Burj Al Arab Dubai- All about The The Unofficial 7 Star Hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai classifies itself as the only 7-star hotel in the whole world. And it deserves each and every star.

Think about it: has any other hotel in the globe pushed the envelope like Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai?

It has the necessary buzz, element of luxury and a brand name in Jumeirah group; all working for it.

No matter what dimension you look at, the hotel has made us rethink hospitality and opulence like never before.

Burj Al Arab Dubai has gained an emblematic and iconic status in its reasonably short tenure along Jumeirah beach.

No question; the legendary Burj Al Arab, the Luxury 7 star hotel in Dubai, has fascinated locals and international tourists alike.

It has ensured itself a remarking feat as it clinches the top position as one of the most photographed hotels in the entire world in a lot of review sites and travel magazines.

Burj Al Arab is not the only unofficial 7-star hotel. There are a lot of others in the hotel industry with this coveted tag. Thinking about the cost of the Hotel? Let’s give you a rough idea.

 A one-bedroom suite begins at $2,700 per night.

 The luxurious Royal Suite begins at $19,000 per night.

Let’s get on with some interesting facts about this iconic hotel now.

All About Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai- 7 Star Hotel Jumeirah Group

Interesting Burj Al Arab Hotel Facts

1. As you might expect, the hotel is perched by Ashen Sandy beaches and bordered by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf.

2. It’s the first hotel to rise beyond dizzying 1000 ft (305m), making it the world’s tallest hotel when it was made.

3. While it’s estimated that the hotel guzzled about $650 million to construct, the exact figure has always been evasive.

With enormous engineering ingenuity that went into its design and construction, it will not be surprising if the total cost plunges beyond a billion-dollar mark.

4. Though not surprising, Burj Al Arab Hotel room rates are the most exorbitant in the world.

Burj Al Arab cost per night ranges from $1000 to $15000 for its regular suites; the Royal Suite can rake in up to $28000 per night.

5. The hotel structure comprises 9000 tonnes of high-grade steel and 70000 cubic meters of concrete.

6. Believe it or not, the hotel stands on an artificial island contoured 280m off the coast.

7. According to Burj Al Arab Hotel information, despite its massive size, it only houses 28 double-storey floors and 202 bedroom suites.

8. Burj Al Arab visiting charges stand at around $123 (450AED), but you are required to have a dining reservation with one of the restaurants within the building.

Design of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

The designers of this amazing luxury hotel in Dubai had a billowing sail in their mind.

And they nailed it as the hotel soars a dizzying height of more than 320m, dwarfing other structures in Dubai’s skyline.

At night, Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai is quite an amazing sight.

With synchronised lighting, the whole building resembles both fire and water.

In a word, incredible. But, here’s the thing about this luxury 7-star hotel in Dubai that most visitors don’t know: there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.

All Image Courtesy- Burj Al Arab Official Website

About Burj Al Arab Dubai

Before we set off by mentioning what Burj Al Arab has in terms of facilities and amenities, it is important to discuss the luxury and riches at this hotel.

Burj Al Arab Dubai has been voted repeatedly as the most luxurious hotel in the world by several rating agencies.

And, why not so.?

It has all the reasons to achieve this enviable feat while competing with the best in the class in the hospitality industry.

It is an all-suite hotel with a reception desk on all floors.

For a hotel of this size, the number of suites stands at paltry 202.

I am sure you are not surprised by the number as what Burj Al Arab has ensured is the grandness in each of its suites.

With an option to have a Chauffeur driven Rolls Royce at your service and personal butlers to make sure the stay is comfortable, would you vouch for more?

This iconic hotel has the biggest fleet of Rolls Royce to make sure they never fall short of one.

Did you expect more?

Well, there isn’t a luxury that you won’t find here.

Why not fly into the rooftop helipads of the Burj Al Arab? You asked it and they made sure it’s available.

Want to feel a bit of this luxury. You can do so now without shelling out a penny.

You can have access to the 360-degree view of the exterior, lobby, atrium and few other areas of iconic Burj Al Arab.

