Hypothesis or fact, we will let the readers decide.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

Scott Adams

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