Amazing Underwater Restaurants of the World

Food and Beverage Industry is a delightful part of the hospitality industry. There are amazing restaurants and foodservice outlets to mesmerise us. In this post, we present a few of the many amazing underwater restaurants in the worlds.

The fabulous culinary experience is what it is expected by default at almost all hotels around the globe.

Even in restaurants, it is the culinary experience that is a pre-requisite.

Having said that, when we seek luxury and service, our focus shifts on the overall experience. Thus comes the theme which is equally important for a great experience.


When we visit a hospitality establishment, it is a break that we require, or some time out with the soulmate or just engaging in the theme for a heavenly experience altogether.

Themes are thus important as it helps you to connect to our own personality and enjoy the time with greater fulfilment.

In this post, we bring to you themed restaurants which are underwater.

Read on for our compilation of few of the amazing underwater restaurants of the world.


7 Amazing Underwater Restaurants in the world


  1. SEA Restaurant, Anantara Kihavah Villas, Maldives


Kihavah Anantara Maldives-Amazing Underwater Restaurants of the world


Aptly nаmеd, ЅЕА іs a part оf Anantara Κіhаvаh Villas and Resorts іn Маldіvеs. Іt’s lіkе аn aquarium, but fоr реорlе.

You need to experience the world’s first underwater wines cellar as of this unbelievable holiday resort in the Maldives.

This underwater restaurant is adult only and has a selection of wines spanning nine decades, made to match the premium delicacies.

Three metres beneath the surface, with only cup surfaces for maximum spectacle, you will see a range of sea life swimming, darting and dancing for yourself.

Located in one of the best resorts of Maldives, the place has a lot more to offer to all its tourists.

Get submerged in true Maldivian hospitality and choose the Lobster Treasures lunch for around $200, displaying four kinds of lobster, wagyu champagne and beef.

The ambience is compelling making it one of the best underwater restaurants in the world.


2. Al Mahara, Jumeirah Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai


Can it getter better than this? An Amazing underwater restaurant in the so-called  Only 7 Star hotel in the world- Burj Al Arab.


Burj-al-arab-al-mahara-Amazing Underwater Restaurants of the world


Being located in one of the Best Hotels in Dubai in itself makes it a special restaurant.

The floor-to-ceiling aquarium of this restaurant provides the impression to be underwater, even though you are connected to the exterior world.

The Al Mahara – means ‘The Oyster Shell’ in Arabic – is definitely the best seafood restaurant in Dubai, with specialities including poached Tsarkaya oysters, Wagyu Meat seared on the “plancha” and rib in orange angostura and syrup.

Finish with lemon and shortbread curd.

It is placed in Burj Al Arab which is an iconic luxury Hotel by Jumeirah in Dubai. This hotel according to many hoteliers is the best hotel in the world.

Regarded as a hospitality marvel, it has a host of the best luxuries hospitality industry is aware of.

So, if you are seeking amazing underwater experience mixed to luxury and unparalleled hospitality experience, this is where you need to visit.


3. Subsix, Niyama, Per Aquum, Maldives


Ѕubsіх іs 20 fееt bеlоw the Indian Осеаn and is only accessible bу bоаt from the Νіуаmа Rеsоrt. It is also the first underwater club. Yes, you got that right; an underwater club.

Located in one of the many Luxury Resorts in Maldives, this place is truly submerged in Maldivian hospitality.


Niyama Subsix Maldives- Amazing Underwater Restaurants of the world


Another jewel in the Maldives and one of the best underwater restaurants in the world, Subsix at the Per Aquum Vacation resort can be an underwater playground for get-together goers.

The club and restaurant are 500 metres out in the sea and six metres beneath the waterline.

It offers from private champagne breakfasts to intimate subaquatic lunches, wedding blessings, wine tastings, themed evenings and club nights.

This is again a true luxury mixed in Maldivian hospitality. All you get is great service, luxury and sumptuous meal in the laps of nature.

The sub-aquatic lunchtime targets light, fresh food desires etc. at around $150 per person for three courses.

This is the beauty of hospitality industry and you got to be there for a wonderful experience.


4.  Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo Undersea Area, Florida

Now, this is not a traditional underwater restaurant. It is an underwater lodge. You need to work for your lunch break at Jules’ in Florida.

The only path to gain access to the hotel is by scuba diving. Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving in which a scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus called scuba to breathe underwater.


Jules undersea lodge Florida

Knock knock- Room service

Located in the key area of Largo Lagoon, this is the world’s first complete underwater hotel.

It’s somewhere between the hotel and a study lab – they have overnight package offer of (approximately $750 for just two people) which include all scuba gear, snacks, breakfast and their world-famous pizza delivery service.

For individuals who don’t like the idea of sleeping in a research lab and watching the fishes enticing, you can pick to go to the underwater hotel for pizza lunch only ($140).


5. Cargo Keep, uShaka Sea World, Durban, South Africa


uShaka- amazing underwater restaurants

Image Courtesy- Times Live

Okay, you caught that. The restaurant isn’t actually underwater, but you’ll be nestled in the stern of South Africa’s renowned ghost dispatch ‘The Phantom’, with superb views of the sea and a shark container.

This is a place which was a must for our list due to the unique themed experience it offers. A place which is a must-visit in South Africa.

Be sure you request a desk near the wine glass to get right up close and personal with the sharks, as you dine on freshly shucked oysters ($1.5 each), white wine mussels ($5) and seared salmon dished up with a sticky teriyaki sauce and pesto mashed potato ($10).

If you fancy, go all out for crayfish, prawns, mussels, calamari, lines seafood and langoustines ($45).


6.  Poseidon Undersea Holiday resort, Fiji


Poseidon-dining-Amazing Underwater Restaurants of the World


Now, this is another twist in the tale. Another not to miss an all underwater experience. Poseidon packages are to be the only underwater vacation resort packages on the globe completely.

It is sure to be one of the finest underwater restaurants of the world. When it opens, the island shall include 225 acres and is also surrounded by a 5,000-acre lagoon for snorkelling, exploring and diving.

The holiday resort shall include two fine eating options; one on land and one below the ocean, offering gourmet fare.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this great underwater restaurant. It is added because of its numerous values.

The resort has started taking advance bookings. If you plan to travel to Fiji, this is a must add on. It is also a must add on to your list of underwater restaurants.


7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 

Іthаа Underwater Restaurants іn Маldіvеs hаs sеvеrаl distinctions attached to its name. Іt wаs the first undersea restaurant in the world when it opened in 2005.

It hаs also bееn ranked bу Тhе Dаіlу Меаl аs one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world and also one of the most romantic restaurants.

Romance is in the air at this restaurant. We have another post that lists Most Romantic Hotels in the world, but this one is a must in all romantic restaurants lists.

To be at this place, you need to earn it as this underwater restaurant is normally booked well in advance.

Lосаtеd fіvе mеtеrs bеlоw the surfасе іn the Conrad Маldіvеs Rangali Island Hotel, Іthаа features раnоrаmіс views оf surrounding соrаl gardens and sea life.





Enjoy а seven-course mеаl оf dіshеs lіkе саvіаr, duсk, Маldіvіаn lobster саrрассіо, and bееf tenderloin fоr dіnnеr, оr а four-course lunch.

Ве prepared to shell out some bucks as lunch starts from аrоund $200 реr person and dіnnеr аrоund $300.

However, do not forget to bring а саmеrа with you. Еvеn аt night aquatic views is breathtaking and spectacular.


Hope you enjoyed a visual tour to a few of the best underwater restaurants in the world.

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