Have a look here in this video that takes you to a 2 minutes tour of this iconic hotel.

Burj Al Arab Dubai offers unparalleled luxury

We spoke about the suites at Burj Al Arab but did we clarify that all these were duplex.

And, with most of these, you get the best of both worlds.

Scenic view of the skyline and the coastline.

The private sandy beach is an added pleasure when you top that up with 5 swimming pools with two of them being indoors.

The gold cutlery and gold plated fixtures add to the luxury quotient.

Well trained and extremely polite staff make sure that what you have in hand is an unmatched luxury unmatched in the hospitality industry.

Go and get spoilt in luxury and enjoy lovely food and drinks as the best chefs in the world strive to ensure the best gourmet delights for you to enjoy.

There are 9 restaurant and bars in the hotel including one of the most famous underwater restaurants in the world.

The location is a big advantage for Burj Al Arab as it has become an iconic structure and a much visit place for tourists from all around the globe.

With the new addition of an extravagantly built Terrace, the acclaimed 7-star hotel has added another feather to its luxury cap.

The Terrace- An innovation for Burj Al Arab

Luxury in the Hospitality industry and Burj Al Arab are synonymous. The iconic Jumeirah Group hotel has a distinct image in the hospitality industry. Luxury has a new name in the form of Burj Al Arab and there is another feather added to that luxury cap now.

The Terrace is a 10,800-square-foot deck that goes out 330 feet into the Persian Gulf. It has more than 30 air-conditioned cabanas, restaurant, bar, saltwater and freshwater pools and 400 sun loungers.

Unofficially argued as the first and only 7 Star Hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab has added a marvel to its list which is amusing visitors coming to Dubai.

Now the amazing luxury of Burj Al Arab can be explored even outdoors. May it be a fantastic view of the Arabian Gulf, the majestic view of the skyline or a perfect gaze at the horizon; you have it all here.

Have a look at the picture below and see it for yourself on what you can expect out of a luxury outing at the Terrace- Burj Al Arab.

Isn’t it amazing? It is indeed a hospitality experience unparalleled.

It’s located on an “artificial island of sand”, with 250 columns supporting it.

According to the Jumeirah Group, who owns the Burj Al Arab hotel, said the constructing and installing was designed to limit the amount of impact on the marine environment.

It also wanted to offer shade to the local fish and attract more undersea ecosystems that often cluster to the steel piles.

The infinity pools, bars and catering spaces make it an excellent outing for all involved. Not to forget the personalised butler service.

Hotel guests can partake in the atmosphere and Californian cuisine at the Scape Restaurant & Bar. Cabanas can be used by hotel guests and its members.

There are eight Royal Cabanas and 24 air-conditioned cabanas that overlook the city’s skyline, which can comfortably house four people and offers butler service.

The annual membership to ‘Terrace’ is $27,300 approximately.

Final note

And, we are not done as yet as we can’t simply get enough of Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai.

Talise Spa and fitness centre ensure that you maintain the calorie cycle to stay fit while you enjoy the riches at the hotel.

We can go on and on describing the luxury but as all good things come to an end, we will wind up this section leaving you with some excellent Burj Al Arab Hotel Facts.

When the doors to the Burj Al Arab opened back in 1999, it became the most imaginative building in the world. The shape of the sail in the sea looks a lot natural after 18 years. Back in the day, it was indeed a novel concept that has managed to maintain its quality and luxury to date.

The iconic hotel does have some competition now after a couple of decades of dominance. a lot of top Hotels in Dubai aim to provide a similar hospitality experience but, at a lower price.

This iconic structure has an excellent neighbourhood as it enjoys the company and proximity of Medinat by Jumeirah which is a model Arabian Town style luxury collection.

Hope you liked the compilation on the iconic Hotel Burj Al Arab which has in the years become synonymous with luxury in hospitality.

It has not only wowed its audience but also has ensured that it keeps pace with competition to stay ahead of the pack in providing luxury services. So far it has excelled in its endeavour and that too perfectly!