Hospitality Management is one of the most popular course options in recent years. We list some of the popular online and distance-learning hospitality management MBAs.

The COVID pandemic and other disruptions have demanded innovation and technological advancement to keep the pace of growth. MBAs in hospitality management courses come up with a solution to help amazing hospitality leaders network with the best. All this while upgrading their skills and knowledge.

We will keep the list short and simple by including 10 online and hybrid hospitality MBAs of high repute. These are from some of the most acclaimed hotel schools in the world.

We will follow it up with a few highly reputed Executive MBAs.

However, there are various other Hospitality industry certificates and training courses which might be of equal interest to the experienced hospitality professional. Also, one of our other posts covers the full-time hospitality MBA list. So, do check that after going through this post.

We will also ensure that we leave you with resources for extensive research as we go along in this post.

Cornell University:

Duration: 2 years | Fee: Approximately $120,000

Cornell’s renowned online MBA hospitality program blends rigorous coursework with real-world applications, setting the benchmark for excellence in hospitality education. Cornell along with UNLV also has several other high-quality hospitality courses in the USA.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV):

Duration: 2 years | Fee: Approximately $30,000

UNLV’s virtual and hybrid MBA program emphasizes global perspectives and industry-specific knowledge, preparing graduates for leadership roles worldwide amidst the vibrant Las Vegas hospitality scene.

There is an interesting article by Onlinemba that ranks the top five online MBAs in hospitality management for 2022. It is based on factors such as accreditation, affordability, flexibility, and reputation.

It also provides information about the curriculum, admission requirements, and career outcomes of each program. Have a look at the snapshot from the article below to know what to expect out of this article by onlinemba.

Top 5 Online hospitality MBAs USA

Penn State World Campus:

Duration: 2.5 years | Fee: Approximately $60,000

Penn State’s program emphasizes strategic management and analytical skills crucial for success in the hospitality industry, offering flexibility for working professionals.

University of Massachusetts Amherst:

Duration: 2 years | Fee: Approximately $40,000

UMass Amherst’s online program combines core business principles with specialized hospitality courses, empowering graduates to excel in diverse hospitality settings worldwide.

University of Central Florida (UCF):

UCF offers an online MBA in Hospitality Management known for its flexibility and affordability. The program can be completed in as little as two years, with a tuition fee of approximately $20,000 for in-state students and $35,000 for out-of-state students.

George Washington University (GWU):

GWU’s School of Business presents an online MBA with a concentration in Hospitality Management, focusing on industry trends and strategic leadership. The program typically takes around 2.5 years to complete and costs approximately $90,000 in total tuition fees.

If you are looking for affordable online options, This article by bestcollegesonline lists the top 15 most affordable online MBA in hospitality management programs. The listing is based on the tuition fees, accreditation, and quality of education.

It also provides details about the course duration, curriculum, admission requirements, and career prospects of each program.

It includes institutions like Schiller University, the University of New Hampshire, Johnson and Wales University and many others.

University of South Carolina (UofSC):

UofSC’s online MBA with a specialization in Hospitality Management offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the hospitality sector. The program spans 2 years and carries a tuition fee of approximately $45,000.

Florida International University (FIU):

FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management provides an online MBA tailored for professionals in the hospitality industry. With a duration of 18 months to 2 years, the program costs approximately $42,000 for both in-state and out-of-state students.

University of Liverpool, UK:

The University of Liverpool offers an online MBA with a specialization in Hospitality Management, delivering a blend of academic theory and practical skills. The program can be completed in as little as 18 months and carries a tuition fee of approximately $25,000.

Now moving on to a few executive MBA courses in hospitality management.

Top Executive MBA Courses in Hospitality

Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration, EHL, Switzerland

Well, this is for the creme de la creme of the hospitality industry.

This 11 months accelerated MBA programme deals with Hospitality immersions, Field trips, and CEO challenges among many other things.

EHL is one of the Best Hospitality Institutes in the World.

Studying hospitality in Switzerland is a marvellous experience in itself. The course starts in September every year and the location is Lausanne, Switzerland. 

MBA in International Hotel Leadership – Blue Mountains, Australia

This is a customisable and online hospitality MBA course.

A fully accredited MBA in Hotel leadership is curated for the hospitality industry professionals who can’t afford to take a break in their rapidly advancing careers.

This MBA can help them get into the leadership role. The course is created by industry experts and is divided into 12 modules which can be clubbed or taken individually by participants.

Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (BMIHMS) is one of the extremely reputed hotel management institutes which has a track record of producing great hoteliers over the past 25 years. It has some of the best hotel management courses in Australia.

This online MBA course costs approximately 45,000 Australian dollars.

Hospitality EMBA by EHL – Multiple locations

Another prestigious Executive MBA programme in hospitality is jointly conducted by CEIBS and EHL.

The course started in 2018 but two big names and the allure of a dual degree are good enough to get it a thumbs up from the hospitality fraternity.

The course lasts 18 months and is a rigorous one even for experienced hospitality professionals. But, it’s well worth the effort. The course model includes 4-8 days of on-campus modules that account for a total of 64 days on campus in 18 months. 

The course is offered in multiple locations including Shanghai, Lausanne, Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

This Executive MBA is open for hospitality industry professionals who have at least 10 years of experience which includes at least 7 years of managerial experience and an undergraduate degree.

The fee for the course is over USD 100,000. Check out further details about this Hospitality EMBA on the Course page of CEIBS. 


Hope you found this small list of Online MBA courses in Hospitality Management useful.

Apart from this, there is ESSEC Executive MBA which takes a bit more generalist approach. There are various other distance learning and online options as well for studying for an MBA in hospitality management. 

There are some other useful Online Hospitality MBA courses like:

  • MBA Hospitality and Tourism Management Rushford Business School
  • MBA Hospitality Management by the American School of Leadership
  • MBA in International Hospitality Management by SHG Geneva.

Please head on to our hospitality education section from the menu to check on multiple courses from all around the globe.

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