Affordable Hotels around the World

When travelling the world, it helps to find hotels to vacation in and stay in while exploring without having to cough up an exorbitant amount of money.

Fortunately, these gems are all over the world ranging from suites to bungalows among other modern and quaint versions.

The best thing is that affordable hotels around the world don’t have to be in a deplorable conditions.

It is possible to find amazing hotels that are quite affordable.

Top Hotel chains like Hilton are coming up with exciting concepts like the Tru by Hilton to capture the cost-conscious market.

While many of the famous hotels in the world are luxury hotel chains such as Hyatt or Hilton, there are affordable hotel chains that are lesser known and offer style and value for a fair price.

Even the Biggest Hospitality Chains are venturing into the affordable hotel space. These hotel chains have a line of exquisite affordable hotels in several countries.

Hilton Hotels have Tru By Hilton at an extremely affordable price.

Holiday Inn has the Holiday Inn Express at various global locations.

Marriott and Hyatt have their own line of affordable hotels as well.

However, there are plenty of hotel chains which have a history of delighting customers and are still considered extremely affordable.

If you are looking for both cheap and great hospitality, look for these hotel chains around the world:

NH Hotels

The NH hotels make one of the largest hotel chains in the world with properties in 26 countries mostly in Europe and South America.

The NH hotels are characterized by historic buildings with modern furnishing and offer great rates of $150 and below per night.

This Madrid based chain has a lot of exquisite yet affordable hotels which would amaze you.


This is a lifestyle chain that consists of 23 hotels in Europe and China.

They are mainly tech-oriented featuring a slick design and average-sized rooms which have free Wi-Fi among other perks.

Mostly located near airports and conference sites, they are conveniently accessible which adds to their marketability.


These are hotels run by the Wyndham Group and are stylishly designed featuring modern amenities and great social areas such as bars and lobbies.

Tryp hotels have properties in Europe, Canada, South America and the U.S. and usually charge less than $ 100 for a night.


The Ibis hotels are affordable hotels located all around the world and feature a minimalistic but convenient style throughout the properties.

With over 900 properties in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Australia which are often conveniently located in the business district and serve local dishes too, they provide a great opportunity to indulge in local culture and enjoy a vacation without spending a fortune.

At times you might find that affordable hotels of Ibis are serious pocket-friendly ones.

Traders Hotels

As its name seems to suggest, the hotels are home to mainly young business types who travel often.

Most of these are 4-star Business Hotels providing affordable luxuries.

It has a streamlined modern style and great service and mainly has properties in Asia and Middle East cities such as Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Qatar.

The rates range from one outpost to another but generally, a night goes for less than $150.

Room Mate Hotels

This affordable hotel chain boasts of 19 properties in cities such as Madrid, NYC, Florence, Buenos Aires, Miami, Mexico City, Istanbul and other Spanish cities.

Attracting mainly hip clients and party-goers the hotels are normally centrally located with a bar/lounge, DJ and extended breakfast times.

They are stylish with comfortable rooms that have Wi-Fi. They can also have an indoor pool, gym or other amenities.

Rates for the night are less than $200 and if you are lucky, they keep on having promotions that slash prices by a huge margin.


Here you go, a few lovely affordable hotel chains around the world.

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