These Are the Healthiest Fast Food Chains

Let’s be honest; everyone is guilty of grabbing a sandwich or burger from a fast food restaurant. We enjoy the convenience and quick service. 

So, let’s dedicate this post for the healthiest fast food chains around the world.

With all food chains going green and including organic food now, healthy foodies are the biggest market of customers to acquire now.

There was a time when everyone hurried for a burger or a quick bite from the fast food outlet.

But, forget about the fact that fast food chains are associated with junk food, here’s a list of healthy fast food chains where you can grab a hearty meal.

1. Bon Au Pain

Bon Au Pain is a pioneer in the healthy fast food scene.

If you want to know how to eat healthy at fast food chains, you should definitely start with Au Bon Pain menu that comprises healthy soups, sandwiches, salads, and hot entrees made with veggies, whole grains, and hormone-free chicken.

Louis Kane started three decades ago, what was to become one of the healthiest fast food chains of recent times.

With its headquarters in Boston, USA; Bon Au Pain has over 300 global cafes around the globe and expanding at a rapid pace.

The best thing is that you can search for your health food options. May it be gluten-free breakfast meal or a low sodium diet or a vegan diet. Just skim through its menu for an ideal diet.

2. Panera Bread

With over 1230 outlets across the US and Canada, Panera Bread is one of the frontiers when it comes to healthy fast food restaurants.

As you might have already inferred from its name, Panera Bread is a bakery cafe-based fast food restaurant chain.

The chain serves sandwiches made with whole-grain pieces of bread, salads, half-sized soups, and antibiotic/hormone-free chicken.

3. Noodles and Company

Noodles and Company have defined itself to become one of the healthiest fast food chains today.

Forget about greasy Asian meals found in food courts.

The company has cut the great out with its use of soybean oil.

You can get a bowl of noodles with lean proteins, including hormone-free chicken, shrimp, beef, and organic tofu.

4. Chipotle

The allure of healthy dishes served by Chipotle lies in the fact that the healthy fast food chain puts you in control.

That means you get to pick the ingredients that go into your burrito.

As a buffet-style eatery, Chipotle allows you to add tinges of green tomatillo salsa and fajita veggies to your burritos.

5. Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar brings the best out of Mexican cuisine with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Here, think in the line of fish and other healthier alternatives to chicken and beef.

Taco Del Mar uses whole grain ingredients including whole-wheat tortillas for their burritos.

They have also eliminated the use of lard in their beans.

Even better, they bake their taco shells and fish instead of frying them.

6. McDonald’s (surprise!)

Of all the heavy-weight burger houses, McDonald’s has overhauled its menu to offer healthier meals.

It’s Happy Meals, for instance, now comes with Apple splits and low-fat caramel in place of fries. You can also score fruit juice or low-fat milk instead of sodas.

Even McDonald’s fries are now cooked in healthy canola oil.


Here you go, a quick list of the healthiest fast food chains. This is not all, even chains like Pizza Hut and Dominos are ensuring that health-conscious customers are not left alone.

Thanks to the innovative Pizza-Chefs who ensure that new healthier option replaces the less healthy Pizzas.

Well, there are a lot of options for your healthy appetite.

We will keep updating this space in the future for more options. So, keep coming back and look out for what’s new in hospitality on our portal.