Most of the Hospitality job seekers need to face online interviews these days. While face-to-face interviews were common in the hospitality industry, online interviews are preferred after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is convenient and saves time and money.

Just mastering the hotel interview questions with answers won’t do the trick. You would also need to be interview-ready via a video interface. Let’s look at a few of the tips hospitality professionals can follow while appearing in online interviews.

Within online interviews, there are many ways of doing it.

Some hospitality employers send out questions or preset interview links in advance and ask you to appear online. This then gets recorded and the employer can see that later on.

There are also online interviews based on artificial intelligence with automatic first-round entry or rejection. However, video interviews over Zoom or MS Teams are preferred these days to conduct interviews live through the webcam.

Important Tip for this type of interview (* Most popular for Hospitality interviews)

There are a lot of different types of interviews. Among them, Online interview modes like Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams interviews can be a little challenging, if not daunting. Start off with a reliable computer/laptop armed with a decent camera and high-speed internet. Download the relevant app and do a trial beforehand.

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Technology has forced the world to shrink. Employers prefer to take interviews through video interfaces and Skype interview mode or the remote interview mode has replaced a lot of face-to-face interviews.

This is true in particular for jobs that elude national boundaries and reach international peripheries.

For an industry like the hospitality industry, online video interviews are the norm. Thus this is one of the crucial tips for hospitality job interviews.

It is important to ace this format of the interview for success in your career. Please find below essential video interview tips:

  • Dress smartly- You should dress as you would for a face-to-face interview – head to toe – and present yourself as appropriate for the job or position you’re applying for. The employers can ask you to stand up during the course of your interview.
  • Get used to Teams, Zoom, Skype or any other video interface: Get used to the video interview format. Do a trial run a day before to be comfortable during the interview. This will help eradicate any last-minute anxiety.
  • Position the webcam perfectly- Test your camera beforehand. Staying too close or too distant might put off the interviewer and would not set the scene for you. Do the trial well before the interview.
  • Look at the camera- Candidates at times look at their own image on a screen rather than looking at the camera. This is not the best strategy as looking at the camera helps in making an eye to eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Practice- Test the video call with a friend or family member to get a feel for it. It would also ensure that all your technical components are in order.
  • Surrounding and posture- Sit up straight to look your best and make sure the background and surroundings are tidied before the interview
  • Internet- Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. Nothing irritates employers more than a poor connection or interruption between interviews due to a poor internet connection.
  • Keep a copy of your CV- Keep a copy of your CV with you to quickly check the information when required rather than looking at it during the interview.
  • Also, prepare your surroundings accordingly. A cluttered or messy desk can cost you a dream job.


Hope you found these tips useful. Hospitality candidates should prepare themselves well beforehand for the online video interviews.

These tips should help the cause. Especially to the less tech-savvy ones in the hospitality fraternity.

We wish you all the luck!

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