Why is being a pilot one of the best career choices?

Being a pilot is one of the best jobs in the world. In the US, this profession ranks as the third-best social service job. Many reasons make this profession one of the most sought-after jobs in the world. Lucrative pay, social recognition, job stability, the ability to travel the world and opportunities to explore various cultures are a few of the many things that come to the mind when we hear the word ‘Pilot’. 

So, if you are a student exploring some of the best career options in leisure and travel, Pilot is certainly one of the best choices. There are ample reasons to select a career as a Pilot. Let us find out what those are:

Travel While You Work

If you love traveling, this job is for you. There is only a certain number of places you will be able to visit if you are vacationing, but if this is a part of your profession you are getting paid for, imagine!  

You get to travel the world, and on top of that you get paid for it.

You get to travel for both leisure and work, domestically and internationally, as you will be taking your passengers to their destinations. 

Plus, at times, there is ample time between one flight and the next. So you get ample opportunity to explore the city, shop, and try out different cuisines and places of stay. 

Immense Personal Growth Opportunities

If you have a thirst for knowledge, this job is for you. Right from assessing the technical state of the aircraft to the weather conditions, you improve at decision-making and become more patient as well as organized, responsible, and smarter. 

Traveling different routes and with different teams while being completely in charge of your cockpit allows you a magnificent view of the world’s most exotic locations without having to put in extra hours of work like most other professions. It is an exciting job that leaves no room for monotony. 

Offers one of the best Salary

This is a demanding and lucrative job and provides you with a high salary.

The average salary of a Pilot is well over $100,000 per annum in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and multiple other countries.

Pilot is one of the highest-paid jobs for beginners in various developing nations like India, China, Vietnam etc. 

Privileges and perquisites  

Traveling as a pilot earns you a lot of travel perks. You get paid vacations, and your family and friends get huge discounts on air tickets and the finest hotels. Your food and drinks are free at times. So, you do not have to worry about funds while vacationing. 

Besides this, you are liable to various sorts of insurance benefits for your health and ample time for leisure or other activities. What is more, is that you get amazing post-retirement pensions. Many airlines also benefit pilots to fly for free or at heavy discounts upon retirement as a thank-you gesture for the services rendered.

Honor and reputation accompanied are unparalleled

One, the aviation career earns you recognition among people. You are responsible for passenger safety, plus the fact that not many are qualified enough to work in this role makes your job comparatively safe.

Secondly,  it is not a rigid 9-5 job but one that allows flexibility. With free time and travel exposure, you come across different cultures and lifestyles, new perspectives, and newfound knowledge. Thus, it becomes easier for you to connect with new people and build long-term relationships with them.

The respect, money and knowledge from traveling and connecting to people bring you across a great many chances of finding a suitable partner as more people want to know you, support you and be a part of your close circle.

When a job makes a dream life a reality, who will not want to pursue this as a career option? To fly the aeroplane professionally, you will need to have a license as you are responsible for passengers. Some commercial airline pilot schools provide license training and certificate for you to fly as a professional pilot.


While this profession has a range of benefits, it might not be the right choice for you if you do not like traveling regularly or are not physically fit. This profession needs you to stay away from home and family for long hours. Therefore, you should choose this profession only if it suits your personality.