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In this post, we have covered another interesting job role of the hotel industry – Wine Sommelier or simply Sommelier. We have shared Sommelier Job description as well.

The hospitality industry employs staff from every field and domain. A waiter, Housekeeper, Bartender, Engineer, IT Manager, Corporate Communication, Event Manager, Concierge and the list can go on endlessly.

This job is one of the highest paying job of the hotel industry. This role requires skills, communication and creativity. 

This post aims to cover the job description of wine sommelier and details of this amazing hospitality job role. 

Let’s get going.

Sommelier Job Description

What is the definition of Wine Sommelier?

According to Wikipedia’s definition of Sommelier.

A sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine  dine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. 

Yes, a sommelier is not only expected to have amazing knowledge of wines, but also of the food that goes well with them.

One of our other posts covers the basics of wine and details the types of wines and food pairing. So, if you are a wine enthusiast, please head over to our post on Wines (after going through this post of course!).

Over the course of time and with more variety of restaurants and food varieties, the role of the wine steward in fine dining today is much more specialised and informed. 

According to Sommeliers Australia the role of Sommelier is strategically on par with that of the chef de cuisine.

The Job Description of Sommelier

The job description of sommelier is in line with the description given above.

However, the requirements would vary depending on the hotel property and also the location.

A European hotel for example may have a long list of requirements for a Sommelier. 

So, here’s the generic job description of a Sommelier. 

The responsibilities of sommeliers include, but are not limited to the folloiwng:

  • Supervising wine service in a restaurant (or a Lounge).
  • Looking after wine inventory (Liaising with vendors and internal departments) and ensuring that the wine cellar is fully stocked.
  • Advising on wine menu (working with chefs and managers) 
  • Collaborating with winemakers to upgrade selections
  • And, most importantly providing expert wine recommendations to customers and making recommendations on food and wine pairings.
  • Training Wine waiters and other staff members
  • Complying with food safety regulations

The job of Sommelier expects you to be:

  • Well versed with a variety of wines from all across the globe
  • Knowledge of Wine and Food pairings
  • Excellent in communication and Interpersonal skills
  • A Go getter
  • Willing to work in the evenings (night shits) and weekends.
  • Available to travel for company trips from time to time
  • Prior experience in wine service
  • A Wine certification holder like WSET (The Wine and Spirits Education Trust), Court of Masters Sommeliers, National Wine school etc.
  • A hospitality degree is an added advantage but not mandatory)


So, here we go, the job description of a Wine Sommelier. 

This is a specialised job role which you might not even find in all hotels. However, this hospitality job role is very popular in Europe as well as in North America and South America.

You are expected to be a wine wizard in this role. An extensive knowledge of wine along with suitable certification is a must.

As mentioned earlier, this is an extremely well paid hospitality job. A word of caution though. This job role requires specialised knowledge and it is not very easy to switch career once you become a Sommelier. So, get into this career only if you passionate about wines.