Top Information Systems and Software Used in the Hotel Industry

Information systems in the Hotel industry refer to computer systems in a hotel that supply information about that hotel’s business operations.

In the current technology era, this is as crucial as it can get. This post also covers a lot of Hotel Management Software in detail.

Information systems play a crucial role in the hotel industry as they facilitate planning, management, overall operations of the hotels as well as policymaking.

The information systems used in hotels are much more advanced owing to the latest technological innovations.

So, what exactly is the meaning of Information systems and why is it crucial for sustained competitive advantage in the hotel industry?

Information systems typically include all computerised systems which are used to gather data continuously both for use internally and externally.

Information technology has influenced every sphere of human life in the last few decades in a tremendous way.

The tourism and hospitality sector has been a key beneficiary as it has allowed contemporary traveller to enjoy a plethora of options.

Some of the information systems that are commonly used in the hospitality industry include below. We have followed this list with some of the top hospitality software completing the information systems.



Information Systems in the Hotel Industry


Information systems are an integral part of the complete IT infrastructure used in the hotel industry.

Information Technology in the hotel industry is now probably the most important tool for sustained competitive advantages. Information systems play a crucial role in the same. Listed below are few of the same. Have a look, please.


1. Transaction Processing System


The World is going gaga over The Cloud and Data analytics. Processing data effectively helps the hotel to be more flexible to demand, in understanding customer and keeping costs down.

Transaction Processing System allows business transactions involving the collection, retrieval, and modification of transactional data.

This system processes data generated about and by transactions in the hotel. These systems are vital as they ensure that the data collected is accurate and timely, which increases labour efficiency.

It is mostly used by managers in the hotel industry at operational capacity.

Read more about Transaction Process System at Techopedia.


2. The Point of Sale (PoS) System used in the Hotel Industry


PoS is the most common form of information systems used in the Hotel industry. This computerised system keeps track of merchandise sales such as those that would occur in a hotel restaurant, bar, coffee or gift shop.

There are various versions that are also used by the Front office of the Hotel and the Housekeeping department.

These systems incorporate registers, computers and any peripheral equipment that make be established on a computer network.




Image Courtesy- Becas


This system is important because it keeps track of payroll, labour, and sales, as well as generates records which may be useful for accounting purposes.

Micros and version of Micros are commonly used by the Hotel restaurants, Fast food restaurants and stand-alone restaurants.

Even security departments of the Hotel industry have their own PoS system.



3. Management Information Systems


These systems provide the information required by the hotel for proper management of staff and the facilities.

This system can be used to analyse and facilitate operational and strategic activities and is used functionally in areas such as security, housekeeping, maintenance, and financial controls and accounting.

With all the innovation is hospitality for better hospitality experience to the customer, these sophisticated hotel information systems help in improving the overall experience of cutomers and staff alike.


4. Property Management Systems (PMS)


This is a comprehensive software application which is used to cover basic goals such as coordination of the operational duties of the staff at the front office, sales, and planning.

Property management systems facilitate the automation of important functions such as guest booking, guest information, online reservations, as well as sales and marketing.



Image Courtesy-  Hotelogix


The whole purpose of PMS is to manage various operations of the Hotel and to streamline data.

There are a lot of customised PMS providers across the globe as covered in our post on Hotel Management software.


5. Decisions Support Systems


Decision support systems aid the decision-making process. Each hotel creates a decisions support system based on the operational model of the hotel establishment.

This system is particularly important in ensuring that the hotel operations are functional and that decisions are made in a timely manner.


There is a clear overlap in these information systems used in the hotel industry. A lot of Hotel software providers have bundled packages for using multiple products under one administrative panel.

So, moving on to some of the best hospitality industry software out there in the online space.


8 Best Hotel Management Software


Manually updating your hotel information on spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Now hotels, regardless of their sizes, are bringing hotel management software into usage to yield better outputs.

In this section, we have listed the best hotel management software and have explained the need and usefulness of the same.

Automation is the only way forward to stay competitive in most industries. Most of the Hotels and restaurants now use software for most of their administrative purposes. Limited service hotels rely pretty much on automation to ensure cost competitiveness.

Even the Select service Hotels are extremely price-sensitive to ensure they have an edge over Limited service and Full-service hotels.




8 Best Hotel Management Software


Thus innovative Hotel Management software has a big role to play. If you are looking for competitive advantages in the hotel industry, hospitality management software can help you win big.

