9 Jobs You Can Pursue With a Hospitality Degree

A hospitality degree is an undergraduate or graduate program that focuses on the study of the hospitality industry, which includes restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, and other tourism-related businesses. The program typically includes coursework in areas such as business, finance, marketing, and management, as well as specialized courses in hospitality and tourism.

This program has always been trending among young people. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), over 45,000 BA and over 4,500 associate degrees were awarded in this sector between the 2019 and 2020 academic year. That year, there was a decrease, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the industry. However, now, these programs are popular again.

If you are a future or current student, you have to know that studying for this degree isn’t easy. Many young people turn to a reliable buy essay just to survive through college and keep their grades high. But it’s worth the effort. Such programs prepare students for careers in the hospitality industry, a rapidly growing field with diverse job opportunities. Read on, and we will tell you about the top nine jobs that you can get with a diploma like that!

Hotel Manager

This is probably the most popular career path for specialists with such a degree.

Hotel managers oversee the day-to-day operations of hotels, resorts, and other lodging establishments. They are responsible for ensuring that guests have a pleasant experience and that the hotel is profitable. The primary benefit of this job is stability and high pay.

According to market overviews, the average base salary for this position in the USA is between $92,339 and $135,582. And the best part is that there are also plenty of professional growth paths after this position. This is one of the best-paying hospitality jobs in the world.

Event Planner

Another area where you can make great use of your hospitality degree is event planning. A professional event planner coordinates and plans different kinds of events. These can include:

  • Weddings;
  • Conferences;
  • Meetings;
  • Corporate events, etc.

These specialists closely work with clients to determine their needs and preferences and coordinate all event aspects, including venue, catering, and entertainment. As for the salary, the average pay for this position in the US is $64,211 plus cash bonuses.

Food and Beverage Manager

The next opportunity for students of hospitality programs is a job as a food and beverage manager. These specialists are responsible for managing the operations of restaurants, bars, and other food service establishments.

They oversee the hiring and training of staff, manage inventory, and ensure that the establishment is in compliance with health and safety regulations. This position also pays pretty well. The average salary in the US is $79,895.

Travel Agent

As was mentioned earlier, the tourism industry is also a part of the hospitality sector. So if you want to work in this sphere, the first opportunity that is there for you is a travel agent. People in this job assist clients with booking travel arrangements, including flights, hotels, and rental cars. They may also provide recommendations for tourist activities and destinations.

The biggest benefit of this career is a broad range of professional growth paths. Also, it is an interesting and challenging job. The average pay for travel agents isn’t too high – $31,363 per year or $15.08 per hour. But there is always a possibility of making more in bonuses.

Tourism Marketing Manager

This is another option in the tourism sector. Tourism marketing managers are responsible for promoting tourism in a specific location or region.

They may develop marketing campaigns, work with travel companies to promote their region, and coordinate events and activities to attract visitors. The average salary for such positions in the US is $82,464, which is pretty good.

Casino Manager

The next career path is one of the most exciting ones in the industry. As you can guess from the name, casino managers oversee the operations of casinos, including table games, slot machines, and other gambling activities.

They are responsible for ensuring that the casino is profitable and that guests have a positive experience. This job attracts young students with its fun nature and excellent career perspectives. The average pay for such positions is also high – $76,946.

Cruise Director

The next job opportunity is often overlooked by graduates, and this is in vain.

Cruise directors are responsible for coordinating entertainment and activities on cruise ships. They plan and schedule events, coordinate with performers and other staff, and ensure that guests have a fun and memorable experience.

Although this profession requires being away from home for long periods of time, it can also be incredibly fun. This option will let you travel across the world and visit fancy cruise ships while also making a solid income between $55,673 and $69,515.

Resort Manager

If you are looking for a less active job, then this option might be right for you. Resort managers oversee the operations of resorts, including hotels, restaurants, and recreational facilities.

They are responsible for ensuring that guests have a positive experience and that the resort is profitable. The average pay for this position is around $57,711 per year. On top of that, many growth opportunities are always available for people in this role.

Guest Services Manager

The last option on our list is the job of a guest services manager. People in this role ensure guests have a positive experience at hotels and other lodging establishments.

They may oversee front desk operations, handle guest complaints, and coordinate with other staff to meet guests’ needs. The average annual salary for such roles is around $46,930.

The Bottom Line

The hospitality sector has existed for decades and remains a fast-paced industry. Thus, a degree in this field can lead to a variety of career opportunities with solid salaries and professional growth opportunities.

Now you know about some of the jobs you can pursue with a degree like that. So choose what suits you best and start attaining your dreams!