In this article, we uncover some deep-rooted habits that lead to success. Habits are crucial for us in the way we get up, brush our teeth, manage our workday, enjoy ourselves with family and retire for the day to repeat the next day. We are so much all about habits. Let’s list 12 habits of a successful hotel general manager in this article.

So, if you want to know how to be a great general manager and want to become one, use these habits and techniques.

A successful hotel general manager will already be utilising a lot of these techniques.

These are the secrets to some of the top qualities of hotel managers.

Needless to mention these habits are virtues that would transcend the hospitality industry and apply to any of the industries.

So, whether you are a Hotel Manager or aspire to be one, this article might have a few basic and few advanced things that might skyrocket the possibilities of success.

Let’s get started right away to discuss what makes a good hotel manager.

7 habits of a successful hotel general manager

Habits are key to success. So, if you can do what other successful hotel managers are doing, you are sure to follow the path and achieve success.

A lot of research has been done on habits and how they are key to success. We will discuss more of these in this article. 

A successful Hotel General Manager is always learning and growing. 

The habit of learning is deeply rooted in them and this forms one of the key skills of all successful hotel managers.

That brings us to the first point.

1. Successful Hotel General Managers are always learning and improving

Best hoteliers take out time to read industry news. 

They love to learn new skills and keep themselves updated with the latest trends.

Continuous learning is one of the key habits of top hospitality leaders.

So, if you want to be a successful hotelier, try to read every day.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, admits that he always takes time to read every day.

Warren Buffet, the wizard who taught the world how to invest, reads daily.

So, if you are not already a voracious reader, just try to be one and see the change. 

Lots of successful hoteliers also keep on upgrading their skills by taking short Hospitality certificate courses (online or offline).

A lot of free Online Hospitality courses also can give you a lot of opportunities to learn from the comfort of your home.

2. Successful Hotel Managers are receptive to change

A successful hotel general manager is also a great change-maker.

It is important to manage change for sustained competitive advantage.

Technology is disrupting the whole equation of the industry which is somewhat reluctant to massive changes.

The hospitality industry is changing and that too rapidly riding on innovation.  those who embrace change quickly to use it to their advantage taste success quickly.

The future is of change-making companies like Uber, Tesla, Airbnb etc.

Are you a changemaker yet?

3. Inclusive and Openwork culture- The Art of Delegation

Building super-effective teams is part of the job role of Hotel General Managers.

The hospitality industry is a labour-intensive industry.

A single Luxury Hotel might have hundreds of staff (at times the number is in the thousands). Thus building and managing teams is a key job for the General Manager.

However, successful hotel managers equally know the art of creating the second line of leaders and then delegating tasks to them.

They let others take ownership of work and create future general managers.

Being a People Person and having team-building skills are key traits of all great Hoteliers. A successful hotel general manager knows the art of delegation.

Grooming team members and letting them take complete responsibility is one of the key areas of delegation.

Successful hotel general managers are leaders who create future leaders.

This complements the previous point on less micromanaging.

  • To be a successful hotel manager, you must learn the art of delegation and master it.
  • A happier workforce with a sense of purpose is equivalent to a more productive workforce.
  • An inclusive culture and a sense of purpose are things that hotel employees want from employers.

Hotel Managers thus need to ensure that a sense of purpose and inclusiveness is in place so that people can start to enjoy the work.

Once hotel employees are exactly aware of their role with an attached sense of purpose, they will eliminate a lot of time wasters themselves.

Delegation is sure to become a lot easier once everyone is clear about expectations and communication at all levels is transparent. The real art of delegation is thus deeply embedded in creating an inclusive workplace.

4. A Successful Hotel General Manager hates micromanaging

The concept that micromanagement is key to success as a team is now history.

It’s about supervision and collaboration. 

Successful Hotel Managers motivate middle managers and just supervise and guide them. 

They lead by example while letting others devise their own best ways to perform.

While it is important to keep a good eye on the day-to-day operations of your hotel or hospitality organisation, it is equally important not to micromanage.

Micromanagement shifts your focus from key goals and you get trapped in a low productivity cycle. 

Check out the below image from Eric Chester on how to eradicate micromanagement to improve productivity.

Less Micromanagement also means a more lively and fun workplace. 

A sense of purpose is instilled in the team once the managers stop micromanaging and they start taking ownership.

A sense of purpose and a happy workplace are a few of the many things Hospitality Job seekers of today want. 

This is a crucial skill that you need to develop to be an awesome hotel manager.

It is one of the crucial Time Management tips for a more productive workplace.

Hospitality is a labour-intensive industry. Managers are used to micromanaging.

Micromanaging involves a lot of people in the loop and is a closed process.

The knowledge economy of today requires an open work culture to enhance productivity.

Too much micromanaging leads to losing view of the bigger picture and you start leaking time in counter-productive tasks.

Effective delegation can be useful in this regard which we cover in one of the next points.

So, to retain your best talent, skip micromanaging and start empowering.

5. They take care of their mind and body

This again is one of the most important habits of successful hoteliers.

A fit body and mind reflect in the quality of work.

A successful hotel General Manager knows how to protect her physical as well as mental wellness at work.

It is their habit of keeping a healthy lifestyle that helps them keep going even in turbulent times. They work on their fitness, take occasional time off, develop new hobbies and manage stress exceptionally well.

6. Successful Managers love collaborating and asking for help when needed

It’s not ego but pride that creates a successful manager.

Successful hotel managers are quick to admit their mistakes and love to ask for help when required.

The hotel industry is all about collaboration and support. A well-knit team can do wonders for the productivity of an organisation.

General Managers who are driven by compassion in place of ego don’t feel shy in asking for support from their subordinates.

they empower their team in the process. 

Being a people person and staying grounded are a few of the key tips for all successful hoteliers.

Check these 9 habits in the image below that can skyrocket you towards success. 

Image by- OMG Quotes

7. He/She dares to dream and innovate

One of the key habits of top hotel managers is that they dare to dream. 

Most of these super-successful managers dared to challenge the status quo.

All great managers dare to dream, invent their ways, learn from the macro and the micro-environment and innovate continuously. 



Here you go, 7 habits that make up a successful hotel general manager.

In order to be a success story yourself, follow the trail shown by the Top Hoteliers in the world.

General manager skills and qualities to succeed were mentioned in this post.

To stay ahead of the competition, it is important to increase the productivity of the workforce.

Skills enhancement, technology, training, empowerment, a happier workplace, and various other similar ways can help hotel managers get the most out of the workday.

Hope these techniques and time management tips will make some difference to the career and life of our hospitality superstars.

We wish you the very best. Keep shining.

If you are already in the habit loop mentioned in the article, then you are already a hospitality industry superstar.

Inculcating these habits in your personality would help you achieve great success in the hospitality industry.

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