You will find numerous hotel property management software in the market, these days. The question which arises here is;

What makes a hotel management software best in the business?

The answer to this question varies with a variation in the size of the enterprise we are talking about. For instance, for small hotels, the needs will vary from those of a larger chain of hotels, where more precision and control is required.

The listing below will detail the best Hotel software solutions available to hotels and hospitality establishment in the market.



1.  eZee Technosys


eZee Technosys provides a turnkey solution to your hotel management problems.

With a single click, you can manage all the domains of hospitality management, which range from hotel reservations to front desk billing and assistance; laundry services to housekeeping facilities, and many other tasks of the similar sorts.

This is a software management system which has segregated hotel categories for greater ease of clients and end-users.

So lookout for the solutions offered by eZee Technosys as they are frontrunners in delivering awesome hotel management software.

Key hotel management software on offer by eZee Technosys are:

  • On-Premise Hotel Property Management software-
  • Hotel Channel Manager
  • Guest Feedback system
  • Hotel Booking Engine

Among many others.


2. My Cloud PMS – Hotel Management Software


Another top of the charts hotel property management software is My Cloud PMS. It is a cloud-based system which enables you to exercise all of your hotel management drills in a single go.

We all know the cloud is the future (probably the present while this post is being edited!) and the hospitality industry has already embraced it.




Owing to its low asking price and easy to use the system, myCloud PMS is one of the fastest growing hotel business software providers at the moment.

There are a lot of providers for hotel management software but myCloud PMS is trying to retain the innovative edge within the hospitality industry.

Moreover, round the clock services which require no specific training is what makes it so popular among the users.

And since it is cloud-based you can use it from anywhere.

This excellent hotel management software can be customised according to the needs of the hotel manager and has a lot of features which can be handled at the front end as well.

It is one of the most revolutionary hospitality management software in recent times.



3.  Skyware Hospitality Solution 


When it comes to property management systems, there isn’t many hotel reservation software which competes with this one.

Apart from its commission-free web reservation services, it offers many other top rated services.

The online support system connects you to qualified staff members which help you sort out your quarries.

Some of the key innovation in this Hotel property management software are:

  • Speed up checkout via mobiles or kiosks
  • Visual toolbar and multilingual options in the interface
  • Multi-currency option integrated within the software
  • Almost all hotel management accounting systems, reports, analyses and software integrated
  • Multiple credit card gateways integrated within the system
  • Standard benchmarking reports available
  • Upgrades ensured to stay up to date with technology

There are a lot of other features in this hotel management software to ensure that hoteliers find it extremely user-friendly and convenient.


4. Oracle Hospitality


There are not many names bigger than Oracle in technology and software solutions. Oracle has now a niche in hospitality as it understands the need and demand for hotel management software in the hotel industry.

The hotel management application developed by Oracle helps you improve customer experience by streamlining hotel operations and enhancing the food and beverage maintenance system.

This system is also cloud-based, allowing you authority over your business from anywhere in the world.





There is a lot of innovation on offer and one of the interesting ones is the Oracle software enabling hotel mobile operations. Check on its website the hotel Management software demo that gives the staff of Hotel a seamless range of services from the comfort of the mobile and gives greater autonomy to staff members.

More importantly, it is a Free Hotel Management Software.

So why wait? try the Free download of this hotel property management software through the Oracle hospitality.

Oracle hospitality also provides software solutions related to food service management, hardware solutions and installations as well.

In a nutshell;


Oracle hospitality is a one-stop shop for all top hotel management software needs


A few on offer are also Open source software for hotel property management which you can download for a free or one-time nominal charge and customise according to your requirements.


5.  roomMaster


Currently, this software is being used in over 100 countries. So, this is a no-brainer as far as reliable hotel management software is concerned.

Due to it’s easy to use interface, regular (free) upgrading technologies, and affordable rates, it is one of the top quality hospitality property management software.

The live support system helps you interact with professional customer care officers, who are available at your exposure 24/7.

if you ask who can benefit from this extremely affordable hotel management software? Here is a quick list of what is on offer from roomMaster:

  • Spa scheduling software
  • GDS integration with dynamic rate management and revenue management systems
  • Management of hotel rates- removes the hassle of managing rates
  • Loyalty cards and membership management
  • Restaurant management EPOS software

And a lot of other Hotels related software.


