Do we have another word for Hospitality or hospitality synonyms that fits the purpose?

‘Friendliness’, ‘Warmth’, ‘hospice’ etc. are worthy synonyms for hospitality but still don’t express hospitality holistically.

When we try to define hospitality, it is always an intriguing query if there are many words available which can be used in place of hospitality like most of the other words.

So, can there be another word for Hospitality? It is this that we are going to explore in this post.

Hospitality is a word with symbolic meaning. It’s an institution, a belief, a culture. Wouldn’t you agree? Let’s try to first quickly use a hospitality quote, to sum up, the feeling while exploring hospitality synonyms.

                 Hospitality professionals around the world come from various backgrounds, religions or beliefs but are united by the word ‘Hospitality’.

Another word for Hospitality- Hospitality Synonyms

According to Thesaurus and Merriem-Webster, Hospitality is a noun that means friendly or courteous treatment of others, especially guests or strangers.

Some possible antonyms for hospitality are unfriendliness, rudeness, boldness, disrespect, impoliteness, incivility, discourtesy, and insolence. This is very much applicable even in the context of hospitality businesses.

Some related words for hospitality are accommodation, companionship, warmth, reception, and hospitableness.

‘Hospice’ is another term which has its essence attached to Hospitality.

One of our earlier posts covers the Background of the Hospitality Industry in detail.

When you look for related words of hospitality in Power Thesaurus, you get the words below:

 Empathy, peace, antidote, love, acceptance etc.

Hospitality is related to love, peace and acceptance. But, even these can’t explain the word hospitality.

Hospitality is like a religion or a culture which is focused towards service.

Hospitality professionals, Hoteliers and Travellers are fond of the word ‘Hospitality’. It is one of the very few words which touches the lives of everyone.

We will, however, keep our post centred towards the meaning of the word in the context of the hospitality industry.

So, can the exploration of another word for hospitality take us to a more robust definition of the hospitality industry?

We are not making any claims here. We just want to provide food for thought to all hoteliers who can carry the discussion further.

Can there be another word for Hospitality

Let’s continue the exploration.

So, here’s the question again. What can be the best synonym for the word ‘Hospitality’?

Let’s begin with words which mean the same as hospitality or have a meaning quite similar to it.

We tried searching for another word for Hospitality on Google.

Google came up with these suggestions as is depicted in the image below.

Another word for hospitality synonyms

So, let’s put some of these alternate words or hospitality synonyms here:

  • Friendliness
  • Warmth
  • Amicability
  • Cordiality
  • Congeniality
  • Neighbourliness
  • Amenability

etc. are the words that we get as suggested Hospitality synonyms.

Well, while these words are related to Hospitality can they explain the essence of Hospitality? Can any of these worlds cover Hospitality in totality?

Explaining the Synonyms of Hospitality Industry

To discuss this further,  let’s first go through a few definitions of ‘Hospitality’ to explain the synonyms in a better way.

While trying to find a worthy hospitality synonym or other words that can describe hospitality, we must understand that it is not just a word, it’s a feeling.

The essence of the hospitality industry is difficult to be summed up in a word. It means many things and the meaning can be different when viewed from different perspectives.

According to Hospitality is:

“The friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers.”

This is the most popular one and gives a good direction to look for a suitable hospitality synonym. According to Wikipedia :

             “Hospitality refers to the relationship between a guest and a host, wherein the host receives the guest with goodwill, including the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”

There is another good one. According to Learner’s Dictionary, hospitality is:

“The activity of providing food, drinks, etc. for people who are the guests or customers of an organization.”

This hospitality definition would resonate the most with hotel industry professionals. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Hospitality is:

“The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.”

‘Hospitality’ as a word can have thousands of words related to it but we were not able to find another word for hospitality or a perfect synonym.

This video tries to capture the essence of hospitality beautifully. It focuses on our earlier discussion of Hospitality being more about intangibles and more about the people. It begins with us, the 7 Billion of us.

We can go on and on but as we can make out from all the above definitions, hospitality is more about the intangibles.

All these definitions have directed us towards things that we can only feel and are not entirely physical or tangible.

So, is ‘Hospitality’ more of a belief that can’t be explained in words?

Can there be other phrases or words for hospitality with the same essence?


‘Hospitality’ as a word seems irreplaceable. Isn’t it? There is a history behind it. We are attached to it and somehow the word explains the feeling in the right manner.

It is so very much embodied in the culture that like other words synonyms of hospitality are very sparsely explored.

It is due to this reason we have explored this in detail in this post.

All the hoteliers and hospitality professionals have made this word even more special.

If you think there can be a word or a short definition that can embody the essence of hospitality, please continue the discussion on the official LinkedIn page of the Global Hospitality Portal or SOEG Hospitality.

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