Tajness by Indian Hotels Company Ltd- A Unique Taj experience

The Hospitality industry is all about care and service. Taj Hotels have always strived to be better than the best in terms of superior hospitality. Indian Hotels Company Ltd recently revealed its new notion known as Tajness, which promises to offer sincere care.

The company, which operates the chain of Taj group of hotels along with other hotel chains like Gateway, TajAir Vivanta etc., said Tajness was developed out of what the company was.

Sincerity would be highly stressed through its new brand promise, and Tajness will be shown in various forms – be it taste, feel, touch or smell.

Taj hotels seem to have perfected their craft of providing an unparalleled hospitality experience which you can feel even with your eyes closed.

They, definitely seem to have mastered the art of Service in the Hospitality industry.

They have given this a name – ‘Tajness’.

Have a look at the video below to know what to expect out of Tajness.

If you belong to the Indian subcontinent, you would have heard of Taj at some point in time. 

If you are a hospitality professional or a travel enthusiast, then you already have a bit of Tajness embedded in you.

And now before we proceed further to present interesting things about the ‘Tajness’ experience:

A Little About the Taj Hotels & The Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

For our Global readers- Taj group is known for its 5-star properties in exotic locations in India. The parent organisation, Indian Hotels Company Ltd was founded in 1899 and is part of the extremely reputed Tata Group.

It was founded by Jamsetji Tata who can be said to one of the most legendary hoteliers in the world.  The iconic Taj Mahal Mumbai was built under the guidance of Jamsetji Tata in 1903 and stands tall till date even after facing events like Indian independence, political movements, and terrorist attack to name a few.

With a lot of signature properties like Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai,  Taj Lake Palace in Udaipur, Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad among others, the Tajness experience will be an icing on the hospitality cake offered by the Taj Group of Hotels.

Some of the Hotels and resorts of the Taj Hotels are converted from iconic landmarks.

Tajness by Taj is a new concept, launched in end of 2017, to reflect on the culture of Taj built over decades of providing luxury hospitality services.

What is Tajness Experience?

It’s the philosophy at the Taj Hotels. Rather it’s the philosophy for hotels under the Indian Hotels Company Ltd.

Tajness is the Legendary Hospitality by Taj.

It includes a lot of things.

For example, Indian Hotels Company offers uniformity in music and fragrance in all its properties.

Hotels, roughly 100 total, are treated with jasmine. There are also some signature meals available at the hotel brands, which include Gateway and Vivanta.

Some Yoga, some wake-up rituals along with a bit of Indian taste and culture to go along with it.

The experience has a unique sense of hospitality services by the Taj Group of hotels which is unique in all Taj properties.

So wherever you go, you will have a bit of Tajness to carry with you even after you have checked out.

This can be experienced all across India at over 100 locations.

The idea is to redefine the customers’ experience in all properties and offer uniformity in quality, feel and look of the service.

For the change to occur, the company is committed to impeccable staff training for ‘Tajness’ to succeed at all Taj Properties.


Tajness is redefining experiences of sincere care

Tajness has been an excellent notion. There are various touch points – stationery, food, processes, linen, check-in, after-sales – all of them work together. Each element offers a unique feel. It’s what makes a brand.

Should Taj use visual, sensory and olfactory features, it will ensure that this experience is different from other experiences hotels offer.

Taj properties have several iconic properties in India and are by far the most trusted hospitality brands in India with competition from Oberoi Hotels, ITC and the Leela Group.

Tajness would help Taj Hotels Group to fortify its existing base and even encroach on the customer base of competitors.

‘Tajness’, should it succeed completely in the coming years, will be more than just a catchphrase.

And we believe that completely.