A cover letter is a document that gives the hiring manager an insight about you. Writing a Cover letter for a Federal Job is much more different from that of a private job or hospitality job. 

Federal jobs need you to write a well-structured personal statement. 

A well-written personal document presents you as a skilled individual for the job you’re applying for.

One thing that differentiates a good federal job cover letter and others is that you stand a better chance of getting the job role. 

In this article, we will present crucial tips for writing a cover letter for a federal job. We have also provided examples.

Let’s begin!

Federal jobs are on the outlook for highly skilled individuals. This is why they are more strict in their application process. It would be best if you were specific and straightforward in writing a cover letter for federal jobs. 

The document should showcase your skills and qualifications. Your experiences in a similar role should be analyzed. You can check the federal resume writers reviews online to get a federal resume. A good resume that accompanies a well-written cover letter will make you land your dream job.

A federal job cover letter is a document that states your achievements. You can also state the soft and hard skills you have in this document because you’ll have a better chance than others. 

Federal Job Cover Letter Template

A federal job cover letter must have the following requirements. These requirements are what hiring managers look out for in your document. 

  • The Header: The Header contains your first and last name. It also contains your contact number and email address. You can as well include a link to your social media platform (LinkedIn). 
  • Date: It is important to date your document. State the present date 
  • Employer/ Hiring Manager’s name and Company’s address: The name of your employer and address should be evident in your document. Don’t skip this aspect.
  • Salutation: You should recognize the hiring manager by addressing their first name. E.g. Dear Mr John,
  • Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph of your document should explain your interest in the job. State your educational background as it’s on your CV, but it shouldn’t be in detail. Give information about the experiences you had and what you’re able to achieve. 
  • Body Paragraph: The body Paragraph should have about 1-2 paragraphs. It should state your work history. Make sure you include the job-related keywords. You can mention your hard skills and focus more on your soft skills. 
  • Closing Paragraph: The closing Paragraph should have a call to action (CTA). It must have the details of your phone number and email address. 
  • Professional Sign-offs: You can sign off your document with “yours sincerely” or warm regards. Although, it’s optional. You need to leave a space and then write your name. 

A Federal Cover Letter Example.

John Wilson,



123, Main St.

Victoria Island, VI, 98765.

July 24, 2022.

Marie James, 

U.S Department of Science,

300 Maryland Avenue. SW

Washington, DC 10210

Dear Marie James,

I, as a seasoned health practitioner, am writing to express my interest in applying for the position of Health specialist at the U.S Department of Science. Over 18 years of being a health practitioner, I have witnessed changes in our healthcare system. I believe my experience in providing healthcare and health talks will be relevant for this role. I am excited about this role to help create the best healthcare systems possible for future generations. 

During my time as the Health facilitator of MedicPlus Hospital, I learned a lot about the needs of individuals in the health sector. It was evident that different individuals have different problems, and it was my goal to give health advice to a different set of people. Based on 500 surveys collected from individuals, we learned that many people prefer to have a personal consultation with a health facilitator. I worked with the staff to achieve these needs.

After implementing these changes, patients’ health life becomes better. Some of their health issues are resolved as well. Never before in my career had I noticed such a change. I believe that with my ability to listen, communicate and collaborate with staff, I’ll make a great Health Specialist. I think it’s important we pay more attention to individuals. I’ll work hard in this role to ensure that health workers start having one-on-one consultations with individuals. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about my professional background. I am excited to have this opportunity to make an impact on people of all demographics. 

I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Warm Regards,

John Wilson.

Tips for Formatting Your Cover Letter for Federal Jobs.

You must format your cover letter for any federal jobs you’re applying for. Here are 5 tips to go about it:

  • Do not go against the job description: If you intend to work in a federal establishment, you need to follow the procedures well enough. You must understand the job description and make sure your document aligns with it. You might need to include your salary details. It would be best if you did as it’s stated in the job advertisement.
  • Save your Cover Letters as a Document File or PDF: Federal Jobs hiring managers are interested in you converting your file to either a pdf or documents file. This method enables your employers to view your cover letter without much stress.
  • Use a Professional Font Size and Typeface: Your document must be professional. The recommended fonts are Times New Roman, Georgia, and Arial. You should space your cover letter using the 1″ margin. 
  • Name your file appropriately: To name your federal cover letter, you should use your full name and the job title. It makes your file easily identifiable to employers and hiring managers. 
  • Proofread your Document: You need to read your documents carefully. Try as much as possible to avoid mistakes. The trait that makes you the best fit for the job is your ability to pay attention to details.


A cover letter for a Federal Job needs to be written carefully because it’s quite different from others. The employer needs to explain his interests and how he can help the organization. It is an avenue for employers to sell themselves to the hiring manager. It is also important the document is formatted appropriately too to land the job you’re applying for. 

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