In this article, we have listed a selection of the 15 most haunted hotels in the world.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you experienced paranormal activities?

Have you experienced paranormal activities?

A lot of these are luxury hotels but reading through this article will make you believe that at times when we travel or stay in these hotels, we are not alone.

There is a certain belief about ghosts, which is accepted by many people and is considered a hoax by a lot of others.

There are various locations in the world that claim to have unexplainable incidents that can only be endorsed by the hauntings of the dead.

Experiencing such events is considered to be a unique thrilling episode by many, but what about the one experiencing it?

Here is the list of the most haunted hotels in the world.  In future updates, we will keep adding to the list.

So, keep looking at this space for further additions.

Some of these hotels could very well feature on our list of the best Luxury resorts in the world or on our list of most beautiful hotels.

But, they are here on this list and for a reason. They are all haunted!

1. Queen Anne Hotel – San Francisco

A journey to the most haunted hotels begins with the Silicon Valley of the world.

The Queen Anne Hotel was basically constructed as a school hostel named Miss Mary Lake’s School for Girls.

This place is known for Ghost hunting and Ghost stories.

The hotel is actually a historic Victorian mansion from the year 1890, which is situated in the upscale Pacific Heights located in San Francisco.

According to some of the assumptions, the hotel is said to be among the haunted hotels because of the ghost of the headmistress herself, as the school was sold against her will.

It is said that her ghost still roams around the hotel, fiddling with the Victorian establishment. It is said that room 410 still comprises the spirit.

2.  Fairmont Banff Springs Canada

Lush green surroundings, snow-capped mountains, and serene surroundings make a perfect recipe for a great vacation.

Doesn’t it?

Well, not always. It can also include some paranormal experiences and some spooky moments.

This beautiful haunted hotel has everything that makes it a must-watch.

Fairmont Banff Springs is an awesome yet haunted hotel.

Image Courtesy- Accor

The 9th floor of the hotel is what gets the maximum eyeballs from tourists as well as staff members.

A bellhop dressed in full uniform appears in front of the guests and offers help. This friendly spirit would however not leave without helping guests in some form or the other.

One of the employees Sam who died upon the announcement of retirement in 1967 is supposed to have made his duty floor his new home after death.

This haunted hotel has another occasional experience on the staircase. A bride who tumbled to death on her wedding day is still felt occasionally by staff and guests.

It is a historic site and is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites and attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world.

The place has received a lot of great reviews on TripAdvisor from guests from all over and is one of the most desirable hotels in the area.

3.  Hotel Roosevelt – Hollywood

Hotel Roosevelt is among the haunted hotels in Hollywood due to the presence of ghosts, which have been repeatedly reported by the staff as well as the visitors to the hotel.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the popular upscale hotels in the area showing its presence since the 1920s. It has, however, also been voted by many magazines and articles as one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

There also have been frequent reports of the sense of the presence of another spirit in the mirrors and near the pool area of the hotel.

According to these rumours, the ghosts of the late actors Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe have been seen multiple times in the glamorous Hotel Roosevelt. Marilyn Monroe was reportedly seen in the mirror in her favourite suite.

The presence of a definitive cold spot in the hotel either frightens away the visitors or attracts a lot of new ones.

4.  The Langham London

The ghost stories from the hospitality industry of the United Kingdom are endless.

A lot of historic places have reportedly admitted that these are haunted and thus the management only advises tourists to visit in groups.

A lot of these are also popular for Ghost hunting trips and to experience paranormal activities.

The Langham is genuinely an excellent hotel.

This is particularly true for historical sites, palaces and historic hotels.

The Langham Hotel London has had several instances when the ghost of the German prince was reportedly spotted multiple times.

Napoleon III is still spotted in the basements at certain times if reports are to be believed and there have been other instances of ghost experiences which make it spooky at times.

The Langham London is an upscale hotel that is also a member of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’ marketing consortium.

This 5-star hotel is an extremely popular luxury hotel in London which has been in existence for over 150 years.

A deserving member of our list of most haunted hotels in the world. Isn’t it?

5.  The Stanley Hotel – Colorado

If you are excited about ghost tours and ghost hunting, this is a must-visit place.

You can be excited by the feeling or observation of paranormal activities; you can be frightened but for sure you can’t ignore it.

Since the 1970s, the Stanley Hotel has been famous for the repetition of numerous paranormal investigations.

Here are some legends that make it one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

The guests of the hotel stated to have encountered paranormal activities multiple times in the Billiards Room and the music room, messing with the piano present in the room.

The hotel offers ghost tours and ghost hunts every night, which gives the guests the opportunity to discover or even encounter ghosts.

The Stanley Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in Colorado because of these factors. Some of the guests also reported having seen some girls giggling and running around the fourth floor.

This arguably is one of the regular members of the top haunted hotels in the world list. You can read more about the haunted stories at The Stanley Hotel on their official website.

6.  Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taiwan

This hotel is reportedly built on the site of a concentration camp from World War II.

Hyatt seems to have taken all precautions in terms of getting rid of the elusive haunted hotel tag.

Grand Hyatt Taipei used Feng Sui and other methods to ensure that the guests were never ever out of their comfort zones however even after all their efforts, they might have failed to bury the ghosts forever.

If reports are to be believed, a lot of paranormal activities over the past couple of decades have been experienced and reported. A lot of reviews make this one of the most haunted places.

A popular belief here is that if you end up in one of the most haunted rooms, it might not be fun for the light-hearted. However, the positive reports of excellent stays outweigh paranormal experiences.

The hotel is an upscale and luxury property of Hyatt which seems to have embraced the past now. Going through guest reviews might give a better idea of what can be expected out of your stay.

