Picture this: You’ve just graduated high school, and you’re at your first interview. You’ve done your homework and have learned everything about the company. You have the right skills, and your qualifications are up to par. You’re sitting facing the interviewer, confident about everything, knowing that they can’t surprise you. The interview went smoothly. Nothing comes up unexpectedly.

You get a positive vibe from the interviewer and feel the job is as good as yours. After giving a good answer to the last question, the interviews follow it with a question: “What is your greatest strength?” You’re taken aback. Not to show your hesitancy, you blurt out, “Hard work.” The recruiters seem silent, as though asking for more. But you don’t know whether to describe more about your strengths or say several things you’re good at. Although there are no right or wrong answers during interviews, when it comes to replying to “What is your greatest strength?” there is a specific way to answer it.

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If you’re wondering what, then you’re at the right place. The following blog offers insight into answering this puzzling question. We’ll give a step-by-step guide for constructing the right answer. And not only that but depending on your academic level, we’ll offer some “what is your greatest strength” answer samples that you can use to get inspiration. So, whether you’re a fresh graduate or a seasoned professional, the blog is your key to answering the most intimidating question of the job interview.

How Do You Answer “What Is Your Greatest Strength” in Interview Question:

To help you get the perfect reply to “What is your greatest strength?” We’ve broken it down into two parts to make things easier. The first part focuses on your recruiter’s intent from the question, and the second part focuses on the way to structure your reply.

What Does the Interviewer Want?

The interviewer doesn’t just ask this question for fun, and they don’t expect an answer straight from a guidebook. Instead, they want to evaluate three things. Those are:

  • They want to know if you know your strengths
  • They want to know if you’re honest.
  • They want to know if your proposed strengths are a good fit for the job.

So, your answer shouldn’t just be a one-word answer but a brief summation that answers all three points.

The Formula for the Perfect Reply to “What is Your Greatest Strength”:

So, how do you answer the question? There are many examples available like the below image from Slideshare.

Well, if you’re looking for the perfect reply, you need to ensure that it relates to the above three points. Although you can list down skills you mastered that you know are also perfect for the role, how can you tell the interviewer that you’re honest? Well, the best way is through mentioning your strengths through relevant examples. Examples can showcase that you’re not making stuff up but have used the strength in a situation.

Consider this: you believe your strength is your hard work! Do you have any recent situations where your strength helped? Or maybe time management is something you’re proud of. In this case, when was the last time your strength played in your favor? So, rather than get intimidated by the question, you need to quickly analyze your recruiter’s intent and give a relevant answer to it.

Here’s a simple formula to help you construct your reply to “What is your greatest Strength?”:

  • State your strength
  • Provide a relevant example of when you made use of your strength.
  • Explain how it helped.

“What Is Your Greatest Strength” Answer Samples

Now, given your academic qualifications, your answer will vary. A graduate answer would be different compared to a professional. A student would respond differently to a service industry professional. So, depending on where you stand, we’ve crafted some responses. Here is “What is your greatest strength?” answer samples for inspiration.

1.     Greatest Strength Answer Sample for Experienced Professionals:

I’m an experienced copywriter. My former jobs were all about crafting compelling content. So far, I’ve worked on a range of content, from email marketing, website copy, articles, blogs, and social media posts. I’ve also explored the field of ghostwriting while working on a freelance project. In addition, I’ve also done guest post blogs, such as Blog A and Blog B.

2.     Greatest Strength Answer Sample for Recent Graduate:

I would say my key strength would be my ability to work under pressure. There have been various situations during my days studying at university where this strength has allowed me to persevere. Once, I recall having to work on a Group project. We had to create a presentation on the Consequences of unethical business practices. At the start of our project, we had divided the project into sections. I did my part before the expected deadlines. But the others didn’t respond. A day before, when I asked my group members about the project, they told me nothing was done, and even the team lead had no idea how to get it done. In these stressful conditions, I was able to get the team back on track and guided them on how to create their respective sections. We were barely able to give our presentation but were able to pass with a decent grade.

3.     Greatest Strength Answer Sample for the Service Industry:

I consider myself as a team player when it comes to strength. With over 5+ years of experience in the service industry, I have been able to remain engaging and enthusiastic while working with my team. I even managed to work with them under tight deadlines and stressful conditions. 

For example, in the hospitality industry, you would be asked this question and you are expected to come up with a precise and succinct answer. If you are a hospitality professional, this is one of the most common hotel industry questions that you would want to practice beforehand.

4.     Greatest Strength Answer Sample for University Admissions:

My greatest strength is my time-management skills. I believe that to work efficiently, managing time is crucial. I’ve created a complete schedule for every day to help manage my studies and day-to-day routine. My reason for this job role also stems from the fact that I had some time in my schedule for which I want to invest in my work experience.

Final Note!

In conclusion, some questions can be intimidating during an interview, but with the right approach, you’ll be able to answer them. Although there’s no perfect reply to “What is your greatest strength?”, but by following the right steps, you’re sure to give an answer to remember.


1.    How Do I Describe My Greatest Strength?

To describe your greatest strengths, you must first state them and then offer an example of how that strength has helped you in the past. The more detailed answer, the better.

2.    What are Three Good Strengths to Say?

Some strengths that any recruiter looks for include hard work, time management, and teamwork. Make sure to offer a relevant example of how these strengths helped you if you plan on using them.

3.    What’s Your Greatest Weakness Answer?

The best way to answer this question is by stating a skill that isn’t essential to the company in any way.

4.    How do you Answer “What Are Your Core Strengths”?

You can answer it the same way as answering the question, “What is your greatest strength?”

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