The Story of Abandoned Ghost Palace Hotel in Bali Indonesia

The palace speaks of its illustrious past. Locals now call it the ghost palace and it must be worth over a $100 million. Still set up in a serene and scenic backdrop, this abandoned Ghost Palace in Bali has so many stories engulfed within itself.

Once part of a plan to be an expensive project to come up as one of the luxurious properties of Indonesia, the doors never opened to the public. A lull remains behind the reasons that might have been behind preventing such an illustrious project to see daylight.

The furnishing and marble flooring are still intact but for an unknown reason, the hotel is now up for sale.

The Hotel is guarded at the front gate and those willing to pay a visit to this Ghost palace can do so by shelling as little as $1.

PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and resort, a.k.a Ghost Palace in Bali, Indonesia is still a tourist spot but as an abandoned haunted palace. The complex was built in the 1990s but could never see an opening.

The Story of Ghost Palace Bali

Ghost tourism is becoming more and more popular now. It’s quite an astonishing fact about the hospitality industry to see Ghost hunting becoming increasing popular with time.

While various types of Adventure tourism has always been popular for all kind of travellers across the world but probably ghost tours are going to be competing with a lot of other forms of adventure.

And, thus we have ensured that this Ghost Palace in Bali gets a special mention in one of our posts because of the associated facts that make it interesting as well as spooky.

So, let’s get on with the story. Spoiler alert!- there are no ghost images or videos in any of the travel mentions to this place.

The spookiness is more due to this history and location. It’s a beautiful palace which would have been a luxury hotel, but history had some other plans making it a huge haunted mansion instead.

The Story behind the haunted Ghost Palace in Bali

The Ghost Palace Hotel, typically called the PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort, has a rich history to it, but today, weeds and bugs have taken it over.

There are all kinds of stories that envelop the Ghost Palace.

According to one story, the real estate developer was corrupt in his business practices and then cursed. It led to him becoming bankrupt.

According to a second story, the hotel was open to guests and workers who just disappeared one night.

And, it’s them who roam the halls of the hotel.  Others seem to think the hotel’s supernatural presence is the result of the spirits of the dead construction workers.

The accuracy of the hotel’s history cannot be officially determined. Its thought that it was started in the 1990s (the best estimate is 1997) and as a pet project of Tommy Suharto, the son of former Indonesian President Suharto.

The younger Suharto was sentenced to prison for ordering the assassination of an Indonesian Supreme Court judge.

This judge has found him guilty of corruption charges.  When this occurred, the hotel’s construction came to a full stop and is yet to start again.

It’s been abandoned for more than 10 years, and the building has many of the hotel fixtures and furnishings for its guests.

People do visit this place which would have been a great hotel otherwise but to experience the unease and spookiness in the wild scenic surroundings.

Lots of travel bloggers have given this quiet and spooky Ghost Palace in Bali, the attention that it demands. And, the place doesn’t disappoint its visitors. You would find creepy creepers moving wildly in the restless breeze at this haunted place.

The Hotel which once expected elite guests to inhabit it now is shrouded with ghost stories.

Should you visit the Haunted Ghost Palace Hotel and how?

Well depends on your choice.

If you are one of those adventure tourists who love haunted places, then go for it. Let’s be fair to this place. The hotel, which is located on Mountain Ridge, is sure to give some breathtaking views.

Well, we don’t expect you to visit Indonesia just to visit this Ghost Palace. So, if this looks interesting, we found a detailed video filmed by some adventure tourists.

Through this video, you can explore the beauty of PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel and Resort which never saw an opening.

If you are looking to visit the place, Google Maps shows up this address which seems pretty much accurate based on reviews and pictures posted.

This says as permanently closed though and is not managed as a tourist site and thus is not well maintained. 

Yes, it’s said as the Hotel Pondok Indah and is in Baturiti. Check out the reviews as they justify our effort to dedicate a complete article to this abandoned Ghost Palace Hotel.

The views seem to be breathtaking and there is enough spookiness inside to thrill adventure lovers and nature lovers alike.

Haunted places across the world- A New wave of tourism

If Indonesia is not in your travel plans as yet, you can still nurture your new-found love of ghost dates.

Ghost hunting is getting more popular than ever. Haunted Places have been garnering eyeballs all across the globe now. Various intentional and unintentional promotion of paranormal activities has raised the interest of tourists to these destinations.

This has led to a new type of tourism when tourists visit these places to experience paranormal activities.

A lot of places and hotels promote themselves as haunted places to promote ghost hunting and to experience paranormal activities.

Ghost Palace in Bali Indonesia is just one of the many haunted hotels around the world that have become an attraction for tourists.

A lot of these hotels unlike the Ghost Palace Bali are luxury hotels which continue to welcome tourists from all around the globe and ensures the guest experience luxury along with occasional haunted encounters.

So, if your love for ghosts is on the rise, so are the places to experience them.