6.  Hotelogix


This is one of the top 10 hotel management software providers which is serving hotels from over 100 countries and is one of the most popular ones.

Even better that you can use this hotel property management software free for a trial period of 15 days.

Hotelogix is a multi-dimensional hotel management software firm which encompasses almost all the domains of property management business.

With it, you can manage room reservations, pricing details, housekeeping services, check-ins and check-outs, financial administrations along with many other things.

A well-sung system which offers holistic services to its users all over the world.

Moreover, it is easy to use and requires a minimum amount of training which is why it is so popular in the hotel management business.


7.  KW Hotel


A versatile name in the hotel software world, as it is available in three different versions allowing you to operate it any device you want, including your smartphones.

KW Hotel Software is one of the best in business out there for the hospitality industry.

The online reservation system coupled with other services makes it a good choice for your business.

It is easy to use and offers free online assistance making the user experience more worthwhile.

It is one of the very few free hotel management software which further add to its value.



There are different versions to try from which opens the option for all hospitality properties. There would be no issues scaling should you want to start with the free version.

Also, it has on offer few Open source hotel management software which can be downloaded and then customised around the basic needs.

Free content upgrades and excellent customer services make it one of the best hotel management software.


8.  Cenium Hospitality 


Cenium Hospitality is also included on our list of best hotel property management software because of its dealings with every area of the hotel business.

May it be the hotel Wifi management software or hotel revenue management software, there is no shortage of options.

It is one of the most power-packed hospitality technology solutions as it popularly quotes;


The power of one in hotel management software is what this company provides.


It offers a complete overview of data in real time which when combined with its mobility and accessibility make it a popular choice among users.




Technology is getting the best out of each industry. Why should the hotel industry fall behind in the race?

We have also compiled top trends of the hospitality industry and the future of the Hospitality industry in our earlier posts.

These types of software for Hotel management help you in adapting to the changing trends of the hospitality marketplace. As a result, you have better control over everything going on in your enterprise.

These were the top 8 hotel management and reservation software that made it to our list.

Apart from the property management, food and catering services, and administration and financial report makings, there is hotel Wi-Fi management software as well, which control the internet access throughout your building.

Anta-media, My Wi-Fi Service, and Active Prism are a few top-quality system control software which helps you with the purpose.

There are also several Amazing Hospitality apps to help in the effective functioning of hospitality organisations.

We have also listed below some of the facets which help a hotel management software compete with others in the business, in the race to be the best;

This quick list mentions where and how you can use these hotel property management software and why are these useful.

  1. Financial Reports: competitive hotel property management software provides you with financial and business reports regarding your hotel business. You can learn about room occupancy ratios, the duration of the stay of your guests, payment collection methods, and similar statistical forecasts for your hotel.
  2. Hotel Administration: Hotel property management software helps you learn and execute marketing drills, send promotional emails, organise staff training, and develop in-house communication systems to bring ease in the processes.
  3. Food-service management: Hospitality management Software can not only help send real-time information to kitchen units but can also track inventory, order goods automatically and assess profitability and improvement areas.
  4. Accounting: With the options to carry out accounting, you can assess profits to cost ratios, prepare bills, and also make payments to vendors and travel agents.
  5. Online Bookings and Reservations: With online booking and reservation options, you can manage your hotel website, offer room rates to customers, put new offers and deals over the internet, and book rooms for your customers based on pre-deposit policies.
  6. Check-Ins and Check-Outs: Hotel management systems or software allows you to manage check-ins and check-outs of your customers. You can allot rooms, print check-in cards, receive online payments, and extend stays of your customers through a single software.
  7. Rate Management: It is very important to manage your rates for the successful running of your business. You can devise plans and provide your customers with variable room rates and offer discount deals.
  8. Housekeeping: You can develop lists of check-ins and check-outs and manage their housekeeping. The software allows you to maintain communication with your housekeeping staff. You can assign rooms to maids, develop their task lists, and review room status before and after the housekeeping service.

Apart from these, there are many other services which a hotel property management software should offer. Here, we have discussed some of the best software for hotel management available out there in the market.

Using these information systems in the Hotel is good for the implementation of Hotel Marketing strategies for gaining a competitive advantage.

While a lot of hotels already use these systems, there is no harm in others to test out these information systems. Moreover, most of the software providers provide a free trial.

Go for it if you still don’t have these systems installed at your Hotel.