Writing Cover Letter For Hospitality Industry Jobs – Top Actionable Tips

In this article, we have provided some of the useful tips for creating a perfect hospitality cover letter. While a lot of people undermine the importance of cover letter for hospitality industry jobs, it is a useful addition even today.

We will explore why cover letters are still useful for hospitality jobs nowadays and how you can write a perfect hospitality cover letter.

While an excellent hospitality industry resume is useful, the cover letter makes your application more powerful and more worthy of attention. 

But, it is crucial to ensure that it is done the right way.

Here are some actionable tips to create a perfect cover letter for hotel jobs.


Tip for Creating Perfect Cover Letter for Hospitality Industry Jobs 


This article covers a few actionable tips on writing a perfect cover letter for hospitality industry jobs. This is also known as the application letter for hospitality industry jobs as used by a lot of employers.

So, the cover letter is your application letter which should cover details in nutshell to present your candidature for the job.


5 Tips On Writing a Perfect Cover Letter For Hospitality Industry Jobs


Before we begin with the tips, let’s first provide you with a good cover letter sample here for the hospitality industry.

All hospitality industry professionals can alter this prototype to create their own version of hospitality cover letter.



(Your Name)
(Your Address)


The Human Resource Manager

(Address of the Hospitality Organisation)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a Client focused manager and a Sales and Marketing expert with 6 years of experience in the hospitality sector. Leadership events at University while doing my MBA exposed me to unique selling and growth strategies that have acted as an impelling force towards my interest in pursuing a career as a Sales Manager and growth strategist.


I have recently completed my 2 years of work experience from (Your organisation’s name) which has equipped me to meet the customer service, sales and marketing standards of top hospitality companies.  I have negotiated several business development activities with Cluster Human Resource Directors and Country Managers of Luxury Hotel chains globally leading to an increase in annual turnover by almost 30% every year. My background in Sales and Marketing along with my work and educational exposure from Europe and the Middle East would help me connect better with diverse workgroups. My area of interest in Creativity and innovation in sales practices further connects me to the principles of an integrated strategy and long term values of my organisation.


Limitations of my organisation to offer me more learning and growth opportunities due to a smaller market segment has propelled me in applying for this opportunity. My hospitality network both at personal and professional level along with essential Sales and marketing skills gained during my experience in 6 years will help me become a successful Sales Manager and a brand ambassador of your firm. Looking forward to discussing the opportunities with you.





Now Moving to crucial and actionable tips to creating a perfect hospitality cover letter.

Use these to personalise your cover letter based on the above prototype.

You can find a lot more of cover letter samples on the worldwide web. Simply type the below keywords in the Google search and you will never be short of options:

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In order to write a good hospitality cover letter, you need to do some research. 

So here’s the first crucial tip for writing your perfect application letter for hospitality and travel jobs.


  1. Keep your hospitality cover letter personalised (Generic applications are not welcomed at all)


It is absolutely crucial to know who you are addressing. It could be a recruiter, human resource manager, General Manager, Executive chef or someone else.

Next, it is equally important to know about the accuracy of the information. Thus read the job advert carefully to address the correct person.

Remember the first impression is crucial.


You could also do some research on the corporate structure, culture and values as well as nuances and details of your desired job so you can mention them in your cover letter. 

All of this will show that you are truly interested in that job and that you care enough to find out more. 


2. Tailor your application letter around the objectives of the organisation


One of the most common mistakes hospitality candidates make is not tailoring their cover letters each time they apply. 

It is important to make the first impression perfect.

Requirements of the top hospitality organisations will be difficult from boutique hotels. So, know your employer well.

Recruiters and HR Managers have experience of reading hundreds of application letters and resumes daily.

A fresh and unique cover letter is thus a breath of fresh air for them and that will give them good vibes about your candidates for your desired hospitality job.


3. Work on your writing skills – Proofreading and editing


Making grammar and spelling mistakes will not get you far in your career. 

Use free services like Grammarly to proofread and edit your cover letter. The worst thing for your employer can be to see dozens of grammatical and spelling errors.

Let someone else from the hospitality industry proofread it once you have edited your hospitality cover letter and checked them for errors using tools like Grammarly.

Getting it checked from a colleague would help you add fresh insights to make the letter more compelling and appealing for recruiters.


4. Simplicity is the key to a successful hospitality cover letter


3 paragraph and half a page are all that is required to create a perfect hospitality industry cover letter.

Simplicity is a virtue that is hard to attain. So true is the statement.

The last thing a hospitality recruiter would like is an overly complex application letter. Make it simple for the recruiter to quickly read through the application letter.

Plus, while keeping it simple you make fewer mistakes. A win-win for all. Isn’t it.

This is even more important for hospitality industry jobs where the recruiters are dealing with hundreds of applications at once.

Have a look at the below sample of cover letter to know what we mean by simplicity here.



Image Courtesy- BalanceCareer



It is important to be concise, informative and compelling.

Try to avoid buzzwords and use action verbs like achieved, delivered, created, mobilised and so on.

Simpler the language, the better it is for the prospect of your hospitality job application.


5. Honesty is the best policy even in writing hospitality cover letters


It is important to be true to yourself.


Don’t lie or embellish your resume or your cover letter. 

Sooner or later, the truth will come out and you’ll get fired. Of course, everyone adds a bit to their resume but that works only if there is some truth to it. 

For instance, if you worked as a cashier at some point and you want to work as a receptionist, you could say that you had experience working with customers and dealing with their requests. However, it’s best to stick to the truth as much as possible. 


6. Sprinkle a few skills in your cover letter


It is important to use some hospitality skills smartly in the content of your cover letter.

Try to use skills that are required by your prospective employer or that which are expected in your role.

These help in strengthening your candidature for the role.

Use various hospitality synonyms like friendliness, amenability etc. within the cover letter to display your love and liking for the industry.


7. Always remember that Cover Letter is not equal to Resume


Please don’t confuse your cover letter with resume.

This is an application letter and you must attach a well-created hospitality resume with the application letter.

So, please don’t repeat information on the resume in the cover letter.

A cover letter is just a snapshot of your candidature which speaks volume of your personality, energy and expectations.

Leave the details of your education and work experience for the resume.

Your cover letter should create an eagerness in the mind of your hospitality recruiter to check details about you in your resume.

A good start to your application is what exactly your hospitality cover letter aims to achieve.



An application letter seems like an extinct age in the current technological era. However, it’s all about human interactions and thus cover letters still hold importance in job applications today.

In a way it has become more important as a properly created hospitality cover letter can do wonders to your job application.

It also makes the first impression in front of your recruiter and is a great start to a long term relationship.

Hope the above tips and samples would help you in creating a perfect application letter for your dream hospitality job.

Time to get set and go. Good luck!


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