Top Job Portals to Find Hospitality Jobs in the USA

The Hospitality industry of the USA is extremely versatile. Almost all of the major hotel chains have their origin traced to the USA. In this article, we will try to provide the best job portals to find hospitality jobs in the USA.

We aim to keep this section comprehensive so that it can benefit the resident of US and international hospitality job seekers alike.

Getting jobs in the USA within the hospitality industry is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The USA has the biggest pie of the global hospitality industry revenue. It is thus extremely competitive to get into the US Hospitality industry.

The Average salary for hoteliers is quite high in the US and career opportunities are better that makes it one of the favourite destinations for the hospitality professionals. Some of the best paid hospitality jobs find their home in the US.

While most of the job portals are useful for hospitality professionals from outside the USA to locate a job, visa sponsorship is what makes thing tricky. It is thus always good to work your way to a hospitality job in the USA directly.

Now moving on to other amazing job portals that might help the job seekers of the US hospitality industry.



Top Job Portals to Find Hospitality Jobs in the US




  • Hospitality Online


At times it gets too difficult for the hospitality job seekers to search only the Hotel or travel jobs.

Few of the job portals specialise in hospitality jobs.

Hospitality online does the same and has thousands of hospitality jobs from within the USA.

Start Checking here to find your next job.




  • Indeed


This is a must for all list. It is the biggest job provider online on Earth. So, this must be in your scheme of things. This is one of the best hospitality job portals in the world.

Speaking specifically about the hospitality industry, it is still the numero uno making it one of the best job portals to find hospitality jobs in the US.

Check the Indeed Job listing here to check over 50,000 hospitality jobs.


  • Snag


You must try Snag a job to find a suitable hospitality position in the US.

It has a great collection of hospitality jobs. Even the search interface and the user experience is quite good.

The website has hospitality jobs from almost every major location in the USA.

So, Snag your search for hospitality jobs at this online hospitality job portal.


  • HCareers


This again is an all hospitality job portal.

This is your go-to website if you are looking for hotel and restaurant jobs. Hcareers has been helping candidates secure jobs and develop a career in the hospitality industry from over a decade.

The website is extremely interactive and user-friendly The hotel jobs range is extensive and the website is updated regularly.


  • Simply Hired


SimplyHired is a job aggregator. This online job portal has millions of jobs aggregated from various websites.

The website is great for vacancy awareness.

Job aggregators have a disadvantage that one login doesn’t always work and at times you need to create multiple profiles.

However, these aggregators make search easy and help in locating the right jobs.


  • LinkedIn


A mention of this website again is important. Whether you are looking for a hotel job, a cruise job or an aviation job; you must start from LinkedIn.

And, this applies to the global hospitality job seekers. LinkedIn has the maximum reach in terms of recruiter network.

It’s the first major and probably the only professional network. Our post on avoiding the job search mistakes on LinkedIn can help you put the right foot forward in your job search.




There are several other reputed websites like Career BuilderGlassdoor, USAJobs, Angel List, Robert Half, Dice and various others which have a good number of hospitality jobs.

Craigslist is another resource which has a lot of part-time and freelance hospitality job opportunities.

There are only a few popular visa options for other national hospitality professionals to work in the USA.

These visa types for the US are J1, H1B, H2B and L1.

Please check out posts on All about J-1 Visa for further details.

Two of the J1 visa sponsors which deal within the hospitality niche are mentioned below:


▪American Hospitality Academy, Tavernier

▪Center for international career development, Seattle


The below video explains in details on 7 types of visa categories for the hotel and travel industry.

The video is useful for both hospitality recruiters and job seekers for better clarity on visa types.



There are a few other not so popular visa categories which are not particularly relevant for the hospitality industry.

The most popular one in the hospitality industry is the J1 visa program.

H1B is popular for senior hotel industry professionals and experienced chefs while J1 is more popular among trainees, hotel management graduates and less experienced hotel industry professionals.