7.  Hotel Chelsea – New York City 

This is another one of the historic properties that has the unofficial haunted hotel tag attached to its brand.

This place was built in the 1880s and if rumours are to be believed you can experience living with the dead legends here. It is thus one of the most haunted hotels in the world.

This hotel is said to be built for prestigious guests like Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. However, it is said that Dylan Thomas, the famous poet, never left the hotel after his death due to excessive drinking.

There are also infrequent appearances of the ghosts of many other people who died mysteriously in one way or another within the hotel.

There are various famous personalities who have resided in Hotel Chelsea, even after the rumours of the presence of ghosts in the hotel.

This hotel is registered as a historic hotel in the US Registry of Historic Places. The hotel lost its lustre and the once-loved place of artists became just a spooky resemblance to its glorious past.

8.  Castle Leslie, County Monaghan, Ireland

The hotel was built in 1871 and is now a luxury hotel loved by guests from all over the world.

The Castle is set in 1000 acre space with extremely scenic neighbourhoods.

However, there has always been spookiness in this place.

Guests have experienced a dusky monk in the banquet hall while Lady Constance and Norman Leslie seem to have stayed here after death.

This place is a luxury by all means but has given few guests some paranormal experience in the past.

Most of these, however, have not been frightening. As yet!

9.  Hotel Del Coronado – San Diego

The Hotel Del Coronado is definitely an exquisite hotel that was constructed in the 1880s, the Victorian times. The Decor is exquisite with wall art and paintings that make the hotel even more attractive and spooky at times.

There are possibilities of several entities haunting the hotel all at once.

Several weird incidents have occurred in the hotel, with no logical explanations, such as the dead body of a lady on the staircase, and Kate Morgan’s suicide.

There is a properly aligned paranormal suspense attached to the death and identity of Kate Morgan.

The Hotel still attracts a lot of tourists and is one of the most exquisite resorts in the area.

Do these points make it one of the most haunted hotels? What do you think?

10. The Queen Mary – Long Beach

The Queen Mary is basically a luxurious ocean liner, which served as a cruise ship in the 1940s.

However, the Queen Mary is now serving as one of the most haunted hotels, which has become a tourist attraction because of the existence of a multitude of ghosts. Have a look at the official page to know more about Queen Mary Ghost encounters.

Queen Mary has been regarded by TIME magazines and NEWS sites as one of the top 10 haunted places in America. It is known as the ‘Haunted Ship’ and is one of the most popular ghost-hunting places in America.

Many mysterious deaths occurred on the ship, out of which John Pedder is the most prominent one.

The hotel is notorious for the presence of this ghost, as it is said that he pushes the people on tour.

11.  Omni Parker House – Boston

Situated in the heart of Boston the Omni Parker House, a hotel in Boston is said to be haunted by the late owner, Harvey Parker.

The owner was famous for his pleasant interaction with the guests, and now that he has passed away, most of the guests and the staff have recounted his ghost.

The room in which the ghost was repeatedly seen is now an unspecified storeroom. However, most of the guests and the staff have experienced paranormal activity on the 10th floor.

12. Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Another great addition to the list of most haunted hotels in the world.

The Dalhousie Castle was built in the 13th century and was later converted into a luxury hotel.

While there are a lot of stories to go with this popular honeymoon hotel, the most popular one is that of Lady Catherine.

This is one of the most haunted hotels in the UK with a lot of reports of spooky activities in and around this castle.

Also, the coveted title of the oldest inhabited Castle in Scotland might leave enough clues.

Lady Catherine starved to death in this castle after she locked herself up and the ghost stories of this lady have not eluded the Castle ever since.

There have been other unconfirmed reports of paranormal activities in this very old classy luxury castle hotel.

13.  The Bell Inn- Norfolk-England

This hotel is tailor-made to feature in every list of the most haunted hotels in the world.

The place is six centuries old and has a lot of stories to go with it making it worthy of the list of most haunted hotels in the world.

May it be the sound of kids playing to a hooded monk strolling around, the place is a hub spot for paranormal activities.

People have also claimed to have seen the ex-landlady among other paranormal activities experienced by guests and staff members.

A lot of Paranormal investigators have visited this site on several reports and have found this Hotel to be one of the most haunted hotels in the United Kingdom.

14.  Hawthorne Hotel, Salem- Massachusetts

The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem is also known as one of America’s most haunted hotels. There are more than a few stories which support the mysterious phenomenon of the presence of entities.

Established in 1925, the Hotel has gained a lot in reputation as well as paranormal activities.

After experiencing and listening to some of the encounters, most of the staff members refused to do night shifts in the hotel.

It is said that no one has ever seen paranormal activity but countless incidents of disturbances have been informed.

The movement of objects and the noise of the movements have been heard by both; the staff and the guests.

15.  Manresa Castle – Washington

This is a luxury hotel but it is also one of the most haunted hotels in America and around the world.

The Manresa Castle is said to be haunted by 2 ghosts, one of which is the ghost of a monk and the other is said to be the ghost of a young lady.

It is said that the drinking glasses present in the café either explode or are turned upside down mysteriously.

Many other incidents have been conveyed to the hotel management, but they cannot seem to do anything on the matter. However, entries to some of the rooms have been blocked for everyone.

There are a number of rumoured haunted hotels in the world, where the visitors themselves have reported bumping into strange things and events that are inexplicable to the understanding of the mind of the normal human being.


Here you go. an extensive list to ensure that the fans of ghost tourism and adventure tourism have enough to explore.

Hope you liked the compilation of the most haunted hotels in the world. We will keep on adding haunted hotels to the list in regular updates.

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