Best Hospitality Companies to Work for in 2018

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries of today. Here, in this post, we take a quick look at few of the best hospitality companies to work for in 2018. 

Hospitality companies are responsible for employing more than 8 million individuals in the U.S and are charged with generating approximately $355 billion in total labour income. The hotel industry is a key sector of the Hospitality industry contributing to this revenue.

The overall impact of Hospitality and tourism on the global economy is in Trillions of Dollars. We have covered the statistics and analysis in details in our earlier posts on Hotel Industry Analysis and statistics and Hospitality Industry-Success Factors. We will get back to the topic in hand about the Best hospitality companies in 2018. 

As such, the hospitality sector is ripe with opportunity for anyone that is looking for a lucrative industry to thrive in. 

For a business in the hospitality industry to claim that it has great workplace culture, it must exhibit qualities such as equal and fair compensation, fairness, trust between employees and managers, innovation, and camaraderie just to mention a few traits. 

So, let’s take a look at which hospitality companies were considered great to work for in 2018.


Best Hospitality Companies to Work for in 2018



Best Hospitality Companies in 2018

Every year, the international consulting firm Great Place to Work alongside FORTUNE and Global Research compiles a list made up of results based on survey responses from employees in all the industries and sectors. 

The employees rate their workplace culture based on given criteria to determine the best place to work.

While the list compiles the best companies in the USA, but most of these are global firms which are ranked on almost equal footings in most countries around the globe. 

If you are looking to branch out or join the sector, here are the best hospitality companies to work for in 2018:


This chain which is a subsidiary of the InterContinental Hotel Group has been a regular member of the global top 100 companies to work for. It had also graced the list of Top Hospitality Companies of 2017. 

The Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants is well known in the boutique hospitality sector and it goes the extra mile to make sure that there is teamwork and collaboration between superiors and subordinates at all levels of operation. 

The hospitality industry is a labour intensive industry and this hotel chain knows exactly what it takes to take care of its employees. 

Employees also enjoy several perks such as fully paid sabbaticals and reimbursement for college tuition and telecommuting.


The hotel chain features in the top 10 of Fortune’s Top 100 employer list of 2018. To be precise, the Hotel is ranked 6th on the top 100 list. 


Hyatt has also been a regular member of the elite Best Hospitality employer club. Like all it’s hotel guests, Hyatt treats all it’s employees as well in a special way. 


In the Fortune’s list, the Hospitality group proudly grabs the 9th position. 


According to Great Place to Work, Employees at Hyatt believe that the attitude and cooperation in the work culture make Hyatt a special place to work at.

Relaxed work week, training scheme, incentives, paid holidays, employee referrals etc. are few of the many other things that make Hyatt truly a great hospitality company to work at. 


Some of the best-reviewed hotels in the world fall under the Hilton umbrella. Best Hotels of Hilton would simply amaze you in terms of class, comfort and quality. However, they are equally reputed as far as their workplace practices and employee care is concerned. 


Hilton Worldwide has secured 33rd rank in the list by Fortune and Great Place to Work. 


Some of the names under this impressive umbrella include Hilton, Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, DoubleTree, Curio Collection, Tru by Hilton and the list goes on. 

It is one of the Largest Hotel Management companies in the world. 

The hotel chain is well known for its high compensation packages and world-class training programs. Hilton gives employees access to development programs such as the Hilton Worldwide University and other resources that advance their careers. 


This chain has been one of the most consistent members of almost all Global top employer list. It has appeared consistently on the FORTUNE list for over 20 years. 


In the list of 2018, the hotel chain just made the cut by achieving 99th rank. 


The perquisites to work at Four Seasons Hotels are awesome. The hotel chain has some of the finest hotels in the world and it makes sure that it also retains the finest hoteliers and chefs.

It proactively takes measures to make sure that its employees are well taken care of so that the team feels like a small community or family. 

There are a lot of things that make Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts one of the best hospitality companies to work for in 2018. Like employees enjoy benefits like complimentary room policies and this is not limited to senior ranks like a lot of other hotels around the globe. 

There are a lot of other career progression related and employee referral programs that make this hotel chain a special hospitality employer.


According to the list of top 100 companies by Glassdoor as reported by Time, In-N-Out Burger chain from California is one of the best Hospitality Companies to work for in 2018. 

The CEO has received a big thumbs up while the interview process has been applauded as well. 

The Fast food chain has employed over 10000 members in its well-knit community of employees.



Here you go. Few of the best hospitality companies to work for in 2018. There are other lists as well which you can explore apart from Fortune and Glassdoor that are already referred to in this post in earlier sections. 


Like Marriott Hotels and Odean Cinemas grace, the Top 25 Big companies list by the Sunday Times UK. Marriott International is also 35th in the list by Fortune. 


LinkedIn list of top companies in 2018 covers several countries. OYO rooms, the extremely popular hospitality startup in India, has been listed as the top 10 companies in India to work at.

Fortune’s list also features The Cheesecake Factory of California in the list of top companies in 2018. 

Hotels are known for being hospitable to their guests but today, workplace culture has become just as instrumental to the success of any great hotel. 

There are numerous other lists for individual countries which would have Hotel chains like Accor, ITC, Carlson etc. on their list as these are extremely reputed hospitality companies to work for. 

Hope you liked the quick compilation of a few of the best hospitality companies to work for in 2018. If you are still looking for more information on various hospitality companies, please search from hundreds of articles on this all hospitality portal.