A career in the competitive and ever-changing hospitality industry can be as challenging as it is often rewarding.

Regardless of the stage you are currently at with your career. Whether or not you are entering the arena from another (and possibly entirely different) professional area, it never hurts to strive to improve how you communicate with others.

With that being said, here are six top tips to practically and effectively enhance your people skills.

1.   Pledge to be Ethical in Every Situation

First and foremost, as ridiculous as it may sound to you, as you are presumably someone who always applies morals and ethics to all of your business dealings (as in your personal life, too), there are many business practices and individual professionals across all industries who are often more than a little unethical.

Your skills in communicating with people, building empathy and eventually trust, and generally being a likeable colleague or boss will enhance tenfold as long as you pledge to always conduct yourself with integrity and strive to be as honest as possible at all times.

2.   Work to Build Your Confidence

Often, there are successful and respected managers who, in their personal life, are always the quietest one in a group of people and come across as shy or even a little reserved in a social setting—yet are easily able to command a room full of employees in a briefing.

Confidence is an incredibly important asset to being a good manager, but is also an integral part of working as part of a team in any professional setting.

The following suggestions will help you to build your professional confidence and, therefore, be more effective at work as a result:

  • Never be afraid to ask questions if you need specific details to clarify
  • Be sure to feel proud of yourself for a job well done
  • Embrace your failures and make sure that you learn from them
  • Banish any negativity from both yourself and the people around you
  • Dress for work in a way which is appropriate but comfortable

3.   Compliment the People Around You

Too often, it is assumed that when a project or task is completed, the individual responsible for its success has already been adequately praised by their line manager or, at the very least, by their closest colleagues.

However, this assumption can often lead to a feeling of dejection and a reduction in motivation over time, should this continue to happen every time such an employee succeeds—which is why complimenting the people around you is so important at work.

This rule also, of course, applies to dealing with customers, as subtle and strategic compliments (ideally genuine ones, too) can help to build rapport and encourage that customer or other business to come to you again in the future.

4.   Expand Your Skills

A strong and professional leader of people is never afraid of learning new skills and updating their knowledge, which is why a great tip for developing your communication skills and strengthening the way in which you deal with the people around you is to take an online course.

The beauty of an online course is how convenient it is, as you can arrange your classes and associated additional projects around your other professional commitments and your personal responsibilities. As long as you have safe and secure fiber internet in New Haven, CT (or wherever you happen to be based), nothing could be simpler than taking an online course on people skills to build your confidence, and it may even be the difference between rejection and success at your next job interview.

5.   Attend Networking Events

Networking is, unequivocally, an essential part of working your way up in the world of business—and whether you are an entire beginner or you have managed to do the bare minimum in terms of building your professional profile while networking, it is time to step it up.

There are myriad advantages to throwing yourself headfirst into networking, including the following:

  • Develop stronger business connections
  • Gain a different perspective
  • Invaluable career support and advice
  • An injection of new, fresh, and exciting ideas
  • Access to brand-new information
  • An enhancement to your creative acumen
  • High-profile support from relevant business professionals

6.   Never Compromise on Your Core Values

The sixth and final tip for enhancing and strengthening your communication skills—and one which will help you no end, both in a professional and a personal context—is to identify your core personal values, what makes you, and what sets you apart from the rest.

Developing a personal code of conduct and ensuring you always stick to these values no matter what will endear you to the people around you. You will find, rather quickly in most cases, that the relationships you build in your professional life will be stronger and more authentic as a result.

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