10 Unofficial 7-star Hotels in the World

We will start by busting a common myth. There is no official 7-star rating. But, we all love the unofficial 7-star rated hotels as it makes 5-star even grander. In this post, we have listed few of the best Unofficial 7-Star Hotels in the World.

A luxury vacation is all about experiencing luxury like royalty.

The 7-star experience is a cut above the rest because it is all about opulence and affluence. 7-star experience is not an official rating but a coveted rating given by various travel and hospitality sites and agencies as well as media houses.

The unofficial seven-star rating categorises the most expensive and luxurious hotels that are characterised by the best décor and style.


Here is a compilation of 10 unofficial 7-star hotels in the world:


Unofficial 7-star hotels in the world


1. Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Well, you have heard of this Hotel before. Haven’t you?

Check our earlier post on this 7-Star Hotel in Dubai.

The Burj Al Arab is by far the most highly rated 7-star hotel.

It stands on its own individual man-made island and is designed to look like a sail. It is without a doubt, Dubai’s pride.

Burj Al Arab Hotel has added another Marvel to add to the grandeur and that is ‘The Terrace- Burj Al Arab’


Burj Al Arab features in our list of Amazing Hotels in Dubai, but a few can match the opulence and luxury of this grand property.

It surely deserves the tag of the Unofficial 7-star Hotel.


2. Town House Galleria, Milan


Stay, shop and enjoy luxury.

If you want to enjoy sheer luxury in Milan, this is a place to be at.

This hotel is located in one of the world’s oldest shopping centres dating back to 1877.

It is famed for its range of luxury shops, expensive spas and of course the Town House Galleria.


If you are still wondering why does the feature in our list of unofficial 7-star hotels in the world, then look at few of the services on offer.

  1. Limousine Transfers
  2. Exclusive and Complimentary access to the famous ‘The World of Leonardo Da Vinci’ Museum.
  3. Exclusive Concierge services

and lots more. We forgot to mention the super luxurious suites, amazingly awesome wellness centre and amazing food outlets.


3. Morgan Plaza, Beijing


This hotel is popular because of its capacity to blend Chinese and European architectural elements and a large number of high-class requirements before anyone is allowed in.

It is now known as the Pangu 7 Star Hotel.

A super-luxury hotel as the name suggests.



Image Courtesy- Pangu Hotels 


It has multiple building complexes which have all the luxury of the hospitality industry in the house.

Explore more of the Hotel at their official website.


4. Laucala Island Resort, Fiji


This resort is exclusive and reserved for the rich and elite in society.

It is mainly frequented by the famous and rich celebrities of the world.

Set on a private island, this resort is elite.

It does not appear on our list of the Top Luxury Resorts in the world because we saved this Hotel for this elite list of Unofficial 7-star hotels.



Image courtesy-  Leading Hotels in the World 


Now, this is a resort that features in this list for more than one reason.

This is special for its luxury services and by these services we don’t only mean the grand villas, infinity pools, exquisite dining experience and one of the warmest hospitality experience.

There is a lot more which include the likes of the below experiences.

  1. Underwater diving
  2. 18 hole golf course
  3. Tour of the rainforest
  4. Horse riding
  5. Cultural activities and tours
  6. Surfing and lots more.


5. Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi


Another gem of the hospitality industry in Dubai. This hotel is a masterpiece of Kempinski Hotel group.

Also, this is one of the most famous unofficial 7-star hotels in the world.

The management never claims to have this 7-star status as there is no official organisation with a 7-star rating.



Image Courtesy- Kempinski 


One of our other posts explains all about the Star Ratings in the Hotel Industry.

It has a luxury marina, high-end fitness centre, private beach and what has been termed as the fastest internet in the region.


6. iSquare Hotel Orlando


Now, this might not be a very familiar one.

The USA has Diamond ratings and thus you would not find a lot of 7-Star Hotels in the popular lists.

iSquare Hotel in Orlando opened in 2018.

The 7-Star Status is already being given to it unofficially.

This for sure is going to be a gem of the Hospitality industry through its 23 stories and over 500 rooms Hotel.

The complex will also house a large mall and helipad. Have a look.




7. Abraj Kudai, Saudi Arabia


This is going to be in most of the future list of unofficial 7-star hotels in the world.

With over 10,000 rooms, 4 helipads and super luxury hospitality on offer, Abraj Kudai would be a hot cake for the Hotel industry.

This architectural gem is going to be the Largest hotel in the world.

The Hotel has met with expected as well as unexpected delays but is going to open doors to visitors soon.


Abraj Kudai Wold's largest Hotel Meccah Saudi Arabia


There are several other hotels which have been named 7-star hotel but have not been a part of many lists.


8. Full Moon Hotel IN Baku, Azerbaijan


This hotel has a unique shape and design that actually resembles the moon.


9. Flower of the East, Iran


Iran does not immediately inspire images of luxury, however, the Flower of the East hotel reigns supreme owing to its magnificence and epitome of architectural design.


10. ITC Grand Chola, India


This is a 7-star hotel in India located in the Chennai region and one of the unofficial 7-star hotels in the world.

It is the only luxury hotel of its kind in India to attain the unofficial 7-star rating.

It has all the luxury amenities of the hospitality industry and has become a well-known landmark in the region and the world.



Image by – ITC 


Here you go. Hope you liked the quick journey to a few of the unofficial 7-star hotels in the world.

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