It’s true that humanity has seen many great accomplishments over the past several decades, but all it takes is one rogue problem to wreak a great deal of havoc for the global economy. 

Now it’s time to rebuild and restrategize our efforts to seek stable career paths that have been proven to withstand the Covid-19 crisis. 

A lot of people have lost jobs and a lot of jobs have been made redundant. Here are some career paths to consider in light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak. Some of these also feature on our list of best paying jobs in the world. Almost all of these are easy to get in but are highly rewarding in the longer term. Let’s have a look at 8 of these careers. 

1) Software Developer

If there’s one thing that’s sure to last for decades to come, it’s software development. 

Anyone who can program effectively and has a good head on their shoulders is bound to have a prosperous career ahead of them, and it all starts by upskilling in a language (or multiple!) of high demand. 

Thankfully, the software development landscape didn’t suffer much when Covid-19 was at its peak, which is why it is one of top work from home careers. 

Companies of all sizes depend on software developers to build, manage, and upgrade their software to create the foundations of their business. As more companies look to enter the digital economy and focus on offering users frictionless experiences, software developers will be in demand for a long time.

2) SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are highly valuable in the Internet age as they can handle marketing optimization, web analysis, and competitor research. They’re responsible for improving a website’s visibility in search engine results and overall play an integral role in driving traffic to businesses—increasing and improving customer and company touchpoints.

They are also savvy about what content is needed to rank highly in search engines, as they possess skills that can assist with content creation. 

SEO specialists are one of the most sought after job roles today within the advertising and marketing industry, making SEO a valuable tool to learn and specialize in.

3) Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing has become more relevant than ever, especially with how COVID forces many people to their homes and the decreased physical options for downtime. 

Marketing and branding are closely tied together with social media, especially with new forms of non-traditional advertising such as influencer marketing. 

Some social media platforms that are popular today are Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Internet users love sharing content and posting pictures— and being adept at knowing what the consumers want can make you an asset to any marketing team or business. This makes social media marketing a viable career option to dive into. 

4) UX Designer

A user experience designer is responsible for making a website more usable, accessible, and valuable to users. 

It requires a creative touch and a logical understanding of how to bring their creativity into a workable website or software. They design the interaction between people and technology—ensuring that both systems work as seamlessly and smoothly as possible. 

With so many of us using smartphones, tablets, laptops, and various other screens to complete our daily tasks in life (and especially in work), this career path is bound to grow and stay relevant throughout the years to come.

5) eCommerce specialists

Purchasing online is no longer a novelty and e-commerce is on the uptrend, especially with COVID-19 solidifying online purchases as a valid and even only option. 

With the booming technology and e-commerce industry, there’s a myriad of positions for those who can strategize, market, and effectively manage an online presence. 

Becoming an eCommerce specialist not only helps you stay on top of the rampant digitization of product sales, but it also allows you to understand how a customer-centric business can grow over time—which can be handy if you want to jump into entrepreneurship in the near future.

6) Healthcare Providers

With COVID-19 becoming an arduous threat that’s proven to be difficult to stabilise, careers in the medical field are set to boom. 

Healthcare providers will be at the frontline of this epidemic, especially with the population growing older and older.

Besides doctors, hospitals and clinics will also need nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists to assist with this outbreak. In addition, emergency services workers and paramedics who are deployed in case of COVID-19 outbreaks will be a necessity as well.

7) Logistics Officer

Logistics officers are great career paths for innovators and visionaries. They will have to work with the government in planning for the worst-case scenario, which could come in the form of having a COVID-19 outbreak in some isolated community or an unvaccinated population.

In that event, logistics officers would be required to work with supply lines to ensure everything is considered and contingency plans are well-planned out and executed. 

They would also see their fair share of interesting scenarios, such as having to take matters into their own hands in the absence of vaccines/medication to contain this outbreak.

8) Content Marketer

Lastly, businesses will need people to create and manage their content to ensure its viral spreadability. With an influx of advertisements and campaigns being promoted online, businesses will have to find ways to drive customer traffic through blogs, informational articles, and infographics.

Marketers will also be required to create messages and articles that will draw in an audience. As most executives are busy with their daily operations and organization-wide decision making, content marketers are crucial in organising viral campaigns and strategies that can reach a large audience.


Here you go, some of the top career options that can be considered post Covid 19 pandemic. Options are limitless but the ones mentioned in this post are set to wither the storm this pandemic has caused. Most of these career options can also be pursued as a mid career transition. 

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