London has always had an ‘X’ factor but what contributes the most to that ‘X’. The feel of the golden era that has earned the name ‘Great Britain’. Boutique Hotels in London ensure that you get to stay at a place which adds to the uniqueness of the city; the capital city of the United Kingdom or Great Britain.

Finally, here’s a comprehensive list of where to stay for period charm, down some shots of a cocktail, savour a mouthwatering delicacy and break away from the traditional hotels here in London.

The city’s brilliant collection of boutique hotels from the cosy, couple-run hipster joints to the downright extravagant, super-central lodges that truly rival the already-established names.

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Consider the artfully made rooms, the sumptuous interiors, the delicious dishes and the exotic locations.

1. Artist Residence London

One of the best boutique hotels in London is extremely artistic.

An over-abundance of brickwork, parquet floors, a sophisticated bar, and a buzzing restaurant, Artist Residence is a little cut of Shoreditch in the calm Pimlico.

The facility is known for a lot of stellar features, including being the only modern hotel in a region described by lots of first hotels.

Cambridge Street Kitchen will give a feel of the London neighbourhood. Don’t forget to taste the cocktail at the Victorian pub- Clarendon Cocktail Cellar.

You ought to give the facility a visit.

2. Hazlitt’s

Would you like to take a dip into old-fashioned hospitality?

Hazlitt’s is one of the finest boutique hotels in London that has been standing tall since 1718.

In a seemingly ancient structure belonging to William Hazlitt are lots of authentic structures including creaking floorboards, antiques, busts and prints.

In fact, it seems true that the whole facility is different from what other hotels in London are known for.

Besides the sumptuous delicacies, make a visit to the hotel and experience the glamour of using the free-standing bathtubs and Victorian fittings.

It will surely take you on a tour of Britain that you would love to see.

Have a look at one of the rooms at Hazlitt’s Hotel London.

3. Dorset Square Hotel

Located a few feet from Marylebone Station, Dorset Square Hotel has a reputation for having vibrant colours and contrastingly wonderful fabric in a manner that’s found nowhere.

Of everything associated with the boutique hotel, its rooms described by scintillating designs and uncomplicated comfort give the facility a name.

The hotel has 38 well-designed rooms. It is a perfect place that will make you feel at home in London.

This regency townhouse has a fireplace in the lobby area with a bar. Dorset Square Hotel is a perfect Boutique Hotel with an English Style.

4. Covent Garden Hotel

Want to experience the best food, nightlife and shopping culture of the United Kingdom?

Covent Garden Hotel is surrounded by a lot of the finest bars, restaurants and shops.

There is a lot to mention here. First, the facility is located in the most modern and attractive location in the area.

The Royal Opera House, Soho is just a quick walk away.

And then, there is the establishment’s decor in every room.

The entire 58 rooms display designer and comfy panache and incredible interiors.

There are floral upholstery, pinstripe wallpapers and oak and granite restrooms.

Moreover, the Covent Garden Hotel has a cinema, a calm private library, and a drawing room.

5. The Great Northern Hotel

Boutique, Luxury and Romantic define this fine boutique hotel in London.

The journey to becoming one of the best boutique hotels in London started in 1854. It has won almost all the reputed awards in the Hotel industry and is adding accolades to its name every year.

As the city’s pioneering Railway hotel, the Great Northern Hotel indeed still stands up to its reputation.

It’s often referred to as a lone beauty of a building with five floors of rooms that include mini ones and carriages, and the facility has no room service.

Downstairs, there are two bars and an eatery, and although it will cost you a handsome £229 per night at the hotel, try visiting it after your 1st class Eurostar trip.

6. Rookery

If you are bored with soulless fun, then try this Georgian Townhouse in Clerkenwell.

It’s described by open fires, clawfoot tubs, four-poster beds and brass-made shower fittings, and be warned that Rookery has no restaurants.

It is only a charming and romantic facility.

Other excellent boutique hotels worth mentioning in London:

  • Dukes Hotel
  • Hoxton Hotel
  • Citizen M
  • The Levin
  • The Portobello
  • Ace Hotel
  • Chiltern Firehouse
  • Ham Yard Hotel
  • Boundary Hotel


Here you go. Our list of best boutique hotels in London.

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